Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery- Is it Possible?


Bariatric surgery before pregnancy can help you get pregnant if obesity was the reason you had trouble in getting pregnant. It will lower your chance of certain pregnancy problems including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia. It will reduce how much weight you can gain during pregnancy. However, the bariatric surgery may increase your risk of having a cesarean section. You should talk with your doctor if you have concerns about the risk of a C-section.


What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery such as a gastric band or bypass helps individual who are obese and have not been able to lose weight with diet and exercise to lose weight. This surgery makes the stomach smaller and there are some types of weight loss surgery which changes how your stomach is connected with your intestines.

Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery: Is It Advisable?

Pregnancy after the gastric bypass can be safe and healthy if it is managed well by you and your doctor. Research suggests that pregnancy after bariatric surgery might be safe for both the mother and the baby than pregnancy which is complicated due to obesity. Some studies suggest that the weight loss surgery might protect the obese women and their babies from obesity-related problems during pregnancy. Some examples include preeclampsia-high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and signs of damage to another organ system, often the kidneys after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

If you had done a bariatric surgery and considering pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare provider for the preconception planning. You should also consult a registered dietician along with your gastric surgeon for advice on nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy.

Typically, experts recommend postponing pregnancy until your weight stabilizes which may take at least about 12 to 18 months post bariatric surgery whereas some experts recommend waiting longer. A rapid or persistent weight loss might deprive a growing baby of the important nutrients that lead to low birth weight. In order to monitor your baby’s growth, your doctor may recommend a fetal ultrasound during the third trimester. Depending on the type of bariatric surgery and the specific nutritional needs of your body, your doctor might recommend certain nutritional supplements such as vitamin B-12, folic acid, vitamin D, calcium and iron, in addition to a daily prenatal vitamin before and during pregnancy.

But What If Someone Gets Pregnant?

Although the nutritional deficiencies are more likely to occur in certain procedures the malabsorptive procedures have a higher risk of malnutrition than the restrictive procedures. A study in which specific evaluation was done to find out whether some surgeries are safer than others and found that there were no serious differences between the surgeries.

  • Patients following lap band surgery had significantly higher BMI before delivery.
  • Birth weight was significantly higher among the newborns of the patients following the gastric bypass surgery when compared to the restrictive procedures.
  • Following the lap band surgery, patients had higher weight gain during pregnancy when compared to the VBG and the gastric bypass groups.
  • The interval between operation and pregnancy was shorter in the lap band group when compared to the VGB group and was significantly higher in the gastric bypass group.
  • No significant differences in the low birth weight or perinatal or macrosmia mortality were reported between these groups.

A separate study comprising of about 42 pregnancies evaluated the gastric bypass and lap band surgery and drew similar conclusions that no significant difference exists in the obstetric and birth outcomes between women who had gastric bypass and those who have undergo lap band surgery.


According to experts, a woman should wait for around one to two years after the bariatric surgery to get pregnant. This surgery will help people lose a lot of weight quickly and getting pregnant too soon after the surgery could mean that a growing baby might not get the required nutrients.


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Weight Loss Tips for Women In Their 30s!


30s is the age where the phase of our life is on it turning point. It is where we are looking to settle down and urge to have a stable life. Most the individuals as getting marriage and already had their family by this age. The most basic thing which we left during our 30’s is physical activities, which is why we start to gain some weight. Initially we are not considering gaining a few pounds a problem, but when we find that this is not going to stop, then we look of variety of ways to reduce some pounds, This is at somehow easily be done by many individuals, but if you are a women and specially a housewife or homemaker, it is quite a tedious goal to achieve for you. Here are some points that every individual can follow to lose some extra pounds and to maintain a healthy living style specially for the great homemakers:


Get clear on your motivations:

The very basic thing motivation or we can say self-motivation. No matter how many times your closed ones or even strangers can make a fun of your extra weight, until and unless you feel it, you are not going to lose weight. So, this is why you should be clear on your motivation, like which is the most important thing that encourage you to lose weight or for whom on personal level you want to get into shape again. Some people find their motivation in their old outfit, which they like the most and due to extra pounds they are not able to wear that any more, or some wants to spark up their love life which may be due to extra pounds gets cool down and some mothers wants to enjoy their childhood again with their kids, but because of extra weight they are not able to enjoy every moment to their fullest.

Eat five times a day:

You might get confused that we are talking about weight-loss and an we are encouraging eating that too for 5 times a day. Don’t get confused, there is science behind this, once we get up in the morning and we start doing some physical activity, this is the time our metabolism system gets active. Now consider our metabolism system as furnace, it continuously need fuel to get burn, but when we have a long time interval or even skip our meal for 1 time, our metabolism rate gets slower. And if we eat after our metabolism system get slow down, it is difficult for our system to consume the food properly, which results in fat storage. This is reason we suggest to eat 5 times a day during proper interval, which strengthens your metabolism rate and make you look and feel healthy.

Get plenty of protein:

Protein is the best friend of our muscle and biggest foe of the fat. Intake as much as protein possible everyday and it is best to include protein in your daily meals, as it improves the growth of muscle which ultimately reduces extra mass (fat) from your body and give you a more lean and subtle look.

Be aware of 100-calorie snack packs:

Many women intake some snack pack, whenever they have urge of eating. Please remember this is the time where you used to get the fat deposit. You have 5 times a day to eat, and then it is up to you to follow that diet plan. Don’t cheat your diet plan. Whenever you get urge to have a snack, try to consume water, it is the best rejuvenator of the system and helps in remove toxic substance from the body.

Resist the urge to clean your kids’ plates:

This is the habit which is most common in many mothers around us. They eat the food which is left by their kids. They don’t know that these small bites are going to be the major problem one day. As mentioned above you have 5 times in a day to eat, and during these meals, they get everything that their body requires. And even if you have the habit cleans your kid’s plate, avoid doing it.


These are some of the Weight Loss Tips for Women In Their 30s which are mentioned by the experts especially for the homemakers, those are not able to get some extra time out for them to exercise. These are some regular habit to get you back into shape, and help you to look and feel young again and ever.

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Couple triumphs over infertility though IVF


Years ago, Riya and her hubby Mr. Sumeil were trying to have a baby. However, a few months later, she was diagnosed iwth endometriosis which is the blocked fallopian tubes in which the tissue from the uterine lining extends outside the fallopian tubes and the neighbouring organs. Though it is not a severe condition, but it causes great pain and many side effects. This is also a common factor for diagnosing infertility in women.

Riya choose to undergo a surgery for curing endometriosis since she and her husband has being trying for a baby since 2010 and for four years, they have failed to start their family. Finally, having feeling frustrated and lost all hope and out of options she made an appointment at a clinic located in New Delhi. At the initial few visits, she learnt about the fertility issues she was facing.

As per Riya, “When I spoke to Dr. Rita Bakshi at first, she was very patient and understanding and confirmed that endometrosis being the main reason behind my inability to conceieve despite the surgery. She also explained me in detail about the odds to become pregnant through natural means being less for me hence gae a well defined treatment plan for me.”

From this point, her on-year treatment began and she was advised to undego In-vitro fertilization. Riya says, “It was a very pleasant experience and this didn’t make her feel uncomfortable in any way. I felt like Dr. Rita Bakshi is the best doctor for me and she was truly there to help me since she was very compassionate, supportive, motivating and understanding.”

IVF treatment for endometriosis

The team at IFC has decided Riya’s best chance for pregnancy with IVF which is a simple procedure involving fusion the the male parent’s sperm and the female parent’s eggs in a laboratory dish outside the human body and then transferring it to the female parent’s uterus. Riya says that “Dr. Riya Bakshi was helpful and wished me good luck. It was the little things which doctors, nurses and other staff did at the clinic that made my journey unforgettable.”

Patience, determination and success

A few months later, she had a successful pregnancy. Riya said, “It was fortunate we had a successful IVF in 2nd cycle itself. I feel that only Dr. Bakshi could have helped us win over endometriosis and help us to conceive.” Riya and Sumiel gave birth to a baby girl in June 2015.

What Should You Know About IVF?

IVF is a procedure in which the eggs from a woman’s ovary are removed and are fertilized with sperm in a laboratory procedure. Then the fertilized egg is returned to the woman’s uterus. It is one of the several assisted reproductive techniques used to help infertile couples to conceive a child. If even after a year of having sexual intercourse without using the birth control, a woman is unable to get pregnant then infertility is suspected.

IVF is one of the many possible methods for increasing the chances of an infertile couple to become pregnant. Its use depends on the reason for infertility and it may be an option if there is a blockage in the endometriosis or fallopian tube in the women or low sperm count or poor quality sperm in the man.

The other possible treatments for these conditions includes are surgery for the endometriosis and blocked tubes will be attempted before IVF. It will not work for woman who is incapable to ovulate or with a man who is not able to produce at least a few healthy sperm.

Closing Thoughts

My biggest piece of advice is just to relax. You should have faith and trust in your doctor and yourself so that you have to make your own future. Couples should try for pregnancy in the early childbearing age before it is too late.



Get The Facts About Gastrectomy


The procedure of Gastrectomy also called as an antrectomy is a surgical procedure, which deals with the removal, of a certain portion of your stomach called antrum. This portion of antrum is at the lower third of your stomach, which is found in between the stomach, body and the pyloric canal. This further goes to empty the stuff over the small intestine. Of late, the problem of obesity has been bugging lot many people who opt for various options including the surgical procedure called Gastrectomy. Now, let’s dig in deep in this issue to get the crux of the same.

Why You May Need a Gastrectomy

Obviously to get rid of the obesity, if all the other options fail, one has to consider this procedure, which further helps in fixing the following conditions or risks:

  • Cancer in Stomach
  • Gastric ulcer bleeding
  • Stomach wall perforation
  • Noncancerous Polyps

Gastrectomy simply helps in treating a number of stomach issues, which cannot be achieved with other treatment options. In this way, when your surgeon suggest this process, he or she will also help you in treating issues like benign tumours, bleeding, inflammation, ulcers, and perorations inside the stomach wall.

How to Prepare for Gastrectomy

When it comes to opting for this surgery for fixing your obesity issue, you are supposed to prepare a lot for the same. So, before choosing the Gastrectomy, the patients are supposed to go through a number of tests including the X rays, Computed Tomography (CT) scans, endoscopic biopsies, and microscopic examination, which help in confirming the presence of any ulcer of tumour inside your body. These are important because with obesity comes all these issues, which are important to check before the surgery and thus get a perfect roadmap for the same. Laparoscopy can be carried out in order to diagnose the real issues. Thus all these tests are important parts of the preparation, which will help the doctor to take a perfect road to the surgery of Gastrectomy.

Types of Gastrectomy

When it comes to Gastrectomy, this particular type of surgery for overweight are found with different types, however, you can find three major types of this procedure, which are enlisted as under, let’s check them out as under:

1) Partial Gastrectomy: In this surgical procedure, your surgeon is seen removing the lower half of your stomach. If cancer cells are seen present in the same, your surgeon would then end up removing the closed one lumps nodes. In this surgery, you would find the duodenum closing off, while the remaining portion of your stomach can help in bringing down the things along connecting to the bowel inside your body. The duodenum is known as the first part inside your stomach, which are directed as required in order to get an obesity free life.

2) Complete Gastrectomy: This procedure is also known as Total Gastrectomy, which simply helps in removing the stomach that in turn help in getting an obesity free life. Your surgeon will then help you in connecting your esophagus directly to the small intestine inside your body. Make a note that the esophagus usually is seen connecting your throat with your stomach, which is managed using the procedure giving a care free life without any issue.

3) Sleeve Gastrectomy: The last type of Gastrectomy is Sleeve Gastrectomy, wherein the surgeon removes three quarter of your stomach thus making you free from the obesity issue. Once the surgeon does that he or she simply pulls of the remaining amount of fat followed by stitching the area. With this procedure, you end up creating a smaller and obesity stomach for the patient.

Bottom line

In a long list of surgical procedures for obesity, Gastrectomy can help you in making you free from Gastrectomy. You would be able to retain the result only when you abide by the surgeon’s instruction, which include eating small size meals, avoid the high fibre meals and lastly consume food that are rich in iron, vitamins and calcium.

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6 Ways to Create Healthier Hospital Stay in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants

If you have been ever admitted to a hospital or have visited a loved one then you are more likely aware that hospitals aren’t always the healthiest places. Someone who is trying to heal obviously requires the least amount of toxic chemical exposures. Here are 6 ways to create the healthier hospital stay in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants:

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  • Breathe Fresh Air: Although the goal of the hospital is to heal the people but, the air inside the patient rooms can be extremely unhealthy. If your hospital doesn’t have a good air filtration system implemented, then why not bring one with your friend or a family member. There are numerous portable units that protect the rooms from viruses, germs, aeroallergens and harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces. You may pick up one for a fraction of the price of a large unit and keep it yourself or gift it to your beloved after they leave the hospital.
  • Healthy Hospital Foods: Ask your loved one’s since they would not request your help but it doesn’t mean they don’t need it. Prepare a healthy and convenient juices, delivery meals or smoothies for the patient and the other family members.
  • Non-toxic gifts: If you are looking for a gift to bring to the hospital or send home to your friend or a family member after they have been discharged, think beyond flowers since they may take up valuable space in an often cramped hospital room and can contain toxic pesticides residues. Therefore you should opt for a personalized gift-special blanket threaded with an uplifting quote to offer strength or send a charm bracelet with words of encouragement that will serve as a constant reminder to the patient that we love them.
  • Organic comforts of the home: The patient being in the hospital surrounded by machines and sterile walls is anything but reassuring. You can try sharing some of the comforts of a healthy home to ensure they are feeling comfortable. You can use an organic quilt or throw, an organic pillow or pictures of their loved one. Even a diffusion of essential oils can have smelling divine without the toxic chemicals found in most synthetic air freshners.
  • Games for your brain: Hospital patients do not always have visitors and spending the extended amounts of time in a hospital bed can be depressing. Ensure that your loved one has all the tools which can keep boredom at bay. You can create a brain game care kit containing, crosswords exercises, Sudoku puzzle books, magazines and books of their interests. Adult coloring books can be a surprising therapeutic. Also, the healing affirmations on the audio CDs will help fill the lonely and quiet hours.
  • Care for the family: If your loved one is in the hospital for an extended period then he/she may be worried about their family members back home. Help them conquer their fears and concerns. Bring in some healthy snacks or head over to clean up the house with natural ingredients, they’ll surely appreciate the sparkle. Do not forget the furry members you can offer them assistance with the walks and keep their pets under you care until they’re back home.

If your loved one has been recently admitted to the hospital, you can consider the above 6 ways to create the harrowing process a bit easier and extent your support will be helpful and healing. If you are looking for the ways to show your support to your loved one, then you can choose the healthier hospital stay for the patients in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants. We are tied up with the best hospitals in India to make your hospital stay as healthy as possible by reducing the body burden.




Where to get the cardiac surgery in India?


The cardiac surgery is a heart operation performed by the cardiac surgeons. Usually, it is done to treat the complications of the ischemic heart disease, treat the valvular heart diseases, correct the congenital heart disease caused by the various endocarditis. Cardiac Surgery in India is done by the renowned and experienced surgeons having high success rates and interest in performing various procedures.

Cardiac surgery is the surgical treatment performed for the heart ailments that cannot be treated with medicine or the minimally invasive procedures. CABG was first performed in the year 1962 and by the mid 1990, about 10,000 surgeries have been performed in India and today it is estimated that 70,000 surgeries have been done in India. Thanks to the advancement in the technologies, the skillful efficiency of the surgeons and the low cost cardiac surgery, many international patients seek there surgery and treatments in India.

Which hospital is the best for cardiac Surgery?

Cardiac care has now become a specialty in India offering good health infrastructure, highly qualified and skilled surgeons at the top hospitals. These hospitals have the latest innovations in medical care along with the unmatched expertise of the leading cardiologists and the cardiothoracic surgeons. The cardiac surgeons have the distinction to provide the most comprehensive cardiac care that involves basic facilities in preventive cardiology to the most sophisticated curative technology that is world class and has volumes which match the global benchmarks.

List of Top 5 Hospitals that are best for the Cardiac Surgery:

  1. Fortis Healthcare Hospital Fortis
    Fortis Healthcare Hospital in India offers one of the world’s largest Cardiac programmes. The surgeons here perform cutting edge surgeries at various specialties and they offer high quality medical facilities to ensure there is genuine medical value in health travel to India. India has become the globe’s first choice destination for healthcare services-especially the cardiac surgery. The clinical expertise, rapidly expanding infrastructure and international standard implementation in India offers the healthcare needs to the global patients at the most reasonable cost. The cardiac surgery in India is considered as one of the most affordable in the world and the internationally trained and educated medical professionals is a significant factor in the growth of foreign patients preferring India to undergo their cardiac surgery.
  2. Asian Heart Institute Asian
    It operates as a world class heart hospital that incorporates the latest technological advances and ethical practices to offer quality heart care at affordable prices. Over 9,000 cardiac surgeries have been performed in last 8 years. So far, more than 20,000 angiographies and over 5,000 interventional procedures including the complex coronary as well as non-coronary intervention has been performed.
  3. Apollo Hospital Appolo
    It is recognized as the “Architect of Healthcare” in India which brings healthcare of international standards within the reach of each individual. Over 49,000 cardiac surgeries have been performed with a success rate of 98.5% success rate. More than 2,00,000 angiograms, 16,200 angioplasties and about 3,500 mitral balloon valvuloplasties have been performed.
  4. Narayana Health Narayana-Health
    Modestly started with 300 beds in Bangalore, this hospital went on to become a Health City and in a decade’s time grew exponentially with multiple location presence to a recording 5700 beds. Currently, the hospital caters to 80,000 patients per month and performs about 3500 surgeries. It is one of the world’s largest heart hospitals that performed a large number of successful paediatric heart surgeries. It conducts about 40 heart surgeries every day. It is the first heart hospital in Asia to implant an artificial heart.
  5. Max Healthcare Hospital Max health
    It is a multi-specialty hospital which is designed to offer the highest levels of professional expertise and world class medical care in all major medical disciplines. The state of the art facilities are designed according to the international norms and include 225 critical care beds, 20operation theaters, 4 MRI’s and CT’s and 3 cathlabs.

Bottom line

Indian Health Guru Consultants have association with the top cardiac hospitals in India. We ensure to offer the superior quality healthcare services and low cost treatments compared to the other developed nations. Our tie up with the best cardiac surgeon in the country provides the reasonable medical treatments and cardiac surgery with comprehensive care and compassion to the patients.


Laparoscopic Uterine Fibroids – You Must Know About It!

What is Laparoscopic Uterine Fibroids surgery?

Uterine fibroids are nothing but a type of tumor that grows in women’s uterus. These tumors are generally are of benign nature and are not life-threatening type of tumor. An advanced surgery is per4fromed to eliminate the tumor that grows on the walls of uterus, which when not prevented in earlier days will start become rubbery and hard mass which is quite different from the natural surroundings of the tissue cells is called laparoscopic Uterine fibroids surgery. This surgery is performed to treat both the scenarios in which the growth of the tumor is either singular or in group of different shapes and sizes. The tissue which is treated with this minimally invasive surgery is the most usual sort of benign abnormal cell growth which is experienced by almost every woman in their life-time.


Why do you need the laparoscopy surgery for uterine fibroids?

There are some cases in which this tumor does not show any signs and left treated, but here are some of the conditions which can be the cause that one should consider for laparoscopy surgery fro uterine fibroid removal, which includes:

  • Abnormally prolonged menstrual periods
  • Bladder functional difficulty
  • Constipation or difficult bowel movement
  • Excessive bleeding during menstrual periods
  • Frequent urination
  • Pressure felt in the pelvis
  • Pain in the leg or back
  • Pain in the pelvic region

Which specialist should you consult if you have any of the signs and symptoms?

If you are facing any symptoms of uterine fibroid, here is a list of expert, which you can consult for primary consultation and recommendation for further treatment:

  • Gynecologist
  • Family medicine physician
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Internist
  • Physician assistant

Among these specialist gynecologist will further assist you with diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids.

What are the screening tests and investigations before the surgery?

Before undergoing any kind of surgery there are some basic medical tests that an expert should do, to understand the problem more effectively and then he will become able to suggest the best method to treat the condition. In case of uterine fibroid here are some of the tests that an individual need to undergone before recommended for laparoscopy surgery:

  • The history of your symptoms and your menstrual periods
  • The results of a pelvic exam
  • Pelvic ultrasound or hysterosonogram (to diagnose multiple fibroids)
  • Complete blood count (CBC) to check for anemia
  • Laparoscopy (to locate the fibroids before removal surgery)

What is the procedure for laparoscopy surgery for uterine fibroids?

Laparoscopy is basically called as minimally invasive surgical procedures. In case when you are looking for the laparoscopy uterine fibroid surgery, you will get some options in surgery which includes Myolysis and Uterine artery embolization, but here we are discussing the most utilized and the most effective type of uterine fibroid removal surgery, which is:

Laparoscopic (robotic) myomectomy – In this surgery the surgeon needs to eliminate the tumor or the fibroids along with leaving the uterus intact. This surgery the instrument is used with a proper robotic arm assistance, which is put via a cut made during surgery in the abdomen region in order to remove the uterine fibroids. This surgery method is the most dexterous and more accurate than any other minimally invasive surgery procedure to remove fibroid from uterus.

What are the known complications of the surgery?

As this surgery is on minimal invasive type, which makes this surgery more effective than other surgeries. Though there are some complications associated with surgery, which includes:

  • Childbirth complications
  • Excessive blood loss
  • Rare chance of hysterectomy
  • Scar tissue

 What are the dietary and physical activity requirements before and after surgery?

Once the surgery is performed effectively, here are some of the things that an individual need to follow, to get the best outcome from the surgery. Here are a set of things to consider, which includes:

  • NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to get relieve from pain and menstrual cramps
  • Utilize heating pad to lower abdomen or take a hot water bath to which helps in improved blood flow
  • Use a pillow under your knees to relieve the pain
  • Instead of tampons utilize pads
  • Do some physical activities recommended by surgeon to reduce pain and to improve blood flow