Best Dental Surgeon Of India Remains The Ray Of Hope For Thousands Of Global Patients Who Plan Their Dental Treatment Plans


Of late, India has become the top preferred destination for global patients for N number of reasons. One of the basic reasons to consider this destination is the availability of high-quality healthcare and dental services at affordable and inexpensive cost. This gives them a big reason to plan their dental treatments and surgeries in India. Even though if you seek the help of the Best dental surgeon of India, you end up getting the high-quality dental services with affordable cost especially when you compare the same with the developed nations including the UK and US. This is one of the big reasons, why a sea of global patients is seen heading to the country. The Indian hospitals and clinics are seen in the fifth position when you talk about getting the best of the dental services seeking the help of the top medical partner in this country.

How to consult Best dental surgeon of India?

If you talk about the Best dental surgeon of India for a wide range of dental condition or ailment there are different ways of doing it. You can easily find out the best man and contact them directly from the dental hospital and clinics having the best pool of dental surgeons and dentists dealing with the various kinds of ailment or dental conditions. However, with this option, the other things like your boarding, lodging, your local travel, the appointment with the doctor and other things go on a toss. So, the only best option for you is to consider the top medical tourism company. A majority of dental surgeons and dentists fail to respond directly and even in the dental hospitals, there are fewer chances to get a revert. So, the only best resort to get treated in Indian clinics or hospitals is to take resort into medical tourism companies as they have the top hospitals and best dental surgeons of India in their network.

Best dental surgeon of India remains the ray of hope for thousands of global patients who plan their dental treatment plans

Where do I get more information about Best dental surgeon of India?

There are various ways in which you can find the Best dental surgeon of India. One can find too many listings over the web at different sites and portals, however, getting the best man on the job would be difficult. The doctors as said do not often respond and the same goes with the other sources. So the only option reliable is the medical tourism company through which one can get the best man on the job. If you are planning your dental tourism to India, you would want the Best dental surgeon of India to treat you. Since the medical tourism company has the best man on the job, you can end up getting the best dental surgeons and hospitals. Also, relying on the same can help you in getting the best consultation for you even if you are not availing their services.

Why choose Best dental surgeon of India?

Choosing the Best Dental surgeon of India to come along with a greater number of benefits that are hard to find out at any other country. As per reports, India is the fifth most preferred nations for global patients for various healthcare services including dental services. This includes getting the best of the dental care seeking the help of the best dental surgeons of India at the top dental hospitals and clinics that offer the best of the services. Secondly, even if you are considering the best of the dental hospital, you get the most affordable deal when compared to the other nation. So seeking the help of Indian dentists and surgeons or the best dental surgeon of India is always a win-win solution for the global patients.


Abroad Patients Looking for Low-Cost Dental Implant Treatments in India

Dental issues are not uncommon today and almost every household faces it today. Dental health is one of the most ignored areas of our health and the result can be very painful. Not only this, even when there is any dental problem, most of us ignore it and opt for painkillers to suppress the pain. But this worsens the condition leading to a more serious situation, which cannot be handled with the help of conventional and non-surgical treatment methods.

One of the latest additions in the field of Dental cure is the usage of Dental Implants. These are designed to last for a very long time and can be called permanent teeth replacement solution. Like the tooth roots, the implants are positioned in the Jaw Bone, and much to the benefit of the patients, not noticeable once placed.

These implants look and feel like our natural teeth and provide many advantages, which make choosing Dental Implant Surgery highly rewarding:

  • Extremely safe and hardly any complications
  • Patients can eat and chew comfortably
  • Very convenient and comfortable
  • Very durable
  • Patients feel more confident
  • Improved oral hygiene
  • Better speech capabilities

In cases, where the jaw and gums are fit enough, then more than two Dental Implants can be easily placed. Usually, the kinds of implants that are used, are:

  • Plate -form Implants
  • Endosteal Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants
  • Root-form Titanium Implants
  • Ramus-frame Implants
  • Transosseous Implants
  • Single-stage Dental Implants
  • Two-stage Dental Implants
  • Blade-form Implants

Abroad Patients Looking for Low Cost Dental Implant Treatments in India

Why is India so sought-after?

India is just getting better and better in the field of Medical Tourism and the reason is the availability of the most appropriate and patient-friendly attributes. Irrespective of the needs of the patients, India is extremely equipped to cater to these needs perfectly.

To be more specific, the best Dental Implant Hospitals in India have become some of the most favored treatment centers for worldwide patients. Furthermore, India has gained a highly authoritative position in the world for its outstanding Dental care facilities; particularly for Dental Implants and hence the rising footfalls in India.

Some of the best Dental Implant Hospitals in India, are:

  • Turner’s Dental Speciality Centre
  • Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai
  • Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Chennai
  • FMS Dental Hospital, Hyderabad
  • Access Dental Hospital, Secunderabad
  • VINN Hospital, Hyderabad
  • SG Dental Care, Chennai
  • Dentalign, Bangalore
  • Ridgetop Dental International, Bangalore

Another factor is the infrastructure at the hospitals, which is of the best quality and most sophisticated. These and many other hospitals are there in the major cities of India, which are extremely recognized venues for having highly established Dental departments. These departments are equipped to handle all kinds of Dental implant procedures and that too with a very impressive success rate.

A major reason behind the success of these best Dental Implant Hospitals in India is the large pool of talent that is associated. The Dental specialists here are extremely confident and meticulous while diagnosing the patient’s problems aptly and then choosing the right kind of implant. These surgeons have cured enumerable patients – Indian and international – with a massive success rate. With the top qualifications associated with this field, these experts have attained cast knowledge about this field and keep upgrading their knowledge and skills.

At the same time, a big hindrance for the patients can be high-priced Dental Implants and thus the patients might not be able to avail the cure. The patients from countries like UK, USA, and other such developed countries, and also the patients from downtrodden countries – both are looking for a cost-effective cure. But since it Is not possible in their own countries, India has become a favorite treatment venue for them. This is because of the affordability. The cost of Endosteal Implant is $300 in India, but in the USA it is $3,500 and $2,800 in the UK; the Plate-form Implants costs $330 in India and is priced $5,000 in the USA and $4,000 in the UK; the cost of Transosseous Implant is $500 in India, whereas $6,500 in the USA and $5,000 in the UK; the Root-form Implant, which costs only $550 in India, is priced at $7,000 in the USA and $5,500 in the UK.

Presence of Indian Health Guru Consultants

The presence of a highly-developed group called Indian Health Guru Consultants is proving very helpful for the patients looking for Dental Implant surgery. We provide round the clock assistance to make the above-mentioned services easily available for the medical tourists. Our services are:

  • Treatment and surgery scheduled at the best hospitals and Dental clinics
  • Appointments with the top Dental experts without a long waiting time
  • Best-priced packages to suit the patient’s budget
  • Medical visa, stay, traveling and all such miscellaneous factors taken care of
  • Vacation plans, before or after surgery
  • Free second consultation
  • No language issues as we offer language translation services
  • Dedicate follow-ups.

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Get relief from your Dental Problems with Dental implants India

Get relief from your Dental Problems with Dental implants India

For more details about Dental Implants Treatment in India fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below-given details. Call: 9371136499

“Hi, I am Laura from Taiwan. I was fortunate to get Dental Implants India due to which, it has been months that I had the procedure, but I haven’t faced any problems till now. Some time ago, I was suffering from the severe Dental infection, for which I had a few of my teeth removed. Owing to this, I was facing a very difficult time while chewing my food. I visited a Dentist, who suggested that I do for Dentures, but it too has its own share of hassles, owing to which I was not very eager to go for it. I had read about Dental Implants and the related success stories. I researched more about them and visited my Dentist for the same. He told me that Dental Implants are possible for my teeth but when I came to know the expenses, I was not very happy as the Dental Implants are very expensive in my country.”

“In order to search for more cost-effective options, I researched about other countries, where more affordable options are available. My search ended with a group called Indian Health Guru Consultants, which is a very established group focused on providing Medical Tourism services to international patients from all corners of the world. I was very happy to see their services and connected with them at the given contact details on their website. In response to my e-mail, their representative called me and shared all the details of their packages. The cost difference was very noticeable and huge as compared to other leading countries. Along with my medical visa, they also arranged my stay, traveling tickets for me and my companion.”

“Once everything was in place, I traveled to Goa in India on the decided date. The group’s representative took us to the hotel, where my accommodation arrangements had been made. After this, I was taken to the Dental treatment center to meet the Dentist, who was going to handle the surgery. Post a thorough evaluation, the Dentist suggested that a Root Form Implant would be suitable for my condition. On a decided date, the surgery was done without any complications. The implants were placed aptly, and I did not feel any pain and discomfort during the procedure. Also, the post-surgical pain was taken care by medications. I was very happy with the outcome of the surgery as the implants that were used did not appear out of the place. I actually felt that the implants were merged with the existing teeth and they helped a lot by improving a chewing ability.”

“The representatives from Indian Health Guru, who was my constant support throughout my treatment, ensured that I had a hassle-free experience. The group even took care of my language issues so that I could coordinate with the hospital staff. Also, the food arrangements were as per the recommendations of the doctor. Most importantly, the cost-effectiveness of the procedure proved a very relieving factor. For the Root Form Implant, I had to shell out only $550 in India, which would have cost me $7,000 in the USA or $5,500 in the UK. The bonus was the sight-seeing arrangements that the group had planned for me in Goa. I had a very rejuvenating time. So, overall it was an all-encompassing experience because the guidance that the group provided was outstanding and there was not a single loophole that I faced.”

“I had a great experience through Dental Implants India and I sincerely thank the group of Indian Health Guru, who made this possible. Also, the Dental surgeon and his team, who handled the whole process so fluently that today I am free from my Dental issues.”




10 reasons to choose Goa for your Dental Treatment

Like all other medical specialties, the area of Dentistry to is improved rapidly. One of the advancements in the advent of Dental Implants, which are replacement tooth roots. These implants give a very sturdy base of foundation for the fixed or removable replacement tooth or teeth, that are created to match the natural tooth or teeth. Unlike previous times, there are many types of Dental Implants that are available:

  • Endosteal Implants
  • Root Form Implants
  • Plate Form Implants
  • Transosseous Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants

The success rate of Dental Implants is as high as 98 percent and with appropriate care, these implants can be really long-lasting. The main advantages of today’s Dental Implants are the durability. Other advantages include:

  • An enhanced appearance
  • Helps the patients to eat easily
  • Better speech
  • The implants are very comfortable and fit easily so the patients do not feel the presence of a foreign object in their mouth
  • These implants ensure the better oral health
  • These implants do not require the nearby tooth or teeth to be altered or disturbed
  • The patients are saved from the hassle of removing and fitting these implants again and again, which is the major problem with Dentures

Dental Treatments in Goa

There are many hospitals and Dental treatment centers in Goa, which provide the most advanced Dental Treatments in Goa. Owing to the outstanding facilities available here, these hospitals are witnessing a continuous rise in the footfalls from different corners of the globe.

Some of the best Dental Hospitals in Goa, are:

  • Expressions Dental Clinic
  • Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic
  • Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre
  • International Dental Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Beyond Smiles Dental Care
  • Platinum Dental Clinic
  • Goa Dental College and Hospital
  • Smile Factory
  • Visage Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
  • The Goa Dental Studio

These and numerous other Dental treatment venues are there that have every type of Dental Implants available. Furthermore, the Dental surgeons in Goa are considered to be some of the best in this field. These Dental experts have been practicing for several years and are highly proficient in the matter of Dental Implants. There are many complex Dental conditions that these experts have dealt with during their career. These Dental specialists are very well acquainted with most advanced Dental treatment and surgical techniques and very capably diagnose and choose the correct mode of treatment.

10 reasons to choose for your Dental Treatment.

Some of these experts are:

  • Sandeep Vaz
  • Anil Da’Silva
  • Ajay K. Aras
  • Dipti D. Dhume
  • Atula Usgaonkar
  • Parag Prabhu Desai

Just the availability of the treatment is not enough; it has to be affordable too. In this matter, India does not burden the patients at all; especially, Dental Treatments in Goa is found extremely sensibly-priced. For example, the best Dental Hospitals in Goa have priced the Root Form Implant at only $550, while the same costs $7,000 in the USA, and $5,500 in the UK. Also, the Transosseous Implants priced only $500 in India, while $6,500 in the USA and $5,000 in the UK.

A very attractive reason why Goa can be the best is that the city is the top tourist destination in India. The presence of gorgeous beaches, amazing food and much more, are enough reasons why the patients can club their medical tour with a vacation.

Another reason that has made India such a coveted treatment venue, is the presence of a highly developed Medical Tourism planner like Indian Health Guru Consultants, who are continually boosting India’s popularity as a Healthcare Tourism hub. Any treatment or surgery in India, our sole aim is to ensure that the medical tourists can avail the outstanding healthcare services in India. More specifically, for the international patients who are coming here for Dental Treatments in Goa. We not only guarantee their treatment at the best Dental Hospitals in Goa but also at affordable prices. Also, we can help the patients in planning their vacation as well.

The last reason but definitely not the least in India’s reputation as the leader in the Medical Tourism industry. Over the years, India has attained a very desirable position for the medical tourists owing to the presence of the flawless and patient-friendly attributes in the field of healthcare. By offering the finest standards of medical care, India has surely bridged the gap between herself and many other countries.

For more details visit our website indianhealthguru or fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below-given details. Call: 9371136499 Email:

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Success Rates of Dental Surgery in Goa boost the confidence of many Kenyans


Dental problems are highly prevalent and all of us much have gone through some of the other dental problems at least once in our lives. The main problem with dental issues is the pain that comes with these and can strike people belonging to any age group. The reasons can be poor and unhealthy eating habits, lack of awareness and not giving enough care and thought towards dental health.

Also, many people think of the visit to a dentist to be scary and avoid by taking pain medications. But if not given timely attention, dental problems can lead to a terrible and painful situation. When ignored for a long time, the dental problems can get serious and the patients might have to go through a surgery.

Some of the common types of Dental Surgeries performed are  :

  • Endodontic surgery – Surgery involving the pulp or root of the tooth like Root Canal treatment
  • Periodontics – Surgeries involving treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth
  • Prosthodontics – Dental prosthetics such as crown, bridge, veneers, implant, denture, also known as false teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment – In this implants and the implant-supported prosthesis and it also involves the curing the bones
  • Oral and Maxillofacial surgery – This  area involves treating different diseases, injuries and defects affecting the neck, head, face, jaws as well as the hard and soft tissues of the Oral and Maxillofacial region

Why is India becoming so very popular as a treatment destination? More specifically, Dental Surgery in Goa? This is because of the presence of:

  • Very well established dental hospitals and clinics
  • Highly cost-effective and sensibly priced yet very progressive forms of dental treatment packages
  • The dental practitioners are highly qualified and competent to handle even the most complex dental procedures with ease
  • Be it patients from any corner of the globe, they do not have go through language hindrances as there are language translation services available in India
  • Even the nursing and assistant staff are adequately trained to handle the patients
  • The follow up services ensure that the patients recovery well

Success Rates of Dental Surgery in Goa boost the confidence of many Kenyans

Patient Story

With the help of such outstanding services in India; particularly Dental Surgery in Goa, there are several international patients, who have been cured of many difficult and painful dental problems.

One of these patients is Jaden from Kenya, who needed Dental Implants procedure but she was finding it really difficult to find the related surgical facilities in her own country. Further, the few centers that had this facility had priced the Dental Implant procedures very high. That’s why she started looking for suitable options in other countries and came across very reasonably priced Dental Implants surgery in Goa, India.

“I read about the Dental Implant surgery possible at the one of the best Dental Clinics, being associated with a health care tour planner in India known as Indian Health Guru Consultants. I researched more about them and even read the testimonials by some patients and came to know that these consultants have a very good track record. Without any delay, I sent my query and much to my surprise I got a very quick reply and that too a very detailed one.”

“If anyone Looking For Successful Dental Surgery treatment. Goa is Best and Affordable Place in India For Dental treatment. Indian health Guru will Always help you to give Best Suggestion for best treatment within Your Budget.”

We, at Indian Health Guru Consultants, ensured that the packages offered to Jaden were very cost effective. Further, after the initial consultation, we assisted her is getting the medical visa, flights, arranged her accommodation, pick up and drop from the airport as well as coordinating with the Dental Clinic in Goa. Our representative was there all the time to look after all her requirements during the whole treatment process. After all the formalities were done, the Dental Implant procedure was performed by a very qualified and experienced Dental surgeon, with a very high success rate. Jaden was very happy with the results of the procedures and also because the whole treatment did not feel heavy on her pockets at all.

“The Dental Clinic where this procedure was done was extremely patient-friendly and the staff members too were extremely caring. Also, I did not come across any language difficulties as I was provided language translation services. Overall, Indian Health Guru Consultants covered each and every aspect related to my medical tour, which made this a very rewarding experience. Thus, I can very confidently say that availing Dental Surgery in Goa proved to be a very beneficial decision for me and I got the best services associated with my treatment. I am immensely thankful to Indian Health Guru Consultants; specifically, Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his whole team for the guidance and support provided.

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What Are the Signs That Root Canal Therapy Is Needed?


Have your dentist informed you that you would require a root canal therapy? If yes, then you are not alone in this world to have. Every year millions of people are treated with this dental procedure, which helps in securing their dental health. In order to understand this procedure called root canal, you are supposed to have a glimpse of your tooth’s anatomy. Well, inside your tooth, right beneath the white enamel of your teeth, you can find a hard kind of layer termed as dentin and looking further you can find a soft tissue known as pulp. This very pulp contains a number of blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves, which together help in growing your tooth’s root during the process of its development. In completely developed teeth, these can easily sustain without these pulps owing to the presence of tissues surrounding them that take care of your teeth nourishment.   However, when this nourishment stops, the procedure called root canal comes into picture for your inside tooth treatment. This treatment becomes mandatory when your teeth pulp is seen infected, which can be due to a number of reasons. Now, let’s learn more about this therapy as under:

Dental Surgery

What Should One Expect After Root Canal Therapy?

Once you finish your root canal therapy, you are supposed to follow a couple of instructions of your dental surgeon to get the right effects after the surgery. In your initial days after this procedure of root canal, your tooth will give a sensitive kind of feeling owing to the natural tissue inflammation especially when you find any kind of infection or pain before going this procedure. However, this discomfort or sensitivity can be easily managed with the help of consuming certain over the counter pain medications as recommended by your dentist. A majority of patients are seen returning to their day to day activities the very next day of the therapy. Unless you complete the entire process of root canal, you would find the permanent fillings over the place or over the crown. At such junctures, it is better to reducing the chewing activities over the tooth, which is under the repair of root canal. This preventive step can help in reducing the recontamination of the interior of your tooth and can even prevent your fragile tooth as well from breaking before the tooth is seen getting completely restored. Now, talking about your oral health care, make sure you floss and brush on a regular basis and keep on visiting your dentists on a frequent basis for obvious reasons.

Cost of Root Canal Therapy

Now talking about the cost of the root canal therapy, the cost of this treatment can be seen varying depending upon the severity of your dental issue and the way your tooth is getting affected. There are number of insurance companies, which can cover a number of dental treatments like root canal therapy. However, checking the ballpark estimate of this root canal treatment, which often do not include the dental restoration procedure after the this therapy carried out by any general dentist, the cost can range around 500 to 1000 dollars for the molars. Generally the cot incurred by the specialised professionals like the endodontists can rise up to 50 percent higher than the usual family dentists found in your area.


Securing your natural teeth should be more preferred choice of anyone conscious about his or her dental care. Your natural teeth can help you in consuming a wide range of foods that you need to maintain your good health. However, dental treatments like root canal can be your personal choice to go with. Well, the only option over the procedure of root canal is to get your tooth replaced with implants or bridges. In this way you can easily restore the chewing features of your teeth. Yet, at times you may need root canal therapy, which remains the only option for people to keep intact their dental health. The fact is the root canal procedure is simpler and inexpensive as compared to the other options like implants or bridges.







Dental Implants by Dr. Tarun Giroti Helps Building Healthy Smiles


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that offer a permanent base for constant, replacement teeth. Compared to dentures, bridges and crowns, dental implants are a popular and effective long-term solution for people who suffer from missing teeth, failing teeth or chronic dental problems.


Dental implant procedure in India

Dental implants typically have three parts:

1) The implant: A screw that serves as a root in your new teeth. That is what completely attaches for your jaw.

2) The abutment: A permanent, however detachable via your medical doctor, connector that helps and holds a teeth or set of enamel.

3) The crown (or prosthetic tooth): this is the part of the teeth that you may see. It’s generally manufactured from zirconium or porcelain for sturdiness and good lucky.

You may use dental implants to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a complete higher and/or lower set of teeth. In case you want to restore a full arch, you will be an ideal candidate for the all-on-four treatment. Our surgeons will place 4 implants after which connect a complete arch of teeth, giving the system its call.

Quick look at benefits of dental treatment by Dr. Tarun Giroti top dental surgeon in Vasant Vihar Delhi

Dr. Tarun Giroti’s sterling dental clinic is one of the finest and most advanced dental clinics in India. The clinic meets ISO specifications and is ergonomically designed keeping the patients comfort in mind. One of the most unique as well as unique capabilities of the clinic includes of a well-ready attached laboratory. With Dr. Tarun Giroti dentist in Delhi India, all patients are assured of the best services in dental health care in a very non-stressful and comforting ambiance. Dr. Tarun Giroti the best dental implantologist in Delhi India assures the best service in oral health care in a very non-stressful ambiance and thorough attention is paid to hygiene and sanitation. Dr. Tarun Giroti the top endodontist in Delhi has an excellent reputation as the best dental surgeon. He is dedicated to provide the best dental treatments available within the reach of a common man.

Dental implants by Dr. Tarun Giroti top endodontist at sterling dental clinic in Delhi

A healthy smile is an indication of wellness. It reflects self esteem and bounding spirit and vitality. It is also a value of general well being. Dr. Tarun Giroti the top dental surgeon Vasant Vihar Delhi is a versatility known for its varied range of dental treatments. He provides every treatment under dentistry, right from dental emergencies to beautification of your smile.  Dr. Tarun Giroti dental implant surgeon in Delhi specializes in giving that healthy glowing smile. Because of his unmatched quality control and years of experience, he gives lifetime warranty on dental implants. Dr. Tarun Giroti is a specialized and offers the most advanced form of the dental replacement treatment wherein there occurs the minimum number of implants that are providing support to the maximum number of teeth. Dr. Tarun Giroti the top dental surgeon in Vasant Vihar Delhi offers all types of dental surgery at very low cost in India.

Why choose Indian health guru consultants for your treatment in India

Indian health guru consultant’s model puts the patient at centre of care and focus is always on every single patient. Every activity revolves around that patient. Indian health guru consultant is having years of satisfying experience in successfully managing thousands of complex cases from all across the specialties. Indian health guru consultant allows you in making knowledgeable treatment selection. We act as a patient’s advocate. You owe it to yourself to find the finest treatment available for the type of disease you have. Indian health guru consultant helps you in selecting the best and most appropriate doctor and hospital for your treatment in India. We at single factor recognition are the effective and first-class treatment effects. that is why we’ve got 100 % achievement rate of all the sufferers till  date.

Worried about your budget of dental treatment cost

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