Medical Tourism Factors: How to Choose The Right Hospital In India


Hospitals get scores for their quality services, the scores can give you an idea, how other hospitals comparatively works. There are different way to check doctor’s skills, knowledge, and quality of care. You can gather information from Websites, Consumer groups, or other organizations. These sources of information are of great help to find out if the hospitals in India are reliable.


Checking Hospital’s Credentials:

Before you could book a medical tour to India you should find out whether the hospitals and the medical staff are capable enough to take care of you. This information is available on the website and one can easily find out whether hospitals in India are updated with the entire requirement you are looking for. And this is how you can compare with other hospitals as well.

Individualized Care:

Individual care can be judged only when you experience it not by reading. India provides the best service round the globe. As service is more than a job for the staff, one can find the best medical panel, caring staff and a healthy surrounding, which every patient desire for.

Determining A Hospital’s Specialties:

One should see following points to determine hospital’s specialties:

  • Type of patient care, types of education and types of research.
  • Growth in service, ability to feed into other key profitable service and the ability to partner with payors and employers and shift share.
  • Impact of reimbursement charges and the ability to partner with physicians to control costs.
  • Necessary investments, such as physician recruitment and capital expenditures; internal capabilities; and competitors’ capabilities.

Death/Disease Risks Associated With Treatments:

Risks are associated with every treatments and surgery, but if you are in the right hands then impossible thing will also turn to possible one. You only need to have a rock heart to bear the surgical instruments that will be used to correct the disorder you are suffering from. Rest will be taken care of by the hospital staff and medical panel.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Many of us expect that medical insurance should cover every treatment. But some surgeries and treatments are not covered by policies. In this case treatment becomes difficult in abroad because of the high rates. It would be easy for our international patients to plan their medical tour to India with the help of consultants. They would help you to get the best package in a comfortable payment method.

Bottom line:

Every hospital has their own importance one cannot judge by the ratings. It is important that your body should react to the course of medicine that is provided for your illness no matter which hospital you are treated in.

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Things to consider before embarking on your medical journey


While most travellers with medical conditions can travel safely by air provided they thave taken the necessary precautions, the transportation providers have the right to refuse taking passengers with conditions which may worsen, have serious consequence or cause significant problems for the staff on board during the flight. In order for a safe travel with a medical condition, you may be asked for clearance from your doctor and/or denied from boarding if the condition:

  • Needs special medical attention or equipment during the flight
  • May be considered potentially hazard for safety to the aircraft
  • May affect the safety and welfare of others on board the plane
  • May be aggravated by the act of flying

The first rule for travellers with underlying health problems or those on any regular form of medication or treatment or recently had surgery should be to consult with their doctors before embarking to travel by air.


Medical tourism offers an opportunity for the patients who wish to avail highest quality and affordable medical treatments abroad. Travelling as a medical tourist is profitable and amazing as it enables patient to get their medical treatment along with their vacation at a foreign destination.

It is significant to consider the following things before embarking on your medical journey to make it a successful one. These points include analyzing, planning and proper consultation. The medical precautions are an essential part of medical journey as it can help you to make your medical trip smoother. Some points you might want to think before planning your medical journey include:

Potential Health Risks

It is vital for a potential medical tourist to know about the potential health risks that they may face during their medical journey. Most medical tourism destinations are prone to different communicable diseases and infections. Hence it is better to ensure that you choose the destination which is perfect for your medical treatments.


Immunization is an important factor which everyone should consider. The proper immunization will aid to fight against various diseases and infections. It is important to go for proper vaccination procedure as week before embarking on your medical trip.

Current Medical Conditions

It is essential to meet your family doctor to know about your current medical conditions. For this you can see any local doctor few days before setting on your medical trip. He/she will guide you better about the medical procedure which will help you to deal with your health condition. It is beneficial to carry out all your current medical test reports that will help the doctor on the medical tourism destination to understand your condition.


Language is the biggest problems you will face during your medical journey. It is good to opt for a destination where you can communicate easily with your treating facility.

Health Insurance Coverage

Understanding the health insurance coverage as a medical tourist outside the country is significant as many health insurance policies do not provide coverage for the huge medical treatment costs overseas. Therefore, you should carefully choose an insurance policy which provides complete or maximum coverage for the medical journey.

Carry your medicines and first aid kit

Carry your first aid kit as this can help you in case of an emergency. Your medical kit should include painkillers, ointments, insect repellent, anti-allergy medicines, bandage and other important things.


You cannot make your medical journey without planning as it is essential for a smooth and successful journey. Consider all the above things before embarking on your medical trip as this will help you to get proper benefits of the journey.


Aiming to attract more medical tourists and boost trade, the Indian government has approved a new liberalized visa policy. The new visa rules for India includes a long-term multiple-entry comprehensive visa by merging the tourist, medical, business and conference visas into one.


Further, the Union Cabinet has decided to extend the e-Tourists Visa for eight more countries hence taking the total number of countries covered under this scheme to 158. The Union Cabinet has given its approval for simplification, liberalisation and rationalisation of the existing visa regime in India as well as the incremental changes in the visa policy decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The new visa rules regarding e-tourist visa is aimed to boost the conferences, business strips and short-term medical treatment. The government is now planning to promote the medical tourism for attracting more of the business visitors to India. Under this plan, the e-tourist visa will now be the e-visa and the visa holder would now be allowed entries on dual basis for the business and tourism purposes as well as the third one for their medical treatment.

The foreign nationals can now apply for the e-visa four months before their visit and this will be valid for 60 days. The government release after the Cabinet meeting stated that the changes in the visa policy were decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs in consultation with various stakeholders. Further, it added that the approval will facilitate the entry of foreigners for tourism, medical and business purposes. This is likely to stimulate the economic growth, increase the earning from the export of services such as the medical value travel, tourism and travel on account of business to make the “Make in India”, “Digital India” “Skill India” and other such flagship initiatives of the government to be successful.

The PMO got this new visa scheme suggestion by the Commerce Ministry for aim to improve and boost the services trade. This scheme will cover people coming to India for attending conferences or treatment including the tourists and businessmen. As per a recent study, the medical tourism in India is around 3 billion USDs and it is expected to grow to 7-8 billion USDs by 2020.

In comparison to the small countries such as Thailand that attracts millions, the inflow of medical tourists and visitors in India is quite low. The citizens from Pakistan and China are not covered under this visa policy liberalization. As for the emergency cases, when the application is submitted, then the health and business visa would be granted within 48 hours.

The approval will make it easier for entry of the foreigners for medical, tourism and business purposes and expected to stimulate the economic growth as well as increase the earnings from medical tourism. This long-term, multiple-entry visa will be for up to 10 years. But under this category the visitor will not be allowed to work or stay permanently. Another new idea is of a five year multiple visas for travel and trade. The security is tighter as the visitors will have to give their biometric details and fulfil certain security obligations. The latest government estimates on the medical tourism revenue is about 3 billion USD and it is projected to be approximately 8 billion USD by 2020.

The international patients travelling down to India for their medical treatments were 171,021 in 2012, 236,898 in 2013 and 184,298 in 2014. Medical visas will be granted within 48 hours after submission of the application in case of emergency. The government will set up the help desks and immigration counters to help the medical tourists.

All about medical tourism market in India

Due to the recent changes in Indian Rupee, it has become little bit difficult for people to avail the benefits of the advanced medical procedures  at the best hospitals across the country. However, there are some medical service providers offering highest quality medical tourism packages at the most affordable prices for both the national and the international patients sekeing their medical treatments and surgeries in India. All this has become possible with the government help as the Indian government is supporting the medical tourism sector in the country.


India has emerged as a preferred healthcare and wellness destination for patients from across the world. In order to showcase India participating in big way at this year’s International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference, the premier inbound and outbound medical travel is being organized. The Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) which has been set up by the Department of Commerce under India’s Ministry of Commerce is participating on behalf of the Government of India at the event showcasing the theme “India Heals”. It has been promoting India as an ideal healthcare and wellness destination with the presence of the medical tourism market in India.

It is also hoped that the presence at IMTEC 2016 gives the country the opportunity to leverage the long standing relationship with the Middle East and the USA. This will lead to enhancing the ties and explore the potential opportunities in the field of the medical tourism market in India.

Medical tourism in India

India has many clinics, hospitals and nursing homes offering a wide range of the medical services and procedures to their guests from abroad. The municipal owned clinics in India offer the highest quality medical treatments at economical prices which suits the budget of the global patients. The medical tourists can get good medical procedures done in the municipal clinics and this can go for the private clinics and hospitals to get excellent outcome from the surgeries done without spending much.

Medical tourism in India offers various procedures such as urology, gynecology, Traumatology, orthopaedics, maxilla facial surgeries, eye surgery, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgeries, dental procedures and general surgeries. Patients can get the benefits of different medical procedures in India that will help improve their quality of life.

Effects of rising medical costs

The rising healthcare costs and long waits for quality medical care are pushing millions of patients each year to search for the best medical tourism destinations abroad. This has lead to an increase in the number of medical tourists to India. The doctors and medical professionals in India are able to treat almost all types of ailments. Availability of latest healthcare technology attracts patients from across the globe to seek affordable treatment in India.

Effects of economic crises on medical tourism

Indian economic troubles have affected the economic growth of the country as well as the healthcare and medical tourism sector. The international patients still seek their medical treatments done at affordable prices in India. Medical tourism market in India is estimated to be over $1 billion per year. Though the medical prices are economical in the country since the medicines, medical equipments and other facilities are well within the budget of our patients. This is the reason why patients prefer India for their medical treatments from the world class hospitals and best surgeons in India.


The changes in the currency of India are affecting the growth of medical tourism market in the country. However, the availability of affordable medical treatments and surgeries in the country has encouraged patients from abroad to choose India as their medical tourism destination.

How to overcome high medical care costs through Medical tourism in India


The medical tourism industry has gained popularity in each and every corner of the globe. It is providing health, monetary and social benefits to people across the world. However, on the negative side it is affecting the healthcare system of countries such as the US.


Health care in India

The healthcare in India has evolved over the last decade and covers the key areas such as Public Health, Healthcare Delivery, Wellness, Healthcare Startups, Healthcare Insurance and Healthcare Technology. The healthcare system in Indian is known for its quality medical services. The highly skilled, qualified medical professionals are able to treat almost all types of ailments. We can improve the care standards in India by focusing on the preventive health in order to improve the care outcomes.

People from across the world want to get their treatments at the top class hospitals which are equipped with the latest technologies and medical facilities. India offers various treatments and medical procedures such as joint replacement procedures, cosmetic surgeries, cardiac treatments, organ transplant procedures, eye care and dentistry procedures.

Effects of high medical care costs in the USA

Each year, a majority of Americans cross borders to avail the quality and most affordable medical treatments in the medical tourism destinations across India, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The key reason behind this is the high medical care costs in the USA. Patients have to stand in huge lines to get the desired medical attention. However, while choosing the medical tourism destinations like India they get immediate medical treatments. And this has affected the healthcare sector in the USA in the following ways:

Expensive medical care

The highly expensive medical costs in the USA have attracted the attention of people to medical tourism in India. Patients can get the inexpensive and quality medical treatment at their desired medical tourism destination.

Increasing death rate

It becomes difficult for the low income groups in the developed countries such as the US to get desired medical care for their medical condition. This has led to a relative increase in the death rate in the USA.

Medical tourism becoming popular in India

As the medical treatments in the US are becoming expensive, patients get attracted towards the medical tourism in India. Most Americans do not want to go under the knife at their native country and this has majorly affected the healthcare sector of the country.

Americans are trying to overcome high medical care costs through medical tourism in India

The government of the country is making effective policies in order to over the high medical care costs in the US. All these policies are geared for helping people to get their desired medical treatments at the most affordable costs.

Various cities in India have the world class infrastructure, best hospitals and clinics with modern equipments and the latest technology. They also have highly qualified, skilled doctors, surgeons, nurses and staff who are dedicated, caring and compassionate. India ensures to offer quality medical tourism facilities to the international patients seeking the most affordable cost medical treatments and surgeries in India. Interstate medical tourism is also considered as a part of the medical tourism sector. So, people do not have to cross the international borders to get the quality medical treatment in India.


The increasing healthcare costs in the USA are the key reasons why patients at their native country seek the medical tourism in India. This is the reason for increasing popularity of medical tourism in India since we offer highest quality medical care within the budget of our patients travelling here.