Get Treated At Most Trusted Best Eye Surgery Hospitals in Mumbai

What is Eye Surgery?

One of our most cherished senses has to be the gift of sight. For a start, you’d no longer be reading this article without it. But as any glasses wearer will tell you, how nice it would be to not continually worry approximately making sure you have two heavy rims filled with glass hanging off your face all day. Ophthalmology is the branch of medicines that deals with the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the eye. An ophthalmologist is a consultant in medical and surgical eye problems. Ophthalmology consists of sub-specialties which deal both with certain diseases or illnesses of certain components of the eye.

Where I can find Best Packages for Eye Surgery in Mumbai?

Mumbai is one place where you could absolutely get access to some of the best medical facilities for eye surgical procedure. Eye surgery in Mumbai is one of the most affordable treatment options all over the world. In Mumbai, the cost of eye surgery can range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000 depending on the methods and equipment used. Your eye surgeon would be able to guide you better about the cost you are likely to incur for the eye surgery.

Get Treated At Most Trusted Best Eye Surgery Hospitals in Mumbai

Which are the best eye surgery hospitals in Mumbai?

Best eye surgery hospitals in Mumbai remains at the forefront of technology and clinical research to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Best eye surgery hospitals in India are able to ensure that clinics are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. They use the Allegretto Eye q 4 Hz that is the most superior machines for correcting vision.  Best eye surgery hospitals in India deals in laser vision correction must have access to all types of LASIK procedures right from most basic technology (Standard LASIK) to most advanced technology (Contoura Vision). Best eye surgery hospitals in Mumbai have been the pioneers in providing many world-class treatments for eye care in Mumbai. They have amicable ambiance and has one of the best infrastructures available in Mumbai. This includes of uninterrupted power delivery, protection of finest temperature as well humidity inside the operating room.

Who are the best eye specialists in Mumbai?

There are top 10 eye surgeons in Mumbai. Best ophthalmologist in Mumbai is not only best in India, but they are also famous worldwide. Most of these top eye hospitals in Mumbai are providing equal treatment for all people.  They provide excellent ophthalmic care including all kinds of advanced facilities. Best eye specialists in Mumbai offer eye surgery procedures and has been successful in conducting numerous eye surgeries over the years. They have a highly experienced refractive surgery experience that uses the most advanced technology.  Top 10 eye surgeons in Mumbai perform high-volume eye surgery with vision outcomes and complication rates similar to or better than other well-established international eye surgeons.  Best eye specialists in Mumbai are most experienced & coveted in Mumbai.

Benefits of Eye Surgery in Mumbai

The world would be a dark hole to live in, had it not been Best eye surgery hospitals in Mumbai who make your vision crystal clear by relentlessly working through the day. Top 10 hospitals for eye surgery in Mumbai offers the widest range of eye treatments, best eye specialists in Mumbai have always offered the best available of that time to their patients because they value your eyes. The cost of eye surgery in Mumbai is very affordable. Best eye surgery hospitals in Mumbai use the latest technologies in eye care surgeries and provide maximum benefits to the patients.

Get the Instant appointment with top eye surgeons in Mumbai: Consult Indian health guru

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Why Choosing Best Eye HospitalsIn India For Retina Is a Good Idea?


Before we check the list of best eye hospitals in India, we need to know the basic of eye care and the retina as well. Well, retina happens to be a critical part of our eye which is basically a layer that remains at the back of the eyeballs having cells that remain sensitive to light that triggers the nerve impulses having passed through the optic nerve to the brain, wherein a visual image is formed. There are several ailments that are seen hampering the retina and then causing the issues to the vision. Majorly the most common cause to the problem is the Diabetic Retinopathy, while the ARMD as well and the injuries to Retina and several other drug-induced, along with the age-induced diseases. Hence it is often recommended to have a preventive check-up for the Retina on a regular basis especially the ones who happen to be diabetic simply to avoid any permanent vision loss. Seeking the help of a Retina Specialist will help in carrying out the perfect health of the retinal health and thus get the best treatment options for the retina seeking the Best Eye Hospitals in India. Let’s check the reason why relying on these hospitals is a good idea.

Retina Treatment Options

Unless you are periodically examined, a majority of the Retina damages are not often treated properly. Your Retina Surgeon working in the best eye hospitals in India can only regulate any further deterioration to the Retina and to your vision in the long run. The diabetics often remain at the high risk for Retinal damages, which is usually due to the leakage of blood vessels on Retina, and remain the resultant vision impairment. You can find the ailment Diabetic Retinopathy damages can be easily treated using the treatment options like Lasers or Medication. There are several other major complications also witnessed including ARMD, Vitreous Hemorrhage, and Retinal Detachment that can be treated with the help of medication, while the Intra Vitreous injections and Laser Surgeries would treat you depending upon the extent of the damages. The Retina Surgeon will be able to easily diagnose your Retina seeking the advanced equipment and thus advise you the best treatment for restoration of vision along with the vision loss prevention.

Advanced Technologies used to treat the Retina

There are several methods to treat the retina; however, the Best Eye hospitals in India for Retina today rely on state of art technologies for treating the retina. Some of the technologies adopted are as under:

The Retinal Lasers:

The Advanced Green Laser System from Iridize and Luminous Zeiss Pascal Laser from Iridiex are known to treat the retina issues.

  • Fundus Imaging: This technology employs the Carl Zeiss Fundus Fluorescein Angiography and Zeiss & Topcon OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) for treating the retina along with using the Yellow Laser method as well for the ailments.
  • Vitreo Retinal (VR) Surgeries: The following are the treatment options that are adapted to create retina issues:
  • The Constellation VR workstation meant for the Advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgeries
  • The Accurus VR workstation known for carrying out the Advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgeries
  • The Guedeur VR work Station that is known to carry out the Vitreo Retinal Surgeries

Why choosing Best Eye hospitals in India for Retina is a good idea.png

Why choose the Best Eye hospitals in India for Retina?

Well, there are several reasons why you should rely on Best Eye hospitals in India for Retina. Well, these include getting the best doctors and eye surgeons to treat. These hospitals are state of art facilities hospitals that are known to offer you one of the best eye care with high quality and better success rates. Then the other reasons for the global patients to rely on these hospitals is the availability of highly competitive medical services for retina at much of the affordable cost. There is barely any waiting period for any treatment at these hospitals. Thus you are never short of reasons to consider these hospitals in India.

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Avail the advanced eye surgery India Seeking the Top Surgeon at Best Hospital


The human eye is often considered as a complex mechanism in a number of ways, which is very much similar to a camera. And it is very much similar to the camera records images seen over the film, the eye records are seen as the special layer, which is known as the retina. And as the camera requires the lenses to focus the images over the motion picture, the eye is also seen having the lenses that are meant to focus the images over the retina. The eye is seen with the two lenses – one comes over the cornea and the other is seen over the “lens”. Well if you talk about the Eye surgery India, it is often called as the orogolomistician surgery or even the ocular surgery, which is carried out over the eye or the ailment called the adnexa, which is typically carried out by the ophthalmologist. Thanks to the presence of best eye surgeons in India, the surgeries are carried out with great care and professionalism.

Avail the advanced eye surgery India Seeking the Top Surgeon at Best HospitalDescribe the Advance procedure of Eye surgery Treatment

When it comes to the advanced eye surgery India, there are several types. And one such surgery is called the LASIK Eye surgery, which simply stands for the laser in situ keratomileusis, which involves the use of a laser underneath seen over a corneal flap in order to reshape the cornea (keratomileusis). This very surgical procedure is seen employing a highly modernized laser treatment, which is designed simply to treat the refractive errors, enhance the vision, and then reduce or eliminate the requirement for the glasses or the contact lenses. During the LASIK procedure, which happens to be a specially trained eye surgeon is seen first creating a precise, thin hinged corneal flap seeking the help of a microkeratome. The best eye surgeons in India is then seen pulling back the flap in order to expose the underlying corneal tissue, and then seen with the Excimer laser ablates and the cornea is seen in a unique and pre-specified pattern for each patient. Then the flap is gently repositioned in order to rely on the cornea without sutures.

Is safe Eye surgery Treatment in India

When it comes to the eye surgery India, then it is regarded as the safest and the best healthcare services. The reasons are obvious as it is carried out seeking the help of some of the best eye surgeons in India backed with hospitals that run along with the state of art facilities and features. The presence of highly developed healthcare systems makes a great difference. So, when you are treated seeking the best of the healthcare systems along with highly competitive healthcare services, more and more global patients are seen considering the same.

The budget for Eye surgery India

When it comes to the eye surgery India including the advanced surgeries then the LASIK Eye Surgery is considered as much affordable. The cost of the LASIK surgery in India can cost you around 1000 USD while the same surgery in the US can be carried out at the cost of around 9000 USD. This makes the eye surgery India to be the safest one even it is considered to be at the top hospital.

eye surgery India.png

Best Hospitals and surgeon’s for Lasik eye surgery

If you talk about the best hospitals and surgeons for advanced procedures like advanced surgeries like LASIK surgery, one can find the best doctors and surgeons along with the best hospitals wherein they are engaged. Some of the top doctors dealing with best eye surgery India include DrSudhir Bhatia, Dr. S.Bharti, DrSudiptoPakrasi, DrGul J Nankani, Dr. DharitriSamantaray, Dr. Sonia Nankani, and Dr. Anita Sethi to name a few. They have highly skilled apart from highly qualified and known for their high success rate.


The medical tourism in India seems to be on a constant rise, which includes a wide range of healthcare services, which include the eye surgery India as well. Thanks to the presence of top hospitals and best eye surgeons in India.

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Are You Awake During LASIK?


LASIK is a quick and easy procedure providing results in improved eyesight. Most LASIK eye surgery candidates spend a lot of time worrying about “Are you awake during LASIK?” And the answer is YES you will be awake during the LASIK eye procedure. There are many reasons why you should be awake as well as reasons why this should not cause you any fear or concern for this surgery. It is completely understandable to fear any surgical procedure however you should know that the entire LASIK eye surgery process will take only a few minutes for each eye. The total time spent in the surgery suite will be far less than the time taken in the recovery room.


Hence while it is true that you will be awake during LASIK surgery, the time for the surgery is actually very minimal. Most patients who have had undergone this surgery say that they wish they had not spent so much of energy fearing or worrying about this procedure. Also there is no need to worry if you accidentally blink or move your eyes during the surgery because due to advanced LASIK technologies, you can keep your eyes steady as the surgeon provides vision correction results to help you see clearly.

So why are you awake during LASIK? While performing this procedure, the LASIK surgeon will need you to respond to simple directives about where you should focus your eyes. The movement is necessary as the surgeon uses lasers for correcting your vision. You will be offered a mild sedative to ease your anxiety and numbing drop for your pain in case you fear about being anxious during the procedure.

Read on to find out how does LASIK work when you are awake.

Awake During LASIK: How it Works

Patients are awake and alert during LASIK eye surgery. The surgeon will administer anesthetic eye drops numbing the eye before the procedure starts. This will help reducing the pain and discomfort during the operation. They will use an instrument to keep your eyes open so that you don’t have to worry about blinking throughout the procedure. From there they will create a LASIK flap in the eyes with iFS advanced bladeless laser to expose the cornea. An ultra-precise, cool beam laser applies to CustomVue treatment that reshapes the cornea to appropriate curvature based on iDesign WaveScan. The flap is then closed and some patients may notice clearer eyesight as early in the morning after the procedure.

Star S4 IR Laser with Activetrak

Now that you are awake during LASIK, there is a chance that your eyes will accidentally move during the procedure. The Star S4 IR Laser will ensure that your treatment is correctly applied even if you move your eyes unintentionally. It uses the Activetrak technology and iris recognition for monitoring the movements of your eyes. If they accidently shift even slightly during the surgery then the laser will reposition to keep it on track and ensure placement of treatment for optimum results. Star S4 IR Laser is known to produce exceptional vision correcting results.  As per many studies, using a laser with automated eye tracking system can help to provide better overall outcomes as compared to the older system without eye-tracking technologies. They can also reduce the chances of potential LASIK complications. However, the Star S4 IR Laser may not be suitable for those who have had injured the center of their cornea. Also, it may not be the best option for those who have had undergone refractive surgeries in the past.

With advanced LASIK technologies and lasers, patients can expect a quick and easy procedure with outstanding vision correction results even when they are awake during LASIK. To learn more about the advanced technologies in LASIK and how they can help you to see as clearly as possible, get in touch with us by scheduling your free LASIK consultation online.


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Is Laser Eye Surgery safe?


Today, laser eye surgeries are highly popular owing to the numerous advantages that come with these. LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) is one of the most common laser eye procedures under the umbrella of Refractive Surgery, used to describe the surgeries that are performed to fix vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and Presbiopia, to lessen a person’s reliance on eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.


In this procedure, a surgical instrument called microkeratome or a femtosecond laser is used to make a thin, round-shaped ‘flap’ in the cornea. Then, this flap is folded back to reach the underlying cornea and to remove a little corneal tissue with the help of an Excimer laser. This is a highly specialized laser, which produces an ultraviolet light beam to remove the microscopic amount of corneal tissue in order to restructure it, so that it more aptly focuses light on the retina for improved vision. Finally, after the laser has reformed the cornea, the flap is then put back in place, covering the place from where the corneal tissue was taken. After this, the cornea is left to heal on its own and it heals naturally with time.

Over 16 million people have had LASIK

With every progressing year, the number of people opting for LASIK is rapidly on the rise. People are extremely happy with the success and outcome of this procedure. Especially, more and more medical tourists are coming to India because of the viability of low cost LASIK eye surgery. In a leading country like USA, the cost of LASIK (both eyes) is $4,000 while in India it is only $1,000.

SMILE and ASLA are as safe and effective as LASIK

Today there are quite a few options when it comes to Refractive surgeries to correct abnormally shaped Cornea. Most of these procedures don’t require the patients to go under a knife much to the relief of these patients and this has made Laser eye surgeries extremely popular amongst not only the patients but also the surgeons.

Apart from LASIK, there are two other crucial procedures are Advanced Surface Laser Ablation (ASLA) is also called Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK and SMILE that is Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.

ASLA – Although today majority of the correction surgeries are either LASIK or SMILE, ASLA too has a significant presence. This procedure may take a little longer to heal but surely has the same results like SMILE and LASIK. Looking at the condition of the patient’s cornea, the surgeon can decide on which procedure will be best suited. One problem with ASLA is that there is significant amount of discomfort after the surgery.

SMILE – there is no usage of Excimer laser but only the femtosecond laser is used. In this, there is contact between the laser and the eye for about 30 seconds and the patient’s eye will feel pressurised during this time. The recovery in SMILE and LASIK is comparatively faster as compared ASLA.

The risks of side-effects and complications are low

The risk and complications associated with LASIK are extremely low. LASIK eye surgery has a very safe and sound track record, with more and more people opting for it and gaining long term benefits. There are barely any complications and/or may be some side effects like dry eyes or visual disturbance only during the preliminary few days post surgery. But these complications and side effects surely disappear within a few weeks.

Serious complications are very rare

The patients choosing LASIK can be completely relieved that there are very rare occurrences of any serious complications. LASIK has an extremely high success rate, which has made it all the more favoured several patients needing eye surgery; especially in India where the best eye hospital are technologically so advanced that the chances of any complications are nearly absent.

Be assured that Laser Eye Surgery is safe for you

With Indian Health Guru, you can be completely assured that we will connect you to the best eye hospitals having the best success rates coupled with the top eye surgeons. We will help you in availing the best packages and low cost LASIK eye surgery in India. With our hassle free processes and outstanding medical visa assistance, you can be sure of getting the timely treatment bypassing any waiting period.


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Top 10 eye care hospitals in India


There are lot of eye problems which are common for most people and this includes the glaucoma, dry eyes, cataract, tearing, low vision, corneal disorders, retinal disorders, eye lid problems, conjunctivitis, temporal problems, etc. Usually these problems occur in different age group and need immediate attention to avoid the complications such as blindness. Are you looking for the best eye care hospitals in India? Here we enlist the top 10 eye care hospitals in India.

List down the top 10 eye care hospitals in India

In this article, we provide the information about the top 10 eye care hospitals in India with respect to the services and areas and the phone numbers.

  1. Fortis Hospital, Delhi

The ophthalmology department at Fortis Hospital, Delhi has the expertise to treat all the kinds of eye related problems ranging from the routine eye examination to other conditions of the eye and the surrounding structures. Our team is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipments to treat cataracts, glaucoma, aesthetics, corneal and external diseases, paediatric ophthalmic diseases and disorders.

Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

Ophthalmology Centre at Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon aims to provide the most comprehensive eye care to the international patients. The state of the art facilities include both the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that ensure to provide the world class treatment for the cataract and other ophthalmic diseases.

Max Hospital, New Delhi

The speciality OPDs for eye care is conducted at Max Hospital to look after the patient’s preventive and primary healthcare requirements. We offer LASIK, eye ultrasound, glaucoma diagnostic surgery, paediatric ophthalmology and the comprehensive eye examination to the patients.

Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

The eye department at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai is comprehensive and well-equipped with a blend of young, highly qualified and experience surgeons. We treat our patients with utmost care.

Hiranandani Hospitals, Mumbai

At centre for advanced and sophisticated eye care of Hiranandani Hospital, we provide the state of the art and most modern ophthalmic services for various eye conditions. We strive to maintain the international standards in the medical and surgical ophthalmic care.

Columbia Asia Hospitals, Delhi

The Department of Ophthalmology at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Delhi provides the outpatient, inpatient and ocular emergency services by a team of consultants who are skilled, highly qualified and treat a wide range of the eye disorders. Most surgical procedures of the eye are done as day care surgeries.

Global Hospitals, Mumbai

The department of ophthalmology at Global Hospitals, Mumbai provide you with first class eye care and the surgical services for patients suffering from the eye disorders.

LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

LV Prasad Eye Institute is a comprehensive eye health facility offersing patient care, rehabilitation services, sight enhancement and high-impact rural eye health programs.


AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi
AIIMS Hospital India

Dr. R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences located at AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi. Under the expert doctors and the staff members, our departments offers emergency services too.

Shroff Eye Hospital, New Delhi

The first eye hospital in India to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (USA) in the year 2006, Shroff Eye Hospital has stood for excellent in eye care.

Bottom line

All above mentioned eye care hospitals in India are trusted by millions of people, hence you can go with any of them while deciding to undergo the eye surgery and treatments. After going through this article, I hope now you have come to know about the 10 best eye care hospitals in India which is best for your eye health. Indian Healthguru Consultants is a leader in assisting the global patients seeking their eye treatments at the top eye care hospitals in India. Call now at +91-9371136499 or send your query to to know the cost estimation for eye treatments and surgeries at the top eye care hospitals in India.


Most Common Eye Issues and Problems

Nowadays, every person has eye issues. It can be major or minor and we are the main cause of this disease. Some are minor that can be treated; or some may disappear by time. But some are major that can be treated only with surgery or laser treatment but there are some major eye problems that can’t even be treated. There are some minor eyes issues like; eyestrain, red eyes, etc.


Now here are some major issues or diseases of eyes like night blindness, colour blindness, uveitis, cataracts, retinal diseases, optic neuritis, macular degeneration, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, diabetic eye problems etc.

cataracts:- A clouding of lens which is behind iris and pupil is called cataract. It mainly causes to old people, who have reached 40 years of age and above. The main cause; or we can say the principle cause of blindness is cataract worldwide then there are glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. There are types of cataracts worldwide including:

Sub-capsular cataract: – this type of cataract appears at the back of the lens. This type of cataract is caused to those who have chronic diabetes or those who take steroid they have the greater risk of having cataract.

Nuclear cataract: – This disease causes at the deep in the part of the lens. This disease is greatly or mainly caused to aged people which are 40 above.

Cortical cataract:- This type of cataract appear at the lens cortex which is the part of the lens that surrounds the central nucleus . It is characterized by White, wedge-like opacities that start at the periphery of the lens and start spreading to the centre.

Optic neuritis :- Optic neuritis is a part of the eye which carries visual information to the brain .Optic neuritis (ON) in which a person’s optic nerve become inflamed it can appear suddenly due to infection or a nerve disease.

Inflammation usually causes temporary vision loss that only happens in one eye. Some people with this disease experience pain but with proper treatment and time the person can recover from it and vision can even return. Optic neuritis doesn’t require treatment sometime it can be treated with mediation such as corticosteroids. It helps the patient to recover faster. But it requires more time at least 12 months to gain full recovery.

How does the retinal tear happens?

Sometimes vitreous moves away from retina without causing any problem. But at some cases vitreous pulls heard enough that it tears the retina apart. This fluid moves the retina to the back of the eye just like when wallpaper is pulled off from the wall.

Macular degeneration :- These days  macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss it has effected more than 10 million Americans; more than cataract or glaucoma  and at this present time macular degeneration is an incurable disease. Macula means the centrall part of the retina that’s the area where this disease is caused. Macula is the main cause for focusing our vision and it provides us the ability to read, drive, and to recognise face or colour. Due to macular degeneration we are not able to get the high quality of the images we use to get. At the starting of macular degeneration the vision is not affected if the disease start’s growing the patient will first get a blur vision then it keep getting worse. There are some types of macular degeneration early AMD, intermediate AMD, late AMD.

Glaucoma:-  this disease more happens when pressure is created within the eye this pressure is cause of the fluid at back of the eye which damages the optic nerve but with diagnose and cure you can get your vision back.

Conjunctivitis:- This disease cause the conjunctiva to swell it line-up our eyelid and eye surface when this disease appears it gets red and swollen; and irritation and infection start spreading. It is not that serious it can be treated with medical treatment and it will be gone in 7 to 10 days.

Diabetic eye problems such as diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema:-

This disease is caused to diabetic patient with a group of eye conditions. The conditions are diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, cataract, glaucoma. Diabetic retinopathy includes changes in the retinal blood that make then leak blood from eyes this disease is the most common cause of vision loss among people with diabetes. DME this causes the swelling of the retina which is called macula.


We should take care of our eyes; it is the most important part in our body if we have these diseases whether it is minor or major we should take precaution. And prevent it from spreading if we have major problem prefer to a good doctor. This report provides the main causes of vision loss and eye disease. If you understand the consequences than take precaution as or meet a good eye doctor as soon as possible.

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