Heart failure surgery India Comes with high success rate for a wonderful healthcare experience


Heart failure surgery India is regarded a ray of hope for the global patients particularly the ones who come along with much of the healthcare results. The reason for heart failure could be due to several reasons which keep the heart to work in an improper fashion. There are several reasons behind the failure but the surgery at this stage is the only solution for you to consider. More and more global patients are heading towards the country for the heart failure surgery in India.  This is because they get high-quality cardiac care at extremely affordable cost. Now, let us dig in deep to get more about the heart failure treatment in India in the following paragraphs.

Heart failure surgery

Advantages of Heart failure treatment in India

If you talk about the Heart failure surgery India then is several benefits of the same. Well, the very first benefit one can reap with the healthcare services including the cardiac care is to get the high-quality healthcare services, which are available at much of the affordable cost. The country has a pool of competitive doctors and surgeons who deal effectively with the heart ailments along with similar issues both the trivial and major ones. The other key benefit to enjoy with the heart failure surgery in India is to get treated at the top hospitals and clinics, which are highly competitive in nature and have come a long way in establishing its credibility in the healthcare market with effective cardiac care services in India.

Heart failure surgery India Comes with a high success rate for a wonderful healthcare experience

Best Hospitals for Heart failure surgery India

There is no dearth of the hospitals dealing with the heart failure surgery India when it comes to dealing with the heart ailments. The fact of the matter is these hospitals are known as the best source to get the ailments. The top hospitals dealing with cardiac care in India has the modern infrastructure and offer some of the best in class proficient care to the global patients, which are available at the affordable cost. The cutting-edge technology often Include devices like the modern day CT scan, PET scan, Cardiac MRI, SPECT thallium, Contrast echocardiography, Robotic surgery, and 3D echocardiography,  to name a few. These are regarded as the highly developed and modern technologies that are found in the Indian hospitals. And then you have top surgeons are known to have exceptionally high success rate when it comes to the cardiac surgery not just for the simpler surgeries but even in the most complex heart problems.

Best Heart surgeons in India

If you talk about the Best Heart surgeons in India then there are several other features that make them exceptional in the country. They are highly educated, competent and highly skilled people who are known for their highest success rate. So, when it comes to them dealing with the heart failure surgery India then the country ranks the best and the highest one. Now, we need to talk about some of the top doctors dealing with the cardiac care in India then these include Dr. Naresh Trehan, Dr. Devi Shetty, Dr. KM Cherian, Dr. AGK Gokhale, and Dr. Ganesh Kumar Mani are some of the top doctors that deal with the heart failure surgery in India.

Low-cost heart failure treatment India

If you talk about the heart failure surgery in India then it is often the most affordable option to consider. The cost is so low that one can even add a number of things including the travel and stay cost in India along with others and yet it comes out to be affordable when compared to the developed nations like the US and the UK. This gives enough reasons to the global patients to plan their heart failure treatment in India.


The country India has much to offer to the global patient when it comes to cardiac care. The heart failure surgery India, therefore, can be called as a blessing in disguise.

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Is There a Relationship Between Anxiety And Heart Disease?


Getting anxious is normal but if this feeling of anxiousness is getting in your way of normal functioning then it needs attention.


Anxiety disorders have different categories. Some are:

Panic disorder – During this, there is occurrence of tremendous agitation and fear, shortness of breath, uneasiness in the stomach, dizziness, increase in the heart rate, chest pain. These signs and symptoms can be mistaken for a heart attack and or can be linked with the cardiac ailment.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – This is a condition, which occurs after a shocking or a terrifying incident or a sudden life-threatening disease or accident or a violent crime. A person affected by this condition always has difficulty handling a situation that may have a connection with the incident that has led to the development of PTSD. These patients often experience jitteriness and detachment from the world and people around them.

Obsessive-Compulsive disorder – People with this condition will handle unreasonable beliefs and worries by doing the same actions over and over again. For example, a person suffering from OCD, who is obsessed with having cardiovascular issues but has been checked by a Cardiac specialist may find new physicians and get themselves checked again and again or keep researching on this endlessly.

Why anxiety increases the risk of heart disease?

When a person is suffering from an Anxiety disorder, that person’ body reacts or gets worked up in way that can put a lot of excess strain and pressure on the heart. The signs and symptoms of the same can have disastrous results on people already having heart diseases.

Anxiety can be linked with the below mentioned heart diseases and cardiac risk issues:

• Rapid heart rate (Tachycardia) – In serious cases, Anxiety disorders can get in the way with normal heart functions and also increase the peril of a sudden heart attack.

• Increased blood pressure – Anxiety disorder, if chronic, then can lead to Coronary disease, the heart muscles may get weaker ultimately leading to a heart failure.

• Decreased heart rate variability – A person who has had an acute heart attack, Anxiety ailments ca make them all the more vulnerable and can have fatal results.

The negative impact of anxiety on cardiovascular disease recovery

Anxiety disorders bring along a high level of fear, hesitation and insecurity. The problem aggravates when this fear stops the heart patients from following the advice and recommendations of the Cardiologist, for their speedy recovery. All this can be a huge hindrance for the recovery like:

  • The patient may not take timely medication
  • May not follow the exercise regimes
  • Not taking a healthy diet
  • Not able to or may not get sufficient hours of sleep
  • Many avoid connecting with family and friends
  • May not be able to resume with career and family responsibilities

Seek help

It is very important that anxiety disorders are nipped in the bud that is should be given immediate medical attention as and when the initial signs are visible. Depending on the span of time that the person has been suffering, the severity level, and the type of anxiety ailment, there are available treatments that include therapy, medication, or a blend of both. But a very common and effective mode of treatment is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which has three primary components:

• Anxiety management – The aim of this is to keep the patient away from putting too much focus on worries and anxieties related to things like future, which is beyond his or her control. Also, this component helps the patients to focus on the present time through usage of relaxation techniques like exercises, sensory focusing, and yoga methods.

• Cognitive restructuring – People suffering from anxiety disorders have a habit of thinking too much about the possibility of occurrence of any disastrous or apocalyptic incidents. This component that is done through patient-therapist give and take method has a series of logical steps that target on making the patient understand and shifting his focus on thinking about more healthy things.

• Exposure therapy – This methods works by exposing the patients more often to the same activity or ambience that has the caused the anxiety disorder. This is done slowly but repeatedly till the success level is reached, when the patients can easily handle the exposure to such circumstances. For example, travelling to the same place or location which some accident or crime is associated.

5 Celebrities Who Had Heart Bypass Surgery


Often we expect celebrities to be in bettwe health than regular people- after all their wealth means that they have unlimited access to the best physicians, nutritionists, trainers and personal chefs. Though it is true but celebrities aren’t invincible- they too get same diseases that we do.

Over the years many celebrities have undergone heart bypass surgery. Let us now discuss about 5 celebrities who had heart bypass surgery:

Regis Philbin


Regis Philbin who has been called the hardest working man in show business holds the Guiness World Record for Most Hours on Camera. He has also hosted numerous game shows over the years such as “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” and has made guest appearances on various TV shows. At the age of 62 in 19993, he underwent an angioplasty to clear a narrowed artery in his heart. Again on March 12, 2007 while filming the episode of “Live with Regis and Kelly” he tearfully announced that he had been having shortness of breath and chest pain for the past two weeks to which doctors recommended a triple bypass.  He didn’t wanted to do it but after getting a second opinion he went ahead with the surgery the same week. He returned to “Live” around six weeks later.

Burt Reynolds


With a career spanning around 100 films and more than 300 TV shows, it is hard to imagine that Burt Reynolds didn’t initially think about acting as a career. His big break came when he starred in the 1972 movie “Deliverance”. In early 2010, the 75- year old began having chest pains at home. His doctor warned him that he could die without surgery and hence he had a quintuple bypass.

David Letterman


For nearly 30 years, David Letterman has been hosting his own late night TV show. In 1993 he became a regular guest host on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS. At the age of 51,he had an angiograpm that showed having coronary artery dises for which he went on medication. Letter continued with eating a low fat diet and his exercise routine. However, in Jaunary 2000 another angiogram showed severe constriction and hence he had to immediately go for a quintuple heart bypass surgery. He returned to his hosting duties after five weeks of recovery.

His first guests included the team of doctors and nurses who had performed his surgery and taken care of him. Letterman helped to open the Ronald O Perelman Heart Institute in New York City in 2009. In the year 2010, he has donated to several heart related charities including the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, through his private foundation, the American Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming. He also celebrated the anniversary of his bypass surgery and brought his surgeon, Dr. O Wayne Isom on his show.

Rue McClanahan


Rue McClanaham is renowned for her roles as Maude’s best friend Vivian Harmon on the 1970s show “Maude”. She has also been a devoted animal rights activist. In 1997 she was diagnosed with breast cancer which was treated and she made a full recovery. She began speaking at various breast cancer related events sharing her experiences. 12 years later when she was preparing to attend a gala being held in her honor, it had to be cancelled when she was hospitalized and underwent heart bypass surgery.

Larry King


Larry King is best known for his long running cable interview sho “Larry King Live” but the septuagenarian has been in the show business since 1950s. Over the course of his 50 years in broadcasting, King has conducted over 40,000 interviews. His father died at the young age of 44 due to heart disease which puts him at higher risk for developing the disease. Also he was a heavy smoker and did not exercise or eat a healthy diet. At the age of 54 in 1987, Larry suffered a serious heart attack. Shortly he underwent quintuple bypass surgery. This experience led him to make serious changes in his own life and also to help others with heart disease. He started the Larry King Heart Foundation to help pay for people needing cardiac surgeries who could not otherwise afford them.

Despite the lifestyle changes, in early 2010 at the age of 76 King began experiencing pain which was the result of blocked arteries. This time he had surgery for placing tubes called stents in coronary arteries that push the plaque back against the arterial wall thereby allowing better blood flow.


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How lupus affects the heart and circulation


This is about lupus and how it affects the heart and circulation. First what is lupus? Lupus also known as systemic lupus erythematous. It is a disease that can affect any part of the body. Especially this disease affects bones, brains, skin, blood, kidney, heart, and lungs. This disease affects very effectively. A study was done by American college of rheumatology the lupus was diagnosed 10 times as often in women as in men. This diagnose was done in 20s and 30s this type of disease is a complex disease that can be only treated by rheumatologist.


Symptoms of lupus can flare up and will go periodically and can also mimic any of other conduction. Treatments are done for preventing major for lungs, blood, skins, brain and other organs. Because lupus is a diseases that can affect any part and can affect then at a major point it can damage the organs that can mainly get affected and can be damaged at a higher level. When it affects skins or hair a butterfly shaped rash that appears at the bridge of the nose and start extending to the check and it can also appear on the neck or chest. There are some people with lupus that develop raynaud’s phenomenon the colour of ears, nose, toes, fingers turn purple when exposed to cold. The symptoms of lupus starting symptoms are thinning of hair and lose of eyelashes, eyebrows, facial hair and also body hair and permanent hair lose may appear however this can be treated with a specialised doctor. It also affects digestive system it can affect the whole digestive system starting with the mouth. And start spreading inside the stomach. When it affects the acid of stomach; the stomach is forced to the oesophagus and it causes heartburn and gas. Here are some names that can also be affected by lupus:

  • Execratory system
  • Circulatory system
  • Central nervous system
  • Reproductive system
  • Immune system
  • Respiratory system
  • Skeletal system
  • Muscular system

These are the system that can be affected or can get damaged at a major level by lupus.

How do I maintain good oral health in my senior years?

With proper health and dental check-ups your teeth can last long for life time. To keep your teeth and gum healthy brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. For professional cleaning do flossing daily and visit your dentist. Even if you floss regularly you may face some issues in your senior years taking medications and wearing a denture can bring problems for you in your senior years. But your dentist can help you to face most off these problems quite successfully. Cavities on root surface are most common problems in older adults. Sensitivity can be a problem due to your growing ages to face these problems floss daily brush daily and visit your dental doctor regularly.

What  special oral health issues should I know about as a senior

With a test; dentist have found that most of the oral disease appears at your older ages. With a careful examination of teeth, gums and tongue dentist have also found heart or liver disease or eating disorder,  anemia, diabetes and many more. This indicates that oral problems can affect overall body and can infect it. For example a recent study has shown a relation between gum disease and heart disease similarly smoking, stress, poor diet and low exercise level. These are the major issues that a senior should take care of.

Final verdict

Follow the instructions that are given to you; these are for your sake this disease is seriously deadly and can ruin your life. Take action if you see any side-effects visit a doctor if you see any symptoms read it carefully.

This disease affects the whole systems of your body; if it is in a minor point and if you don’t take any action for it then it will affect, or even can damage every single part of your system even inner system and outer system of your body. Take precautions and get a better treatment; your life is in your hands.

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Renal failure and its effect on the cardiovascular system


The heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the end-stage renal disease. Often it seems that the renal failure risk factors such as the high blood pressure has its effect on the cardiovascular system and may lead to atherosclerosis.

Fluid and potassium overload

The kidneys play a significant role to regulate the fluid balance in the body. In case your kidneys stop working, then the fluid builds up quickly in the heart, lungs, brain and other body tissues. This will increase the workload of the heart which could lead to heart failure. The excess fluid also causes a rise in the blood pressure that is detrimental for the kidneys as for other parts of the body. Also the failed kidneys cannot control potassium effectively and the high levels of this mineral which affect the heart and hence it is very life threatening.



Chronic renal failure is characterized by anaemia wherein you will have insufficient red blood cells. This is due to the loss of kidney cells which produce an important hormone called as the erythropoietin which stimulates the bone marrow to make your oxygen carrying red blood cells.  Having anaemia can put strain on the heart which will increase the demand of oxygen by increasing the heart rate and the output.

Dialysis and the fistula

If you need dialysis then a fistula is created to provide an access to your blood. This is done by connecting an artery and a vein, most often on your arm. The fistula, anaemia, fluid excess and hypertension contribute to certain hemodynamic factors putting strain on your cardiovascular system. Even the insufficient dialysis can lead to pericarditis which is an inflammation of the heart’s outer layers. During the dialysis, excess fluid will be removed and the chemicals are balanced. The electrolyte disturbances during this process can lead to irregular heart rhythm.


The kidneys are the waste collectors of the body and when they fail the wastes will build up in the blood. When the dietary protein is broken down a product called as urea is formed. The high levels of urea is called uremia which literally means “urine in the blood” is a toxic condition to the body which could lead to a dangerous inflammation of the outer layers of the heart, the pericardium. Hence it is treated with dialysis.

Atherosclerosis and heart attack

The heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the end-stage renal disease. It seems to be related to the artherosclerosis and other risk factors which are found in the renal failure such as the high blood pressure. Although people without kidney problems also show a high incidence of the heart disease, but those with kidney failures have various factors that increase their risk. The co-existing diseases such as diabetes often causes the kidney failure, are per se a major risk factor for the heart disease. The high blood fats will lead to atherosclerosis which occludes the coronary arteries and lead to the heart attack and angina.

Hypertension – high blood pressure

Hypertension is a vital underlying cause of kidney failure. On the other hand, kidney failure can lead to hypertension. If the kidneys are unable to regulate the excess fluid and salt build up in the body rapidly then it contributes to high blood pressure. With loss of kidney cells, an overproduction of rennin that elevates the blood pressure can follow. Controlling hypertension in patients with renal failure as this is crucial as it accelerates the renal injury from other causes such as diabetes. High blood pressure also damaged the inner lining of the blood vessels hence promotes the formation of fatty deposits inside them. Certain hypertension drugs help limiting the progression of renal failure.

Final Verdict

Check with your doctor to know more about the renal failure effects on the cardiovascular system. Get free online consultation at 91-9371136499 or contact@indianhealthguru.com.




8 ways to lower down the risk of heart disease


You can do a lot of things to lower the risk of heart disease there are many thing on which you can take action. Here are some tips which you should take care of:

  • improve cholesterol level
  • quit smoking if you are a smoker
  • control hypertension
  • consume a heart healthy diet
  • maintain a healthy diet
  • handle your anger and stress
  • control diabetes

These are some main reasons that can lead any normal person to a serious heart disease. Further down you will be able to know in detail about how to control and prevent from heart disease.


Improving the cholesterol level:

You will definitely get heart disease if you have:

  • Total cholesterol level more than 200
  • HDL cholesterol level under 40
  • LDL cholesterol level over 160
  • Triglycerides over 150

How to maintain it?  Eat a diet which is lower in cholesterol, saturated fat, refined sugars, and high in fiber.

Shun smoking:

Smoking is good to certain extent; If you are a chain smoker then you should limit your smoking because smokers damage two organ at one time; one is the heart and the other is the lung. First cigarette bud in your hand and first cigarette smoke in your lungs is your life’s biggest mistake; because this first step towards this bad habit takes away your healthy heart and lungs. Smokers have higher chances of having a heart disease not only heart disease but many diseases can start affecting at a higher rate.

Control hypertension:

Hypertension or high blood-pressure is also one of the leading reasons of heart diseases. Here are some tips to maintain your blood-pressure or you can say to control hyper tension:

  • Lose extra pounds
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Reduce the level of sodium(salt) in your diet
  • Limit the level of alcohol you drink or just leave it.

Here are some tips that are most important for a person who have blood-pressure problem.

Consume a heart healthy diet:

Consuming a healthy diet means to maintain your health and eat only those food which is good for your health and your heart. Eat fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, beans, and other plant-based foods. You can also eat fishes like salmon, tuna which are high in omega-3 and fatty acid. And limit the level of sugar and salt for your own health.

Follow an active life style:

Follow a good and active life style go to gym maintain your body shape and health. People who don’t do exercises have a more chance of getting heart diseases. If you don’t have any idea how to start or you don’t have any idea what diet you should maintain; at this situation you should contact a doctor who can help you.

Maintain a healthy weight:

Having over weight or having weight more than recommended can lead you to heart disease. Losing some pounds can be helpful for you and your life. Having a good healthy weight can help to get a better life in feature. Wake early in the morning maintaining your diet and health every day and regularly is the best for you.

Handle your anger and stress:

Every person has stress in their life and it is normal. If it gets out of control then it can bring problems and diseases like heart disease. As we say stress brings tension and tension makes us comfortless and after getting comfortless angers starts so handling your anger and stress will be good and can be a better precaution from heart diseases.

Control your diabetes:

Diabetic patients have more chances of having heart diseases than a normal person; and till now many people don’t know this. So it’s an advice to get checked and get treated.


Follow your diet and maintain your health if you take break from tour healthy life you will never be able to gain back the same health that you were maintaining. If you gain some weight its ok for you. When you will continue your healthy schedule then you will came back to your healthy self. Follow the tip that are provided and that will help you and will act as a boost to your healthy day life. Live a life you want to live don’t get freaked out or give up if you want a better future start working for it from now on.


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Coffee and Your Heart: Stimulant or Stressor?


There were many misinformation and some misconceptions about coffee intake. Many have thinking that drinking coffee affects heart; which is wrong. Having unhealthy diet can cause many diseases; where in such case coffee with a small snack would enlighten your mind. This is what practiced when you are loaded with a lot of work; you try to get easy food which would get over at once in minute and you may resume your work. This kind of a lifestyle will give you heart disease or many more other diseases. It is better to have healthy lifestyle in the early age so that you do not have to suffer in the old age. Whereas coffee is concern mild to moderate consumption of coffee causes no harm to our body. On the other hand coffee can show some good effects on our body. You can read the benefits of coffee below.


Evidence of Coffee’s Heart Benefits:

According to research people who intake two to five cups of coffee daily die less prematurely from any disease or its causes. It is also seen that people who regularly intake coffee die less from heart disease and also stroke; and if you intake five cups of coffee every day does not affect risk of death.
These are some of the positive research about coffee intake.

What Is It About Coffee That Affects Your Heart?

Coffee has the contents of hundreds of unique phytochemicals these natural chemical help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation seen in your body which shows signs of heart failure such as; atherosclerosis and many other heart conditions; the anti-inflammatory properties of coffee can benefit in long-term prevention from cardiovascular disease.
If you already have the disease then coffee therapy may not work it may worst the condition. So if your doctor has asked you to avoid coffee then you must not stick to your habit; rather you should you should follow doctor’s advice.

Caffeine and Your Blood Pressure;

Caffeinated coffee risk in short-term spike in blood pressure; this is seen in people who do not intake coffee regularly; intake of coffee stimulates the blood vessels and this is the reason people relates with blood pressure and coffee together.
According to research people who intake three to four cups of coffee every day are more like to have stroke and heart attack. Reviews and feedback shows that coffee drinkers do not develop hypertension and those who have blood pressure would not develop cardiovascular disease. This is how coffee intake has benefit than intake of caffeine.

Caffeine and Your Heart Rhythm:

According to research drinking coffee lessen up the risk of irregular heartbeat; this includes the common type which is atrial fibrillation. Many physicians still advise their patients to limit the intake of coffee to control their heart arrhythmias. But according to the latest studies drinking coffee does not affect heart or cause any heart disease. On the other hand if you are obese then you should lose weight and if you intake alcohol then you should stop it or lessen it up, you should follow healthy diet and practice regular exercise. This good habit can help you to stay away from heart problems. This has no connection with intake of coffee; the entire day we keep on having something or the other which gives us an acid reaction. Coffee at times helps in proper digestion as well; other energy drinks has high contents of caffeine with herbal extracts and also dangerous ingredients. In some patients intake of these types of drinks can worsen arrhythmias.

Final Verdict:

Intake of four to five cups of coffee every day can lower the risks of heart disease; major heart disease like; heart failure and many other. Regular intake of coffee develops a tolerance in your body; this is for the regular drinker; whereas caffeinated coffee can risk a short term spike to you blood pressure level. There may be chances for you to have heart palpitations, or anxiety after having coffee; in this case you should avoid drinking coffee. Earlier it was in woke having coffee with smoking buds and many other combinations. This is how an unpleasant reaction takes place in the body which causes heart disease and blood pressure problem. Even people with heart disease do not have to give up their one or two mugs of coffee which they intake in the entire day. According to the recent studies intake of coffee has no harm to the heart. This is the best research for all our coffee lovers.