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Indian Healthguru Consultants is an Indian Health Tourism Company based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India, has been functioning over a decade. They offer top-notch quality, affordable price medical treatments and surgeries in India. With a team of 51-100 members, they provide assistance to the International patients seeking world class treatments at competitive rates. It has association with the internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies and highly qualified physicians, surgeons and hospital staff. Being an organized institution with network of all major hospitals across India, they guide patients with the best doctors and hospitals for their treatments without burning a hole in the pocket.

It provides you with significant cost savings compared to the domestic private healthcare costs in North America and the UK. It also provides options for translator, private room, and private chef and has dedicated staff to help the patients during their entire health tour to India. The patients can also combine their holiday or business trip. They ensure that the patients get complete guidance and help throughout their trip. They also ensure they go back home healthy and happy.

List of Other Services Provided by Indian HealthGuru Consultants:

  • Initial medical consultation from top notch doctors and surgeons in India
  • Patients may choose their doctor and hospital
  • Professional medical care
  • Excellent quality of services
  • Flexible and tailor made packages
  • Makes your travel easy with medical visa assistance
  • No wait list
  • Preoperative consultation for overseas patients
  • Transport assistance
  • Makes your family and friends stay in comfort
  • Postoperative support and care
  • Explore Incredible India with guided tours
  • Complementary Foreign Exchanges

Medical Treatments and Surgeries Offered are:

  • Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery
  • LASIK Eye Surgery
  • Acoustic Neuroma surgery and Treatment
  • Thyroidectomy Surgery
  • Kidney Stone Surgery
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Surgeons, Clinics and Hospitals in India
  • Health Tour India
  • Cardiac Bypass Surgery
  • Dental Surgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • Urethroplasty Surgery
  • Valve Replacement Surgery
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Eye Surgeons and Hospitals in India
  • Heart Failure Surgery and Treatment
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Medical Treatment India
  • Cardiac Surgeons and Hospitals in India
  • Laser Dental Treatment




5 Reasons a Dental Implant can make you Happy with Your Smile


If you have lost your teethes before time, then a dental implant is the best method you should consider. The implant is just a tiny titanium metal connected with the dental crown is inserted in the jaw which is the best replacement for your lost tooth. It is the best method from other methods and the reasons are as follows.

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Protects the structure of jaw bone

 When you lose your teeth the bone starts to melt and changing the shape of your face and increase the possibilities of dental fractures. Just implanting an implant can stabilize your teeth and it will help you to avoid these problems forever. When the implant is implanted in your jaw bone the latter will remain intact and it will not get deformed over time. This will help you to retain the best shape of your entire face so that you can smile happily. And if you choose to implant the teeth on the same day you lose your teeth then it reduce the risk completely because the tooth has been replaced in the bone.

No special care and cleaning required

 The best part of the implant is you don’t have to take special care of it.  You can brush them in a normal way like you brushed before. You just go on with the normal routine you are going with your teeth, just brush at least twice a day and floss regularly and get regular dental checkups. If we compare with other replacements options then we take more care like soothingcreams and soaking overnight which makes it messier. Implants are the result of new techniques which has evolved many of the problems which earlier people used to have with their dental clips. This lessens up a lot of care that has to be taken with the tooth. This is more convenient and the easiest way to have new teeth though the process takes a long time.

Looks like your natural teeth!

 Now a day’s these implants are made from the special materials which gives the same colour and texture as your natural teeth. The way of implanting the implant has also became very precise and uses a titanium lead that will get fixed in your jaw bone directly for life. The Titanium is made in this way that it has a projection at the top of it for the crown.

Very durable and long lasting

 The titanium screw lead is very sturdy and resistant. It is not corrosive from the food you eat or the drinks you drink. It doesn’t lose out and it will remain studded for life.  The crown is made up of porcelain of very high quality and other materials which will never lose their colour and structure. The person needs not to be concerned about the durability of the implant. In this way the implant can be used for life without any faults occurring in it.

It is independent and does not require support from other teeth in surrounding

 A dental implant in the jaw bone eliminates the stress to the surrounding teeth. There are other ways present for replacement but that will lead to weaken and decay the teeth, this will lead to costlier dental repairs which is equal to dental implants costs. In addition there is no need to depend on adjacent teeth which makes other replacements to slip and discomfort .The implant is implanted in such a way that it is fixed securely in the jawbone so it doesn’t require any support from other teeth. This will reduce the weakening of other teeth around it. Aging can affect your teeth too because growing age weakens the bones and muscles and hold or catch of your muscles in your body. In the similar way the gums loosens up and that’s how the entire teeth set collide front words.


 Dental implants are now stronger and better than earlier, there is no replacement for your natural teeth but after dental implantation only a dentist will be able to identify whether it is implant or original. So don’t be afraid of implants and contact your dentist to smile more happily than ever.

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Explained: Hospital Food For Your Medical Travel


Food and other aspects of foodservice delivery are significant elements of the patient’s overall perception of the hospital experience especially in case of the medical travel. You should never compromise or settle instead you should prefer the best suited option as per your individual needs. The healthcare system in India emphasizes to prevent the disease and promote healthy lifestyle by focusing on caring for the patient well instead of just treating them when they are sick.


Culture & Dietary Adherence

Usually a person’s food choices, perceptions and preferences about the diet and health, adherence to the dietary recommendations are all influenced by ethinicty and culture. Now prohibiting or restricting the usual foods accustomed to or prefer eating leads to non-adherence to the doctor’s instructions. Complications may arise when patients adamantly stick to their usual diet and refuses to forgo their food habits despite the demands of their medical condition.

Each culture seeks preferred foods often ignoring the food sources at hand. As for instance, the English don’t eat horse and dog, Americans averse disposition to offal, Mohammedan’s refusal of pork, Hindus taboo beef, Foribidden foods of Jews, etc. Though there are still individuals who still follow their cultural beliefs and stick to the comfort food, but these days the younger generations seek experience food and cultural diversity.

Food Standards And Regulations In The Healthcare Industry

It is the responsibility of the hospitals to maintain a clean and hygienic environment while preparing and serving the food. The Foos Safety Standards set out the specific requirements for the food service facilities including the hospitals that ensure foods don’t become unsafe or unsuitable for patients.

These include the following:

  • The specific food handling controls such as receipt, processing, storage, display, packaging, transport, recall, disposal.
  • Other needs pertaining to knowledge, skills, health and hygiene of food handlers and their supervisors, sanitation, cleaning and maintenance of the food premises and the equipment within

The hospital food should complement patient’s care and enhance their stay, help the staff and visitors follow a healthier lifestyle and support our economy while protecting our environment. This can also be achieved by environmentally sustainable, serving the familiar comfort food, organic farming practices with healthier entrees.

Green Credentials & Organics In The Hospitals

The solutions which foster the public health and environmental sustainability that will lead towards a healthy future. With regards to the food services, the “Green Credentials” include the following:

  • Affordable and healthier food options for patients
  • Incorporate the healthier food options at the hospital food facilities
  • Rooftop garden growing the vegetables that are used to serve the food
  • Health promotion programs for educating and promoting healthier lifestyle choices among the visitors, staff and the patients
  • Waste reduction program including purchasing the compostable paperware

Food-borne Illnesses

Preventable diseases include the food poisoning due to Gastroenteritis, Staph/Salmonella, etc. Usually it takes 12-72 hours for the symptoms of the food borne illnesses that appears after eating the contaminated food. Children, pregnant women, chronic illness patients and elderly are individuals at high risk. Often these diseases are likely to contact an infection from the food borne pathogens, having a longer-lasting illness and be hospitalized.

Dietary Care While Recuperating

Dietetics improves and maintains good health and plays a vital role for healing and recovery phase of a patient. Common instructions for dietary care to follow while recuperating are:

  • Take a multivitamin supplement
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol while healing
  • Avoid any foods that require more than three chews to swallow for the first 1-2 weeks post surgery

Heart Surgery

Loss of appetite and weight loss are common but have small meals throughout the day. Stay hydrated, avoid fried foods, have plenty of fibre and flesh fruits, adhere to a special diet if recommended.

Medical Tourism & Food Services

These days the private hospitals in no way resemble the cold, sterile environment of a hospital and instead look like the hotels. The leading medical tourism is in India due to offering highest quality medical services at reasonable prices.


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Medical Tourism To Get A Second Opinion – 5 Reasons It’s Good For You


Today medical tourism has become a big phenomenon. Generally, it is embarked on for the low costs, highest specialized treatment services and long waiting lists. Patients also travel to get procedures which may not be legalized in their native countries.  There is a recent trend in the industry wherein patients engage in medical travel for second opinions on their conditions and find alternative to certain procedures.

Why Travel for Second Opinion?

A vital reason why the making travel for second opinions is compulsory is due to the unavailability of qualified and specialized doctors at the native country. All countries do not have access to the sophisticated technology or equipments that needs detecting certain rare and complex conditions such as connective tissue diseases. Many countries in Africa such as Tanzania and Ethiopia have shortage of medical staff and healthcare facilities. In such cases, the patients can travel to a foreign country seeking expert opinion on his health and treatment plan at affordable prices.


Advanced Equipment

Besides travelling to foreign countries for treatment, people also travel for diagnosing their diseases. Some countries have specialized equipments that performs a cost-effective diagnosis efficiently.

Saves Costs

Getting an expert second opinion will help you prevent to get unnecessary procedures. Therefore, no need to think twice when getting an expert opinion as this could save money as well as avoid medical trauma with regards to unnecessary procedures.

Correct Diagnosis

Some people find it hard to accept that they have been diagnosed with a disease. Asking for a second opinion can make them feel comfortable and confident about the decisions which they make. This is because they are better informed and gain a clear understanding of their medical condition.

Sometimes a diagnosis may be false. Therefore, it is better to get another opinion on the matter which can help the patient step in the right direction for curing the illness. The patient may have a serious condition which needs an immediate attention but may be diagnosed differently and misguided to a treatment plan of little consequence. Lapses may occur in a doctor’s judgement and an individual should consult with another professional before making life altering decisions.

Appropriate Destination for Treatment

Some countries specialize in certain treatments and procedures for conditions. Advanced technology and investments in research for a particular condition permits them to have more expertise. A patient who is aware of the fact about the countries those are renowned for their superior quality treatment and at a quite affordable price.

Alternative Treatment Plans

There is almost always a simple or a less invasive technique for curing or treating a particular condition. However, not all doctors share the same ideas or expertise on the particular matter. They may lay emphasis on the different aspects of the treatment including cost effectiveness, pain management, invasiveness, speed of recovery, etc. Hence their opinions are bound to differ.

On the other hand, there is a notable trend that the patients instantly warm up to the idea of the alternatives to the invasive surgeries. The reason cited include reduced physical and psychological stress which they would be subject to. A patient must consider several opinions and make a well-informed, desirable choice to experience the best possible treatment.

Also certain medical practices are native to a particular country only and so they offer unique treatment plans for the global patients.

Medical errors can occur in the diagnosis due to severity of the condition or the condition itself. Hence, doctors advise the patients to get a second opinion or even a third one before making serious medical decisions. Travelling abroad for second opinion offers lot of advantages to the patients as it’s almost like gaining twice the amount of knowledge on a condition.

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Social and economic dimensions of medical tourism sector in India


Medical tourism helps those patients who wish to leave their home country to access non-emergency health care services in India. A growth in this practice resulted in significant amount of attention that is being given to it from policy-makers, researchers and the media. Medical tourism acts like a bridge between the international patients and top Indian hospitals.


A special seminar was conducted at Periyar University where the past, present and the future position of medical tourism market was discussed. These discussions included the challenges that medical tourism has to face during its growth in the country. In a two-day seminar medical experts discussed all about the social and economic dimensions of medical tourism sector in India.

Medical tourism in India:

The best medical service at affordable cost with quality, immediate action and advanced medical care attracts people across the world to India. A crowd of medical tourist more than 117,000 in number are welcome by India and offer the best healthcare facilities to them. The number keeps on increasing every month, every year and also the quality of service keep on increasing in terms of new techniques and equipments. India has the best medical panel, caring staff, which makes India the best destination for medical tourism. Indian hospitals are known for its best service, quality medical facilities and best infrastructure.

 Effects of state-of-the-art procedures on medical tourism in India:

Some of the benefits of state-of-the art procedures on medical tourism in India are as follows:

  • India offers state-of-the-art procedures to medical tourists and this helps to promote the country as a great medical tourism destination.
  • Combining medical tourism and alternative therapies together can help people to deal with the side effects of procedures like chemotherapy.
  • This has increased the number of medical tourists in the country. People can get a change to get the benefits of both medical procedures and state-of-the-art procedures at the same time.
  • Hospitals and medical care centers of the country offer alternative medical facilities to people, which help patients to recover faster.



Medical tourism in India is in demand because of its best service at affordable cost. The state-of-the-art procedures make India a favorable destination to avail a medical service. Many developing countries promote medical tourism but the best service makes medical tourism in India the best service provider. India has made a big leap building up medical facilities and treatments in both government and private sectors. These changes are not enough; the country has to create greater awareness to promote medical tourism in a better way.

Medical tourism sounds different but has saved many international patients life. The patients get quick response for their treatment and with the help of consultants they assist every patient the best way they can. The medical tourism is more in woke not only because of the service that is provided in India; but also looking at the affordable cost patients get more attracted to get assisted by the medical tourism consultants. With the help of the best medical panel who are very cooperative too; the patients get better assistance for their medical treatment. The medical tourism help the patients round the glob to get the best affordable package for their medical treatment. India delivers the best medical service at affordable cost. Medical tourism have given reason to Indian hospitals to pull up their socks and work hard to bring up new treatment procedures to successfully meet every patients medical needs. Medical tourism has taken a firm root because of their ground level hard work behind every patient.

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Choose the Right Medical Tourism Company in India – Here’s What to Look For


India is a medical travel destination for patients seeking world class treatment at competitive rates. There are many medical tourism companies in India that can help patients to plan and arrange health tour at an affordable price. India major for attraction for foreign patients who seeks medical treatments. When it comes to surgeries and treatments, people often have queries around the best hospitals, and cost of treatment and best surgeons almost everyone goes to the internet to validate or find about it. Medical tourism in India is for anyone looking for affordable medical services and the necessary infrastructure at hospitals that best address their concern.


Planning your Trip with a Medical Tourism Company

Every patient has a right to seek the highest level of quality medical treatment at the most affordable cost. Medical tourism companies in India help foreign patients to seek treatment at some of the best hospitals in India, which are located across the country. Some medical tourism companies even provide free consultation, so it can be useful for patient to check out the websites of some such medical tourism service in India.

Travelling Distance

The distance of travel destination from one country to another can be the deciding factor if someone who dislikes long-distance travel. The medical tourists have different reasons for travelling such a long distance: America it’s a huge cost savings and in countries like UK waiting periods is very long. This brings patients to India where they can get faster treatment. People from Africa also look for better treatment and low cost in India. Another benefit of medical tourism is getting a chance to travel to another country.

Cost of Surgery

Medical Tourism Company in India is well-connected with top hospitals and provides cost estimates from the hospitals, to allow patients to plan their budget accordingly. For patients interested in getting treatment in India cost is the key factor involved. Surgery and treatment can be very expensive in places like US and UK, and in Indian medical tourism the same procedure can be found at a fraction of the cost. .


The cost accommodation will affect the overall cost of the trip. In India facilitator arrange affordable, decent accommodation  with the package. If the patient is having a surgery or a procedure in India that requires staying in hospital for several days, so then they may need an accommodation only for  a  few days.

 Without a Medical Tourism Company

 Medical tourism is on the rise around the world. Agencies are being set up in India to promote less expensive health care costs to foreign patients from countries where health care costs are through the roof. A medical facilitator helps to curb the language barrier which patients face while travelling to India. Travelling to India without a medical tourism company can put patients into problems like over-expenditure due to improper planning, which can be easily overlooked while planning to own.

How can the Medical Tourism Company Help?  

Medical Tourism Company in India provides world class facilities with hospitals and specialized health centers. Patients should always consider a medical tourism company, who can make introductions, manage appointments and handle their travel plans; they play an important part throughout the treatment process. A Medical tourism company saves patients time and presents with the best options to choose from. Choosing a medical tourism company also gives the peace of mind by helping in putting together the best possible treatment package.  A medical facilitator arranges all the required medical records. Medical Tourism Company in India provides pick up at airport and fix an appointment with the surgeon and arrange for all the pre operatives test required.

Choosing the Right Medical Tourism Company

The bottom line is to choose a medical tourism company that makes you feel most comfortable. Every medical tourism company in India has a different policy regarding the length of stay. Services vary from company to company

Below are important points to consider when deciding on a Medical Tourism Company:

 If a medical tourism company can’t respond to the patient within 48 hours, then it’s a waste of time

  •  Make sure the doctors associated with the company are board certified.
  • Medical tourism company will know the best clinics for the treatment at the best price, and can make recommendations.



Surgeon in India is Drawing Medical Tourists by Offering Discounted Surgery


Medical tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry but its characteristics differ from one country to another. Some of the countries have transformed themselves into the top most medical tourism destinations while other are just supplying the patients. It is no surprise that many of the developed countries are losing out in the battle called as the medical tourism.


Developing countries such as India, Singapore, Costa Rica and Thailand are way ahead of the competition as they provide the surgical facilities for much less cost compared to the prevailing costs in the developed countries. That is why a new trend is on the rise which may turn the game a little. Many global patients are travelling to India and other developing countries to get their surgery done at a discounted rate.

Surgeon tries to bank on Medical Tourism

During his lifeguard days, while supervising the safety and rescuing the surfers, swimmers and other water sports participants such as in a water park, beach, and a swimming pool, the surgeon noticed how the residents of other countries were coming down to India for getting their dentures done at a lower price. He observed that it was the flat discount which was attracting the patients to the beautiful beaches of Goa. After getting their tooth pulled out, they spent their time on the beach and returned to their native country feeling refreshed. Despite the weeklong holidays, the total expenditure incurred in the medical tourism did not amount to what the denture costs in the developed countries such as the USA, UK, etc.


This gave him a brilliant idea and hence he decided to offer similar discounts as an orthopedic surgeon. The patients who preferred to get their surgeries and medical treatments in India could easily save money on flight tickets with the medical tourism in India. Indian Healthguru Consultants is a prominent medical service provider in India offering assistance to the international patients seeking various medical procedures and treatments in India at low costs. Our team provides support to the patients from abroad so that they can get their surgery and treatments at a low price and we take care of all the arrangements so that they could have a hassle free journey. Further, choosing their treatments in India helps them save thousands of dollars even when considering the complete expense incurred during the entire medical trip to India.

India is the hotbed for outbound medical tourists

In the year 2014, an estimated 1.2 million American patients have travelled abroad to developing countries such as India for their medical treatments. The medical tourism markets are growing and thriving as both the government and private sectors are investing in the betterment and the medical infrastructure in the developing countries to attract more international patients.

Although finding the information about the exact turnover and profit of the medical tourism industry is a bit difficult, it is estimated to be $55 billion. Since the doctors in the developed countries are not yet ready to share the surgical costs with the patients so they cannot completely rely on vague information. On the other hand, India provides not only the complete information about the prices but also about the lucrative discounts. Many websites show the exact prices of surgery so that the patients can compare the prices and count the costs. This is what attracts many medical tourists from abroad to plan their medical procedures, treatments, and surgeries in India with Indian Healthguru Consultants. People recognize the significance to undergo the highest quality and world-class medical treatments and surgeries at affordable prices in India.

Final Verdict

Medical tourism is kicking up in the developing nations such as India and the global medical tourists have started to understand the benefits of getting their surgeries here. The proper marketing and awareness initiatives are a part of medical tourism which can rally it to prosper.