If you have experienced any type of trauma to a tooth then there is a chance that your tooth could become discolored. When the teeth are injured or damaged in any way, the dentin will become stained with blood. This happens much like a bruise due to your tooth bleeding internally after the injury. When this happens, your dentin will become discolored and lead to darkening of your entire tooth. Sometimes, the tooth will get better post injury while in other cases; it will just keep getting darker, ranging from a mild gray to a blackish color. Let us now check out what are the treatment options for the tooth discoloration after trauma or injury.


Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening can help your tooth to return to its original color. However, you should not start whitening your teeth without first getting the tooth evaluated by your dentist. This is because the inner pulp of your tooth may be actually dead and need to be removed. This means you will need a root canal. During your visit, your dentist can perform some tests on your tooth for determining if the root is still alive. If it is then your dentist will suggest waiting for another few weeks or months to see if the color comes back on its own. However if your tooth continues to be dark of become darker then you can talk with your dentist about getting a professional whitening done which will help to restore your appearance.

Dental whitening will lighten the teeth and helps to remove the stains and discoloration. It is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures which can greatly improve how your teeth will look. Most dentists perform dental whitening which is not a one-time procedure but will need to be repeated from time to time if you want to maintain the brighter color.

Root Canal

If the root of your tooth is dead, removing the affected pulp which has been stained will help to reverse the darkening of your tooth. This is because it will remove the stained area inside your tooth will help the tooth naturally become whiter. However, you will only need a root canal when your tooth is actually dead. Any inner pulp which is dead or infected should be removed by an experienced dentist of in some cases an endodentist, a dentist who specializes in root canals. Your tooth may die after the injury and need a root canal before any whitening can be done. Providentially, whitening may not be even required once the affected tooth has been treated successfully with a root canal.

The root canal is a treatment for repairing and saving a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. This procedure involves removing the damaged area of the tooth, the pulp and cleaning and disinfecting it then filling and sealing it. The most common causes that affect the pulp are a cracked tooth, repeated dental treatment to the tooth, a deep cavity or trauma to it. The term root canal comes from cleaning of the canals inside the tooth’s root. Decades ago this was painful but today with the dental advances and local anaesthetics most people have little if any pain with it.

Crown or Veneer

If your tooth is still alive but doesn’t return to its normal color within six months then a crown or veneer is required for helping to restore your tooth’s color. Ceramic or porcelain crowns and veneers can help to cover your tooth and normalize its appearance. After receiving a veneer or crown, your tooth will be indistinguishable from the other teeth in your mouth. You may not need any cosmetic dentistry done if a root canal or whitening can be done in its place.

Bottom line

Talk with your dentist about what are the treatment options for an injured tooth which has suddenly turned gray. Simple whitening could also help your darkened tooth or may be a root canal is required for relieving any infection and restoring your tooth’s color. Trust a professional dentist to help you get your smile back irrespective of how your tooth got injured or had a trauma.



5 Celebrities Who Had Heart Bypass Surgery


Often we expect celebrities to be in bettwe health than regular people- after all their wealth means that they have unlimited access to the best physicians, nutritionists, trainers and personal chefs. Though it is true but celebrities aren’t invincible- they too get same diseases that we do.

Over the years many celebrities have undergone heart bypass surgery. Let us now discuss about 5 celebrities who had heart bypass surgery:

Regis Philbin


Regis Philbin who has been called the hardest working man in show business holds the Guiness World Record for Most Hours on Camera. He has also hosted numerous game shows over the years such as “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” and has made guest appearances on various TV shows. At the age of 62 in 19993, he underwent an angioplasty to clear a narrowed artery in his heart. Again on March 12, 2007 while filming the episode of “Live with Regis and Kelly” he tearfully announced that he had been having shortness of breath and chest pain for the past two weeks to which doctors recommended a triple bypass.  He didn’t wanted to do it but after getting a second opinion he went ahead with the surgery the same week. He returned to “Live” around six weeks later.

Burt Reynolds


With a career spanning around 100 films and more than 300 TV shows, it is hard to imagine that Burt Reynolds didn’t initially think about acting as a career. His big break came when he starred in the 1972 movie “Deliverance”. In early 2010, the 75- year old began having chest pains at home. His doctor warned him that he could die without surgery and hence he had a quintuple bypass.

David Letterman


For nearly 30 years, David Letterman has been hosting his own late night TV show. In 1993 he became a regular guest host on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS. At the age of 51,he had an angiograpm that showed having coronary artery dises for which he went on medication. Letter continued with eating a low fat diet and his exercise routine. However, in Jaunary 2000 another angiogram showed severe constriction and hence he had to immediately go for a quintuple heart bypass surgery. He returned to his hosting duties after five weeks of recovery.

His first guests included the team of doctors and nurses who had performed his surgery and taken care of him. Letterman helped to open the Ronald O Perelman Heart Institute in New York City in 2009. In the year 2010, he has donated to several heart related charities including the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, through his private foundation, the American Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming. He also celebrated the anniversary of his bypass surgery and brought his surgeon, Dr. O Wayne Isom on his show.

Rue McClanahan


Rue McClanaham is renowned for her roles as Maude’s best friend Vivian Harmon on the 1970s show “Maude”. She has also been a devoted animal rights activist. In 1997 she was diagnosed with breast cancer which was treated and she made a full recovery. She began speaking at various breast cancer related events sharing her experiences. 12 years later when she was preparing to attend a gala being held in her honor, it had to be cancelled when she was hospitalized and underwent heart bypass surgery.

Larry King


Larry King is best known for his long running cable interview sho “Larry King Live” but the septuagenarian has been in the show business since 1950s. Over the course of his 50 years in broadcasting, King has conducted over 40,000 interviews. His father died at the young age of 44 due to heart disease which puts him at higher risk for developing the disease. Also he was a heavy smoker and did not exercise or eat a healthy diet. At the age of 54 in 1987, Larry suffered a serious heart attack. Shortly he underwent quintuple bypass surgery. This experience led him to make serious changes in his own life and also to help others with heart disease. He started the Larry King Heart Foundation to help pay for people needing cardiac surgeries who could not otherwise afford them.

Despite the lifestyle changes, in early 2010 at the age of 76 King began experiencing pain which was the result of blocked arteries. This time he had surgery for placing tubes called stents in coronary arteries that push the plaque back against the arterial wall thereby allowing better blood flow.


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Is Laser Eye Surgery safe?


Today, laser eye surgeries are highly popular owing to the numerous advantages that come with these. LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) is one of the most common laser eye procedures under the umbrella of Refractive Surgery, used to describe the surgeries that are performed to fix vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and Presbiopia, to lessen a person’s reliance on eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.


In this procedure, a surgical instrument called microkeratome or a femtosecond laser is used to make a thin, round-shaped ‘flap’ in the cornea. Then, this flap is folded back to reach the underlying cornea and to remove a little corneal tissue with the help of an Excimer laser. This is a highly specialized laser, which produces an ultraviolet light beam to remove the microscopic amount of corneal tissue in order to restructure it, so that it more aptly focuses light on the retina for improved vision. Finally, after the laser has reformed the cornea, the flap is then put back in place, covering the place from where the corneal tissue was taken. After this, the cornea is left to heal on its own and it heals naturally with time.

Over 16 million people have had LASIK

With every progressing year, the number of people opting for LASIK is rapidly on the rise. People are extremely happy with the success and outcome of this procedure. Especially, more and more medical tourists are coming to India because of the viability of low cost LASIK eye surgery. In a leading country like USA, the cost of LASIK (both eyes) is $4,000 while in India it is only $1,000.

SMILE and ASLA are as safe and effective as LASIK

Today there are quite a few options when it comes to Refractive surgeries to correct abnormally shaped Cornea. Most of these procedures don’t require the patients to go under a knife much to the relief of these patients and this has made Laser eye surgeries extremely popular amongst not only the patients but also the surgeons.

Apart from LASIK, there are two other crucial procedures are Advanced Surface Laser Ablation (ASLA) is also called Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK and SMILE that is Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.

ASLA – Although today majority of the correction surgeries are either LASIK or SMILE, ASLA too has a significant presence. This procedure may take a little longer to heal but surely has the same results like SMILE and LASIK. Looking at the condition of the patient’s cornea, the surgeon can decide on which procedure will be best suited. One problem with ASLA is that there is significant amount of discomfort after the surgery.

SMILE – there is no usage of Excimer laser but only the femtosecond laser is used. In this, there is contact between the laser and the eye for about 30 seconds and the patient’s eye will feel pressurised during this time. The recovery in SMILE and LASIK is comparatively faster as compared ASLA.

The risks of side-effects and complications are low

The risk and complications associated with LASIK are extremely low. LASIK eye surgery has a very safe and sound track record, with more and more people opting for it and gaining long term benefits. There are barely any complications and/or may be some side effects like dry eyes or visual disturbance only during the preliminary few days post surgery. But these complications and side effects surely disappear within a few weeks.

Serious complications are very rare

The patients choosing LASIK can be completely relieved that there are very rare occurrences of any serious complications. LASIK has an extremely high success rate, which has made it all the more favoured several patients needing eye surgery; especially in India where the best eye hospital are technologically so advanced that the chances of any complications are nearly absent.

Be assured that Laser Eye Surgery is safe for you

With Indian Health Guru, you can be completely assured that we will connect you to the best eye hospitals having the best success rates coupled with the top eye surgeons. We will help you in availing the best packages and low cost LASIK eye surgery in India. With our hassle free processes and outstanding medical visa assistance, you can be sure of getting the timely treatment bypassing any waiting period.


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Gift yourself a Healthy Mouth in 2018!


Today, we hear a lot of people suffering from medical conditions related to mouth– from simple bad breath, Sensitivity to Oral Cancer to Burning Mouth Syndrome – there is a wide range of problems that come under the umbrella of mouth problems. Many times we ignore it, which ultimately leads to a more serious condition and causes severe damage to the natural look and appearance of the dental and facial areas. This is where Restorative Dentistry procedures can help enormously.

But at the same time, apart from the procedures, there are some corrective measures that can bring along great results too.


Quit Using Tobacco Products – One of the major drawbacks of these patients is the addition to Tobacco products. The first step towards a health mouth is quitting this dreadful habit. It not only hampers the health of our mouth but also affects our overall health leading to hazardous health conditions.

Brush at Least Twice a Day and Floss at Least Once a Day – Since childhood we have heard the importance of the brushing our teeth twice in a day and usage of floss. It surely helps in the betterment of our mouth’s overall health.

Healthier Food and Beverage Choices – The food we eat and the beverages we choose to consume, have a huge impact on our mouth’s total health. With our food habits going haywire these days, there are many food products that cause huge damage to our mouth’s health.

Drink more Water – We keep hearing the significance of drinking a lot of water quite often. Drinking more water not only enhances our overall health but helps in retaining our dental health as well.

Restorative Dentistry

Today, Restorative Dentistry is a much favoured specialty these days to enhance a person’s existing look. These procedures can be similar to Cosmetic Dentistry to a large extent, as the modern restoration procedures are designed to enhance the look and feel of a person’s natural appearance. Although, there are many dentists who are capable of performing these surgeries, but there can be differences depending on the skill of the dental surgeon.

Restorative Dentistry procedures are focused on the diagnosis and treating the conditions damaging the teeth, gums and jaw and face that is the maxillofacial sections of the body. Some of the most commonly performed Dental Restorative procedures are:

  • Dental Crowns – these are used to cover the damaged and chipped teeth to restore the teeth’s look
  • Crown and Bridgework – This is anchored to a neighbouring teeth, and to replace any missing tooth or teeth
  • Aesthetic Fillings – the usage of these filling is quite common these days. These are composites made of very hard plastic, which help in bonding to hold the teeth properly
  • Air Abrasion and Micro Dentistry – this process uses a powder called aluminium oxide under air pressure to remove small cavities, without going through the pain of needles and anaesthesia.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – this is a very common practice for people who have lost several teeth.

See your Dentist for Regular Checkups

It is extremely crucial to maintain the good health of our mouth. It not only betters the look but gives a lot of confidence to the individual. Also, it is a significant part of our overall health that should not be ignored at all. Thus, every individual must make it a must to visit his or her dentist at regular intervals. This way, we can ensure that there is no delay in the treatment of any arising problem.

The top Dental surgeons of India are some of the best known specialists around, who are immensely learned and experienced to tackle with any dental issues.

Final Verdict

In order to maintain the best health for our mouth, it is important that we follow all the above mentioned restrictions to get the best results. We, at Indian Health Guru, ensure that the medical tourists coming to India find the best possible Dental Treatment in India. We make sure that there is ample availability of treatment resources related to Restorative Dentistry. There are top Dental hospitals having highly proficient Dental surgeons, possibility of low cost Dental treatment; particularly affordable Dental surgery in Goa, This makes India a very rewarding destination for availing this treatment.


Avail Affordable Dental Tourism in India


With dental tourism in India you can now put our vacation outside your country to good use by seeking potentially affordable dental care. India is the most preferred destination for dental tourists looking for economical prices dental treatment with the modern technologies available. Patients from the USA, UK, Canada, Middle East countries save on their pocket by choosing the affordable dental tourism in India.

dental health

Reasons Why International Patients Get Their Dental Treatments in India

The reasons why international patients get their dental treatments in India differ as per their native countries. The cost of dental treatments in the USA is pretty expensive while there is long waiting list in Canada. The shortage of healthcare and medical professionals in the UK and Middle East is another reason why the patients prefer India to undergo the affordable dental treatments.

Why Choose Dental Tourism in India?

Over 500,000 Americans travelled outside their country in 2013 to seek affordable dental care in India. This is because they get cost effective dental treatments such as root canal treatment, dental implants, etc. in India. The cost of a dental implant is around $4,000 in the US while it costs only around $750 in India. Further with the growing transparency and reputable doctors in India, it is now not difficult to find a good dentist.

The dental clinics in India offer the dental treatments and care at low costs without compromising the quality. Since the world has been becoming more competitive and interdependent, the techniques, materials and the technological advances spread from one country to another rapidly ensuring that you get proper dental care.

How to Plan Dental Tourism with Indian HealthGuru?


Indian HealthGuru has been consistently providing assistance to the patients from the US, Canada, UK and Middle East countries seeking affordable dental tourism in India. We provide you with budget friendly dental tourism packages that include the cost of the treatment, flights to and fro, costs of living at comfortable hotels and cost of sightseeing including the transportation costs.

You will have to send us your query by filling up the free consultation form on our website. After receiving your query, our executive will get back to you via mails or phone calls. They will ask you to send pictures or medical reports such as X-rays of your teeth.

Our Services

The services provided by Indian HealthGuru include the following:

  • Association with centres of dental excellence across India
  • Facilitating your dental treatment and travel services from the US, UK, Canada and the Middle East Countries.
  • Network of the highly skilled, caring and best dentists and dental surgeons across India providing affordable cost dental treatments
  • Patients from the UK, Canada, US and Middle East countries save on dental tourism in India with affordable dental treatments
  • You can choose from the list of best Indian dental clinics providing dental tourism services in India on our website
  • We offer a wide variety of dental treatment in India for our patients from the US, UK, Middle East and Canada.
  • You can choose from among a wide array of affordable beaches and cultural tourism in India that can also be enjoyed as a bonus in the cosmetic dental trip to India.
  • You can avail for the special affordable dental tourism in India with diagnostic details that have been examined by your dentist abroad
  • You can also avail for the initial and brief dental consultation from our panel of experts before your arrival to India
  • Get assistance with your visa letters, travel, accommodation, health meals, scheduling appointments with the dentists, etc.
  • You can choose from among the popular dental tourism destinations across India to undergo your treatment.

The patients from the USA, UK, Canada and Middle East countries can get quick appointment for affordable dental tourism in India by calling +91-9371136499 or sending a mail to




Where’s the best place to get dental implants?


Dental implants is a surgical implant which allows the dentist to plant a metal screw on which the dentist places the artificial teeth upon the screw which has been planted inside the jaw bone; and it will allow to replace the teeth whenever necessary this will give a better life better than  the life you had before implant. The American dental association consider two types:

Thumbs Up

Endosteal implant: This implant is planted directly into the jawbone. After this surgery is done some time is provided to the patient so that the tissues can be healed then after healing a second surgery is done to connect the main implant then finally the artificial tooth is connected on it.

Brisbane dental implant group-your one stop shop for all your dental implant needs

This group offers the best implant and safe implant. Our team provide all the implants all that you want from the starting to the end. This means faster and very convenient for all. Here is the name of the specialised implant team:

  • Dr Michael howard dentist
  • Dr Edward hsumaxilloficalsurgon
  • Dr peter Russell dental technician
  • Greg mann acrylic technician
  • Laneberhardt dental ceramist

This implant has become a revolutionary method for all the treatment. It is the best type of treatment better than bridges and dentures.

What are my dental implant options?

Here are some options for dental implants:

  • Replacing one tooth
  • Replacing multiple teeth
  • Replacing all teeth

From these replacements you can choose as your requirements. In one replacement only one tooth is replaced with artificial for a good and better jaw. Replacing multiple teeth; in this multiple teeth are replaced with artificial teeth. And replacing all teeth means implanting all the teeth with artificial teeth.

Here are some more options for implants and bridges:

  • Tooth supported fixed bridge: This is the common replacement bridge option provided to all patients.
  • Removable partial dentures: This type of implant has some issues like; it will change your eating and speaking style.
  • Resin-bounded bridge: It is also called Maryland- bridge in this a metal or porcelain wings on each side of the bridge.
  • Complete denture: It’s the low cost bridge provided it replaces all the teeth with artificial tooth.

Different implants for different treatments

There are some different treatments for different implants:

White fillings: A complete filling is a white resin that is used for amalgam “silver” to provide a strong and complete filling.

Crowns: When a tooth is cracked or damaged a crown is used to protect and preserve the broken teeth and maintain it.

Bridges: A bridge is a device that fills the fallen, the space of the broken tooth and been removed and it is attached to 2 surrounding abutments.

Tooth extraction: tooth extraction is to remove the tooth from its original place this type of treatment is only use to remove damaged tooth from the jaw.

Root canal treatment: sometimes the nerve of the tooth dies and get infected because of decay, deep filling or trauma. Root canal is a treatment to save and preserve such tooth from being damaged

Porcelain veneers: This porcelain has thin pieces that are placed in front of tooth.

Tooth whitening: Tooth whitening helps to whiten the yellow teeth and make it bright and clean to look white as snow.

Wisdom tool removal: When there is insufficient space for the tooth which is at the back side of the jaw; this type of treatment is used to make some space or to remove the extra teeth to maintain the jaw.

The best place to get dental implants

Here are some names where you can get the best implants you need

  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Czech republic
  • Dubai
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Costa rica
  • Hungary

These are some of the best places for the best dental treatment.

Bottom line

Follow these instructions they are especially for those who have dental problems this can provide you the best instructions and help you to improve your dental problem.


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5 Lifestyle Tips to Take to Heart for World Heart Day


Your heart is an essential engine and as a car without a good engine is really not that efficient, even when the other parts are working fine. Make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle as this can go a long way in ensuring your engine runs smoothly into your later years. In honor of World Heart Day, here are five lifestyle tips to love your heart so that it will love you back.


Reduce Salt

There is salt and sodium in most things we eat. Americans consume way too much of salt on an average. According to WebMD, you should take in less than 1,500 milligrams per day for best results. Most adults take in 6 grams or more daily. Salt retains fluids which increases the blood pressure. As per the source, the higher the blood pressure, the tougher it is for your heart to pump easily. This is a problem especially if you are already prone to high blood pressure.

Quit smoking

Despite knowing the dangers, smoking is still common. It increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. As per HealthLine, smoking is one of the top controllable risk factors for the heart disease. The source also notes that quitting smoking will benefits not just your heart but all parts of your body. If you have difficulty to beat this habit, there are medical programs to look which will help you quit and give your heart a much needed break.

Eat Chocolate

Just when you thought that good news couldn’t get any better, here is some more- chocolate is good for your heart too. However, this doesn’t apply to all off-the-shelf candy bars because the benefits are mainly isolated to the dark chocolate for the antioxidants and flavanols which are heart-friendly. Most chocolate products from stores are highly processed and lose some of these flavanols. The good news is that most of the major chocolate manufacturers look for ways to keep the flavanols in their processed chocolates. However, when in doubt, stick with the darker stuff.

Drink to Heart Health

You read right, a bit of alcohol is actually good for your heart! According to HealthLine, moderate consumption of alcohol helps to raise the levels of good cholesterol and this can help reducing the chance of the blood clots and artery damage. It also notes that the red wine is the most effective beverage for getting the heart benefits. Now this doesn’t mean that you should guzzle it at every meal. The good news for beer drinkers is that it has also shown to have health benefits than red wine.

Walk it Off

Getting exercise is essential in many ways including your mental health. The American Heart Association (AHA) notes that it doesn’t take a gym membership to reap the benefits for your heart. To lower your risk of heart disease, you can briskly walk 2.5 hours per week, or step it up for some higher-impact aerobics for 75 minutes per week. For additional health benefits for adults, add two days per week of muscle strengthening exercises.

Get active- it is not impossible. People always complain that they don’t have time. If the President of Amercia can go jogging, you surely aren’t busier than him. It can be as little as 3×10 minute slots per day. Remember that small steps make a big difference.

You can set yourself a fitness challenge while doing a 5K run in a few months time and stick to it. Invest in a fitness tracker for monitoring to track your progress.

Bottom line

We eat more of what we shouldn’t and exercise less than we should and we lead quite stressful lives. Hence portion control is the key. Cook in season, home-cooked food and get your kids to help. Also try to exercise as a family and lead by example as a parent.