Most Common Eye Issues and Problems

Nowadays, every person has eye issues. It can be major or minor and we are the main cause of this disease. Some are minor that can be treated; or some may disappear by time. But some are major that can be treated only with surgery or laser treatment but there are some major eye problems that can’t even be treated. There are some minor eyes issues like; eyestrain, red eyes, etc.


Now here are some major issues or diseases of eyes like night blindness, colour blindness, uveitis, cataracts, retinal diseases, optic neuritis, macular degeneration, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, diabetic eye problems etc.

cataracts:- A clouding of lens which is behind iris and pupil is called cataract. It mainly causes to old people, who have reached 40 years of age and above. The main cause; or we can say the principle cause of blindness is cataract worldwide then there are glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. There are types of cataracts worldwide including:

Sub-capsular cataract: – this type of cataract appears at the back of the lens. This type of cataract is caused to those who have chronic diabetes or those who take steroid they have the greater risk of having cataract.

Nuclear cataract: – This disease causes at the deep in the part of the lens. This disease is greatly or mainly caused to aged people which are 40 above.

Cortical cataract:- This type of cataract appear at the lens cortex which is the part of the lens that surrounds the central nucleus . It is characterized by White, wedge-like opacities that start at the periphery of the lens and start spreading to the centre.

Optic neuritis :- Optic neuritis is a part of the eye which carries visual information to the brain .Optic neuritis (ON) in which a person’s optic nerve become inflamed it can appear suddenly due to infection or a nerve disease.

Inflammation usually causes temporary vision loss that only happens in one eye. Some people with this disease experience pain but with proper treatment and time the person can recover from it and vision can even return. Optic neuritis doesn’t require treatment sometime it can be treated with mediation such as corticosteroids. It helps the patient to recover faster. But it requires more time at least 12 months to gain full recovery.

How does the retinal tear happens?

Sometimes vitreous moves away from retina without causing any problem. But at some cases vitreous pulls heard enough that it tears the retina apart. This fluid moves the retina to the back of the eye just like when wallpaper is pulled off from the wall.

Macular degeneration :- These days  macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss it has effected more than 10 million Americans; more than cataract or glaucoma  and at this present time macular degeneration is an incurable disease. Macula means the centrall part of the retina that’s the area where this disease is caused. Macula is the main cause for focusing our vision and it provides us the ability to read, drive, and to recognise face or colour. Due to macular degeneration we are not able to get the high quality of the images we use to get. At the starting of macular degeneration the vision is not affected if the disease start’s growing the patient will first get a blur vision then it keep getting worse. There are some types of macular degeneration early AMD, intermediate AMD, late AMD.

Glaucoma:-  this disease more happens when pressure is created within the eye this pressure is cause of the fluid at back of the eye which damages the optic nerve but with diagnose and cure you can get your vision back.

Conjunctivitis:- This disease cause the conjunctiva to swell it line-up our eyelid and eye surface when this disease appears it gets red and swollen; and irritation and infection start spreading. It is not that serious it can be treated with medical treatment and it will be gone in 7 to 10 days.

Diabetic eye problems such as diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema:-

This disease is caused to diabetic patient with a group of eye conditions. The conditions are diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, cataract, glaucoma. Diabetic retinopathy includes changes in the retinal blood that make then leak blood from eyes this disease is the most common cause of vision loss among people with diabetes. DME this causes the swelling of the retina which is called macula.


We should take care of our eyes; it is the most important part in our body if we have these diseases whether it is minor or major we should take precaution. And prevent it from spreading if we have major problem prefer to a good doctor. This report provides the main causes of vision loss and eye disease. If you understand the consequences than take precaution as or meet a good eye doctor as soon as possible.

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The Growing Popularity of Smile Makeover by Dr Tarun Giroti in India


A smile makeover is a progression of procedure went for enhancing ones smile through teeth brightening, dental veneers, white fillings, Lumineers, dental crowns, dental caps, or bridges. Smile makeovers are made by the patient’s one of a kind contemplations and how he needs his smile to resemble.


Smile Makeover Treatment in India

The initial step before the smile makeover procedure is to assess the patient’s oral health and make a plan as per the patient’s needs. If an oral health issue is identified, for example, a misaligned bite (malocclusion) or gum disease, the patient should have that dealt with first. The smile makeover incorporates one or a few of these procedures:
Proficient teeth whitening: The procedure can remove years of dental staining to uncover a vibrant white smile in only one treatment.
Porcelain veneers. These are thin, tooth-shaped creations that can enhance the appearance of the teeth by covering dental imperfections, revising tooth shape and colour, closing gaps between the teeth and enhancing the apperance of mildly crooked teeth.

Laser gum shaping. This procedure is perfect for those with excessive top gum tissue, or a “gummy” smile. Laser gum contouring tenderly excess gum tissue and makes an even, proportionate gum line.
Tooth-shaded fillings: Old metal fillings and new cavities can be treated with tooth-colored fillings, which are redone to coordinate the encompassing teeth, making a consistent, natural look.
Porcelain crowns. Porcelain dental crowns reestablish the function and appearance of broken teeth and those with huge fillings, and in addition change the size or state of the teeth for enhanced feel.
Dental implants. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to replace one or more missing teeth. They can be consolidated with various sorts of restoration, for example, dental crowns and implant supported dentures, to reestablish dental function and appearance

The Lifespan of Your Smile Makeover in India

Smile make over procedure need standard oral hygiene care and may require maintains after some time. For instance, teeth whitening must be repeated once in a while in order to maintain brightness. Porcelain veneers may chip or break off and may require substitution. Permanent composite bonding in the long may stains and requires enhancement or substitution. Dental crowns regularly require replacement after 15 to 20 years.

Consult the Best Dental Surgeon of India—Dr Tarn Giroti

Dr Tarun Giroti is highly experienced dentists specialise in smile makeover using the latest techniques and technologies. Dr Tarun Giroti and his team secure, high quality smile makeover procedures on all fields of cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. They treat their patients with special care and pay dedicated attention to their personal needs .Individuals that travel to the India for dental treatment done by Dr Tarun Giroti can rest assured that they are receiving some of the best care available. Dr Tarun Giroti and his team are distinguished from other dental practices, since they are equipped to solve many complex dental problems, such as badly damaged and missing teeth, without having to refer patients to outside specialists. For dentistry that is well worth the investment and leaves you with beautiful, lasting results, look no further than Dr Tarun Giroti in India.

The advantages and benefits of having your smile makeover with Indian Health Guru Consultants

Indian Health Guru Consultants –A dental health community portal connecting public and dental professionals. It offers comprehensive information on dentists, dental clinics in thousands of localities across India. It assists patients to make an informed decision in choosing the dentist or dental clinic along with booking online appointments. Indian Health Guru Consultants also provides exhaustive information on dental healthcare which is crucial in motivating people to seek dental care at the right time. Good oral hygiene is highly crucial for great dental health. Indian Health Guru Consultants is also the place for dental professionals to showcase their practice and interact with entire dental industry.

You can also find and talk to Dr Tarun Giroti in online consultation before deciding to travel for the medical treatment to India. For personalized assistance.

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Top 5 Procedures You Should Undergo Abroad, For Maximum Savings


The ever increasing costs of medical treatment in the developed countries have led to the expansion of medical tourism beyond recognition. The advances in technology and internet has greatly helped the development of medical tourism by providing easy and quick access to information. Though there are many factors that cause the patients to travel abroad for medical treatment, the huge savings in treatment costs overseas such as in Idia is the leading factor that drives the medical tourists from one country to other. Patients can save around 60 to 80% in their overall treatment and still get same or even better quality and safety as in the West.

You need to choose the right medical procedures at the right medical tourism destinatinon. Here are the top 5 procedures you should undergo abroad for maximum savings.

Hip Replacement Surgery



It is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon treats a painful hip due to arthritis. This procedure cna either be performed using a tradiational or the minimally invasive techniques which differ only in the size of the incision made and the later leads to faster recovery. This surgery is needed when a person experiences lot of pain while walking, climbing or even in resting position. It will relieve the patient of pain and help them achieve normal functioning of the hip hence will aid to attain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cataract Surgery


If the eye lens becomes clouded then it might cause blurred vision, difficulty in reading signs while driving or disabling glare at night time. People affected from cataract may find it difficult to engage in activities such as daily household work, knitting, etc. and hence opt for cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove the cataract from the eye of the patient. The clouded lens is removed from the eye and replaced by what is called as an Intraocular lens implant (IOL). In cases where IOL cannot be used due to some reason, it is left out and its absence is compensated by cataract glasses or contact lenses.

India has world class eye surgeons providing high standard treatments at low costs. While the cataract surgery in the US costs you around 3,500 USD per eye and about 4,000 USD in the UK, it will cost you only 200-300 USD in India. Here we have institutions with all platforms for cataract surgery including the Signature, the Infinity and the Stellaris. All these machines are used for the micro-coaxial cataract surgery with minimalistic incisions in the eye.

Dental Implants


It is an artificial tooth root made up of titanium that is inserted into the jaw for holding a permanent or temporary replacement tooth or holding a dental bridge in place. Patients of any age can get dental implants which are right choice in case you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to defect, injury or decay.

To get most savings on the procedural costs of dental implants, plan a trip to India. There are numerous clinics offering quality implants and other dental services at affordable prices.

Heart Bypass


Also known as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), during this the surgeon uses arteries from other parts of the body of the patient for repairing the blocked arteries in the heart. A graft is attached to the aorta in the heart and then joined to an artery below the blockage point. Patients experiencing irregular heartbeat, chest pain, shortness of breath might be having a heart attack due to a damaged or blocked artery in the heart may need a heart bypass surgery. Highly trained and expert surgeons in India perform this surgery at just 8,000 to 10,000 USDs.

LASIK Surgery


It is the most common elective surgery in which the surgeon makes an incision in the cornea of the eye, removes it and uses a laser to correct the refractive defect in the eye lens. Getting it done in India will help you save maximum.

Cost savings is a major reason why patients travel abroad for medical treatment. If you need or want to undergo any of the above procedures in India then contact for maximum savings and a sense of satisfaction.

Why Loneliness Hurts The Heart


We humans are social animals. A psychologists explained that why we are a successful species. Because of our ability to live, work and cooperate and work in group; this is the key for our survival. Loneliness brings high blood-pressure and heart disease it literally breaks our heart. Loneliness brings the risk of heart diseases and our chances of dying by 26 percent. And compering with depression and anxiety which brings a comparative 21 percent of increase in mortality.


People who suffer from chronic loneliness appeared to be stuck in a state of fear. Lonely people try to get more interactions as more negative and threatening then non-lonely people. According to research lonely people have a higher level of cortisol. Even a single harmonic response can produce persistent stressful state that can even affect cardiovascular system.

Due to loneliness the arteries get narrowed and harden which leads to heart attack or even different heart disease this is caused by inflammation. People, who are lonely, however exhibit higher activity in a part of nervous system.

 What is loneliness?

Loneliness is distinct from social isolation. We can measure characteristics such as marital status, number of friends, and participation in group activities. Low scored people doesn’t correspond to loneliness however, some people are more of “me” type than others. After all some are connected to just one or two friends. A definition defined by researchers “loneliness is a gap between a persons desired and actual social relationships; to put it in a different way social isolation mainly describes the extent of a person’s social network. Loneliness increases quality rather than quantity and also provide comfort to a person derives from there interpersonal relationships. I felt like isolated like I can relate to anybody”.

Briggs experience that how difficult is to draw a line between loneliness, and other conditions like anxiety and depression; which is common in people with heart diseases loneliness have similar qualities as depression. Anxiety and depression can create a negative impact on your heart and loneliness is especially deadly.

 Cure your loneliness

Loneliness can be very dangerous for your live it can bring different types of diseases to your life specially heart diseases and it can even bring death.

But need not to worry one can get cured from loneliness by following these tips:

  • Learn to enjoy your time.

Have fun with yourself enjoy your time do what you like or love to do.

  • Be comfortable with your thoughts and feelings

Make a note of your thoughts and feelings; if you are comfortable with them keep them if not solve them or remove them from your mind.

  • Confront your mind-set

People want to know if you are worthy or not; Before making friends.Remember that you have some thoughts that you have to take care of then you should start making friend. If you feel like you are worthy enough to be lovable than work on it.

  • Everyone is connected

Every person is connected we just need to know how. If you are not able to solve your problems take help of others that will be helpful for you.

  • Do what you enjoy look for others to enjoy it with you.

Enjoy what you like to do involve others too; enjoy it with others.

  • Say “yes” if your mind defaults to “no”

Loneliness makes your mind to feel alone even if you want to say yes to something your loneliness never allows it so say “yes” to every “no”.

  • Go where the people are

Go everywhere

  • It’s not a popularity contest

Be what you are don’t act or live like others

  • Spend more time with the people already in your life

It really works, believe me.

  • Don’t play the comparison game

Don’t compare others with yourself it will depress your mind and send you to a lonely state.


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Have Your Best Dental Surgery At Reasonable Price?

Feature of Dental surgery

For a healthy smile it is very important for the dental hygiene. The dentistry had grown very rapidly and there are many advanced techniques for the dental problems. There are several reasons why people undergo dental surgery. There are also different types of dental surgery. Dental surgery is a broad term that includes everything from a simple tooth extraction to a complex procedure such as a dental implant surgery .Dental surgeries are performed by qualified oral surgeons. Many people dislike the idea of having surgery but there are times when it is most suitable option which will pay dividends in long term. If the patient is in severe pain and discomfort then it may be the only answer


Convenient way of dental surgery

The term dental surgery includes many different procedures. Some common dental surgeries include such as

  1. Dental implant surgery
  2. Cosmetic dental surgeries
  3. Removal of impacted teeth
  4. Corrective jaw surgeries
  5. Treatment of facial injury& correction of deformities.
  6. Dental extractions

 Merits of Dental Surgery

 Merit #1: Dental surgery improves appearance

A face without teeth can sag and appear sad. Dental surgery allows maintaining the natural shape of face and smile.

 Merit #2: Easier Eating

Sounds great isn’t it one can enjoy and taste food with hesitation after going through dental surgery. Patient can bite naturally eat virtually and can experience the full taste of food after dental surgery

Merit # 3: Prevents significant damage

Leaving Empty space in mouth after losing teeth can lead to additional health issues, such as the loss or deterioration of jaw bone

Merit # 4: Improved speech

Adjusting to dentures can mean struggling to pronounce everyday words. Not so after dental surgery

Merit # 5: Improved self-esteem.

There is no need to stay home or feel uncomfortable in public and get embarrassed, because smile looks different after dental surgery.

Advanced treatment for your dental problems

Peoples attitude is shaped up by their common beliefs has been that dental problem is unbearably painful this had lead people ignoring their oral health till an extent when they reach dental clinic with some their teeth are advised for extraction. If you are looking value for money in dental treatment then low cost dental surgery in India is the place for that. Dental treatment in India is inexpensive dental clinics in India have state to the art equipment and well trained experienced doctors to match international standards.


 Dental treatment in India now is at par with the globally accepted standard of care. It’s no wonder then that India is the new hub of dental surgery. Dental treatment in India offers wide range o services. Treatment and services reach international standards but costs are relatively low compared to the same offerings in other countries. Lower cost of treatment and highly qualified dentist pull people from foreign countries to get dental treatment in India, that’s not all there is another interesting and attractive option too. During treatment or after treatment you can also enjoy an unforgettable vacation in India too as even travel cost is also no high. Therefore at the same time you can get your treatment done and have vacation also in India

Visiting India for a dental treatment is a perfect combination of modern technology, expertise and personalized care being offered to you. There has been some latest technological advancement in dentistry. Cost of dental surgery in India is an important factor that draws patient from around the world.


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Lasik Eye Surgery FAQ


First what is Lasik (laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis) it is the most common technique to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. There are other types of refractive surgery it reshapes the cornea to make the light enter properly and to focused the light onto retina for a perfect vision.


How is Lasik done?

Fist your eye surgeon uses a mechanical surgical tool called as microkeratome or a femtosecond laser it creates a thin laser flap in the cornea. Then surgeon folds back the hinged flap to access the underlying cornea. And the surgeon removes some corneal tissues using a machine name excimer laser. It uses a cool ultraviolet light beam to remove. It mainly focuses light on retina to improve your vision.

Who can get the procedure?

Your eye doctor will perform a procedure to test your eye to see that it is healthy enough for the procedure then he or she will evaluate to see the shape and thickness of your cornea, pupil size and refractive errors.

What’s the success rate?

LASIK eye surgery has continued to improve from time to time; since when this procedure was approved in 1996 now even in 2014 some patients still asks is LASIK is safe or not. Due to latest technology and our trusted LASIK surgeons millions of peoples are less depended on their contact lenses and glasses.

Today most of the patient gets 20/20 vision after this treatment. But sometimes results are not same for everyone in some cases patients still needs to wear glasses. But still they get a better vision than before the surgery.

What are the risks?

It has rear chances for failure and risks for patients who have received LASIK surgery. But there are certain side effects for LASIK eye surgery particularly dried eyes and temporary vision disturbances are fairly common. But it will get away in few weeks or months and only some people get it as a long term problem.

Risk of ALSIK surgery:

  • dry eyes
  • glare, halos and double vision
  • under-corrections
  • over-corrections
  • astigmatism
  • flap problems
  • vision loss or changes
  • conductions that increases the risks
  • autoimmune disorder
  • a weakened immune system
  • persistent dry eyes
  • uveitis, cataract, eye injuries, Keratitis, herpes simplex affecting the eye area glaucoma.

How long will it be out of commission?

You will sense light sensitivity and irritation and tearing for first 3 days; then after some 5-7 days your vision will get some improvement in your vision in at minimum level (20/40) and you will be back to your normal life style within a week. And it will get stable in 2 to 3 months. People can have the LASIK procedure in afternoon so after that they can go back to their work. The after one day break check that your eye looks good means are you feeling any changes in your vision or something. For the first week after the surgery the patient is recommended to keep their eyes covered with glasses. Any small amount of pressure can release the incision and protecting your eyes will be good for you. It is also recommended that patients should not;

  • Bent with the head below the waist
  • Lifting more than 10 pounds
  • straining to the point like holding breath

All of this activities increases the pressure in the eye and can open the incision.

How much will this cost?

The main cost for LASIK surgery in north America is from less than 1,000 to 4,000$ for per eye. Many people take advantages of tax and refunds the cost of laser eye surgery cost from low as 299 to 4,000$ or more per eye the custom LASIK eye surgery is 2,500$ USD per eye.
How can I find a good doctor?

Factors that you should check before getting a surgeon:

  • Licensing; licensing board can validate a surgeon’s credentials. Through national practitioner data bank.
  • Board certification

If your surgeon is certified beyond having a basic licence to practice with medicines.

  • American college of surgeons membership

Check the recommended doctor or a doctor chosen by you have a membership with them. Because those surgeons who uses designation “FACS” after their name are felloes of American college of surgeons.






In today’s time Dental Cavities are among the world’s most common oral health problems. These problems can be seen in people of any age. Dental Cavities are also known as Dental Caries, which is nothing but the holes in the teeth. These holes and damage to the teeth are caused due to the aids maid by bacteria that leads to Demineralization and destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth.

There are various factors that increase the risk of getting cavities, which includes the food that sticks to your teeth for a long time, poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, repeated snacking or sipping receiving less fluorides, etc.


Depending upon the type of tooth problem, the signs and symptoms of the cavity may vary. Some of the most common symptoms of cavities are toothache, sensitivity, slight pain while eating or drinking, visible holes in the infected tooth and black, white or brown stains on the surface of the tooth.


There are certain natural tips that can help in reducing dental cavities and maintain good oral health. They are:

  • Avoid sugary foods, especially those with refined sugar: Sugar is an integral part of our food and we cannot avoid it completely, but the usage of refined sugar should be avoided as much as possible because it is more likely to develop plaque in which the bacteria easily grows. After eating foods which are rich in sugar, you should rinse your mouth with water so that the excess sugar is washed off and not available as the food for bacteria to grow. Sticky foods rich in sugar should also be avoided as it stays on the surface of the tooth for a long time and the growth of the bacteria is catalyzed.
  • Ensure Nutritious foods: Maintain a diet which nutritious, healthy and rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K and other minerals in order to keep your teeth cavity free. Calcium is very beneficial for your teeth as a result, it is suggested to consume dairy products, almonds, soy products and dark leafy vegetables. Vitamin D maintains the balance of calcium and phosphate in the bones and teeth, as a result coconut milk, cow milk, eggs and yogurt should be added to the diet.
  • Xylitol: Xylitol is a sugar alcohol which is safe for teeth. It has many dental health benefits. It prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Xylitol being the natural sweetener does not convert into acids that cause tooth decay. It decreases levels of decay causing bacteria in the mouth. Add xylitol as a sweetener to some food items or use chewing gums that have xylitol. Dentists also recommend usage of xylitol toothpastes as it helps in reducing dental cavities naturally.
  • Take foods that break down plaque: Dental plaque is the worst and the most common oral health problem. It causes tooth erosion and decay. Dentists suggest the intake of foods that break down plaque. Apple, cheese, green tea, cranberry juice, dry fruits and nuts and fiber rich foods help breakdown the plaque. Intake of these foods suppresses the plaque development in the mouth.
  • Proper cleaning habits: Keeping your teeth and mouth clean is the easiest and essential way of reducing dental cavities. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and should also clean your tongue as the tongue can also carry bacteria and food particles. You should also use floss to remove bacteria from places which are hard to reach through brushing. As these bacteria deposit may lead to the tooth cavity and hence it is suggested to follow proper cleaning habits.
  • Avoid carbonated beverage and acidic food: Soda contains high amount of sugar while diet soda contains phosphorus and carbonation which destroys the enamel on your teeth. Many energy drinks and bottled iced teas also contain high amount of sugar and carbonation which is unhealthy for the teeth. Lemons, citrus fruits and other acidic foods also cause cavity if kept for a longer period in the mouth. You should use a straw if you prefer regular intake of carbonated beverages in order to avoid it’s too much contact to the teeth.
  • Drink plenty of water: Water not only washes away the bacteria, but also keeps you hydrated so you can keep producing enough saliva. Water with fluoride is considered best for the oral health. It also dilutes away the acids which are produced by the bacteria in the mouth. Low saliva supply can cause dry mouth which can cause tooth decay; therefore it is advisable to drink plenty of water to avoid the risk of tooth decay.


When the tooth enamel gets affected by the deposits of acid caused by the proliferation of bacteria on the teeth, a dental cavity is formed. Dentists normally suggest dental surgeries in order to fill the cavities. However by following the above mentioned tips, you can avoid the chances of dental cavities naturally. Proper oral care and hygiene should also be maintained in order to reduce cavities.