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Lasik Surgery India: The best option to rely upon by the global patients


If we talk about LASIK, it is nothing but the abbreviation of laser in-situ keratomileusis, which is among the most popular techniques that are used to fix the vision. This procedure is only meant for people who are seen as the victim of the issue called astigmatism, which is meant for either the farsighted or nearsighted. The surgery only helps in reshaping of the cornea to get the right focus of the light traveling that come along from the cornea to the retina. This procedure is often called the procedures that are carried out only to reshape the cornea. This Eye surgery can barely take an hour to complete and is even referred to as the refractive surgery, which is further categorized concerning technique that is known as the flap and non-flap techniques.

Types of Lasik Surgery

When it comes to the Lasik Surgery India, it can be called to come along with a number of types, which include the following:

  • Custom LASIK – This treatment employs the technique called the WaveFront analyzer, which helps in creating a detailed customized mapping that is meant to study the small number of little imperfections found over the eye.
  • Blended Vision – This surgical procedure called the Lasik Surgery India is simply meant for those the patients suffering from presbyopia and who are not interested in wearing the bifocals or glasses. The goal of the surgical procedure is to simply correct one eye to get to see the other eye, which is meant for close-up vision.
  • Standard LASIK – In this surgery, the surgeon is seen making sculpts in the patients’ corneal tissue with the help of making some computer-guided lasers to fix the correct vision impairment.
  • All Laser LASIK – This surgery falls under the minimally invasive LASIK surgery, which does not use blades rather than the conventional LASIK approach.

Lasik Surgery India The best option to rely upon by the global patients

The advantage of Lasik Surgery

When it comes to the Lasik Surgery India, there are several advantages attached to this surgery as compared to other types of eye surgery.  Some of these are clubbed as under:

  • After this surgery, you do not need to wear any kind of eye correcting glasses
  • A majority of people (more than 90%) get their normal eyesight back
  • A perfect vision is created after this surgery
  • It simply involves a minimal amount of pain
  • There are no stitches/bandages seen after the LASIK Surgery India

Why prefer Lasik Surgery in India?

There are many reasons to consider the Lasik Surgery India. First and foremost, you get the best quality and affordability element that attract the global patients far and wide. Secondly, the availability of the best and top quality hospitals that are known to offer you the best quality eye care at affordable cost. This is the reason why more and more global patients come to India for the said treatment in India.

Plan your Lasik Surgery in India with Indian health guru Consultants

The group like Indian Health Guru Group helps you get the best quality and affordable package. The group has one of the Best Hospitals And Doctors that are known to give you the best of the eye care. Planning your surgery in India with this group can help you get the best of the services at the top hospital seeking the help of the top doctor.

Success Story

This is Rose Mary, I am from Africa, I got my Lasik Surgery in India recently and pleased with the result of it. It was managed by the Indian Health Guru group and it has managed to give me the best of the eye care services. The group has helped me a lot for my Lasik Surgery India, which includes getting the best doctor and hospital along with a number of other things.

Acoustic neuroma surgery, success rates and best hospital rates in India


Also known as vestibular schwannoma. It is a slow-growing benign primary intracranial tumor of the myelin-forming cells, means it arises from the cell responsible for the formation of the myelin sheath. Most cases are diagnosed in people between the ages of 30 and 60 and the probability of trait appearance in men and women is the same. It develops on the main nerve leading from your inner ear to your brain. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Hearing loss
  • unsteadiness and balance problems or even vertigo
  • pressure in ear
  • facial weakness or paralysis
  • A recurring headache.


Three different treatment options are available for patients to include monitoring, microsurgical removal, and radiation (radiosurgery or radiotherapy). Further treatment will vary on the basis of the size of the tumor, its location, the patient’s age, physical health and current symptoms of the patient. The patient is kept under the periodic monitoring of the patient’s neurological status, serial imaging studies. Hearing loss is the most common trait, regardless of the chosen treatment. The goal of surgery is to remove the tumor, preserve the facial nerve to prevent facial paralysis and preserve hearing when possible. Sometimes the entire tumor may not be removed by the doctors if it is too close to the facial expression nerves or too close to the brain. It could happen that the surgery may worsen the symptoms if the certain nerve or cranial structures are affected during the operation.

Acoustic neuroma surgery India

the doctor may recommend stereotactic radiosurgery. Some very large tumors can’t be treated with stereotactic radiosurgery though. As mentioned earlier the main motive of your surgeon will be to remove the tumor preserve the facial nerve’s function and possibly preserve hearing. Doctors deliver radiation precisely to a tumor without making an incision.


 Some Best Hospitals for Acoustic Neuroma Surgery In India are listed below. In all these reputed hospitals Specialists perform the spinal cord and brain tumors removal and the doctors’ use positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT) for MRI.

  • Neurology department of aster CMI hospital
  • Neurosurgery department of the Global hospital
  • Neurosurgery department of Manipal hospital
  • Neurosurgery clinic of Medanta hospital
  • Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

Acoustic neuroma surgery, success rates and best hospital rates in India


The Cost of acoustic neuroma surgery differs from USD 5000 to USD 11,000 in an Indian hospital. The treatment may vary on the basis of surgery doctors suggest you on the basis of the size of the tumor, its location, the patient’s age, physical health and current symptoms of the patient.

The Surgery cost offered by Indian hospitals is near as half as charged BY hospitals in UK, USA, and other Eastern countries with quite affordable travel services and accommodation charges in the world-class hotel.

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 The neurology departments of Apollo Hospital, Chennai work in sync with each other to form a neurosciences unit that tends to treat every nervous system injury from headaches to seizures. Some hospitals in India even has around the clock consultation department to help as many patients as they can. Some surgeons use robotic surgery technology for operating neurological issues in patients giving the surgeons a fair rate of success.


If you are looking for more information about acoustic neuroma surgery and want to plan your blood cancer treatment in India, INDIAN HEALTH GURU CONSULTANTS is the platform you need. Not only they will provide you an access to the world’s best medical facilities with several pocket-friendly packages but they are also affordable to people from all parts of the globe. They will guide you every step of the way from quick visa letters to world-class hotel arrangements.

Cardiac Surgery India Stands For Quality, Integrity And Affordability Elements For Global Patients


When it comes to the Cardiac surgery India, it is often called as the win-win situation for the global patients. This is because it can help you quality and affordability both and giving them the chance to be treated at the top Cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India. Well, we know heart to be among the key organ in the human body that has a major role to play in pumping blood to all the body parts making the bodywork as per the requirements. However, when it comes to taking care of the organ, many tend to go callous leading to different heart ailments. This means you have to fix these cardiac issues then and there seeking the surgical options. Well, let’s check more about The cardiac surgery India in the following paragraphs:

Benefits of Cardiac surgery India

If you talk about the Cardiac surgery in India, there are many benefits to reap with. The availability of the Top Cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India, more and more global patients are coming from keeping in mind these benefits. These include getting affordable cost healthcare services backed by a quality and high success rate. The global patients can access the best cardiac surgeries hospitals in India that are known to have the best surgeons and state of art facilities offering you nothing but the best results. The other big benefit to avail of the surgery is to get it done by top surgeons and experts who are known for giving the best results.

the cardic surgery

Total Cost for Cardiac surgery India

When it comes to the Cost of the cardiac surgery in India, there are several factors that play an important role in fixing the cost. Yet the amount that comes at the end of the day is much lesser than the developed nations. For instance, if you talk about the cost of open-heart surgery even in the Top Cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India, it comes to around 7000 USD, while the same surgery in the US can be carried out at the cost of 40,000 USD hence you can make a great difference. In fact, this is the reason why more and more global patients come to India for the cardiac surgeries.

Best cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India

When it comes to listing out the Cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India, there are several that offer the best of the cardiac surgeries. These are known to have the best facilities and features that are governed by modern technologies along with top cardiac surgeons and medical team.  To name a few, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center, Asian Heart Institute, Apollo Hospitals, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Max Superspecialty Hospital, MaxCure Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Artemis Hospital, The Wockhardt Heart Institute, BLK Heart Center, Continental Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, and Medanta The Medicity.

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How can I get Contact Best Cardiac Surgeons in India?

The best way to get the cardiac surgeon is to get it from medical tourism company for cardiac surgery in India. There are many who are known to offer you the best of the cardiac care. Take your time to get the same and you end up getting the best doctor.

Services Offered by India Health guru Consultants

As said above, getting the best medical tourism company can be a boon in your life. Your search for getting the best man for this comes to an end with the group India HealthGuru Consultant. This group is known to have the best doctors and top cardiac surgeries hospitals in India in their network that enables the global patients to get the best package for their treatment. Also, it offers a wide range of other services including local travel, food and many more things that offer you the best of the cardiac care services.

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Dental Treatments in Goa: Here is another reason to visit the Indian State


Before we talk about the Dental Treatments in Goa, we need to understand what really goes with it and how this little Indian state becomes the key reason of getting attracted toward various healthcare particularly the oral care in India. So, what is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Goa, well, its the beaches of the Indian state and then the dental treatment which is popular in the city for having one of the best clinics and dentists attracting the global patients far and wide? Well, this has given the phenomenon of dental tourism in the state adding and growing the same with the passing time. People all across the world prefer this place to get their dental treatments in Goa as they get closer to the Mother Nature while they fix their oral ailments seeking the help of top dental surgeons.

What makes Dental Treatments in Goa so popular?

If you think of global patients, they can get quality dental treatments in their own countries in the west as well with high quality but the skyrocketing cost of the dental treatment comes along to be an expensive affair. The high-cost dental treatments in their country are no more than cost when it comes to India and Indian state Goa. The huge cost difference in the country for the dental treatments in Goa also make things better for the global patients due to the currency difference. Also, the availability of quality dental treatments available in the country including Goa also brings the global patients as they know they get good dental services with affordable cost. This is also possible since India has been traditionally affordable place in many ways and thus has remained a competent place in many ways. We see hundreds of dental patients from all over the world come to get the treatment.

Dental Treatments in Goa Here is another reason to visit the Indian State

To Know More About : Dental Tourism GOA

Dental Treatments in Goa Hospitals & Clinics

When it comes to the dental treatments in Goa, there is no dearth of good hospitals and clinics that offer the best of the dental care services. These hospitals and clinics offering a wide range of dental treatments in this Indian state called Goa are highly developed and are known to have the state of art facilities and features that offer the global patients the best of the quality dental care services. The dental hospitals have one of the best dentists and dental surgeons who leave no stone unturned to offer you the high success rate dental treatments in India. They have fellowships at highly developed and modern hospitals based in developed nations like the US and the UK, which give an edge to them. To name some of the top dental hospitals and clinics in Goa, we have – Dr. Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic, Goa Dental Clinic, Calangute Dental Clinic, Colva Dental Clinic, Goa Dental Hospital and College, and Evolve Dental Clinic to name a few.

Dental Tourism – An Increasing Trend

One of the key reasons why the dental treatments in Goa have triggered is that the global patients get the option of having a holiday as well along with having their dental treatments in this India state. The fact of the matter is that global patients come closer to the beach and have the good time enjoying the beaches after having their dental treatments in Goa. This way they have a good time clubbing both the dental treatment and dental tourism to a great extent giving them enough reasons to plan for their dental tourism in the country. The Indian state Goa is known to have one of the best culture and heritage and offers the people enough opportunities to explore a number of landmark places including the churches, the castle and other similar places that offer the global patients enough reasons to plan their dental treatments in this Indian state.


So, if you are considering Dental Treatment in Goa, you are taking up the win-win situation with the same that drives too many global patients to consider dental tourism in India.

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Dental Implants Cost In India


Before we enlist the best dental implant clinics and hospitals in India, we need to understand the procedure first. Well, the dental implants are dental surgeries that involve adding up one or more tooth using dental procedures to give a natural look to the procedure. This procedure thus helps you to get back your smile and the lost confidence back on your face and thus help you find the best and natural confidence on your face. In the past few years, it has gained a good popularity among the people who do not have the teeth after attending the certain age or have lost the same with the growing age. In fact, Indian healthcare systems have prospered a lot in the past few years giving a good boost to the medical tourism in the country. Thus you have a lot to earn with the dental care at the top hospitals and that too at affordable cost dental implants in India.

Medical tourism on the rise

As per several research reports, the Indian medical options are considered to be among the top five preferred ones by the global patient and same goes for the dental treatments in the country. This is because the country has one of the best healthcare services implemented that offer high-quality dental treatments at much of the affordable cost. This simply means that the global patients can now get affordable Cost dental implants India at much of the affordable cost. The same reports claim that there is a huge rise in the medical services in the country that will gain around 20 billion USD by the end of 2020. This makes the healthcare systems the most preferred one by the global patients. Thanks to the massive amount of investment being carried out in the domain of healthcare systems giving the best of the hospitals and medical systems on place giving quality and affordable healthcare and dental care solutions, so what more you want.

Is safe Dental treatment in India?

The answer is yes, the dental treatment in India is very much safe and sound. Thanks to the presence of top and best dental implant clinics and hospitals in India, which offer a wide range of dental care services? However, a few feel that the availability of low-cost dental implants India can only give low quality but that’s not the case with Indian hospitals since India has been traditionally affordable when compared to the other treatment options in the developed nations like the US and the UK. This is primarily due to the currency difference one can find in between the developed nations. The presence of state of art facilities hospitals along with the presence of highly competent dentists and dental surgeons, more and more global patients are heading to India proving the fact that one can get quality dental services at affordable cost.

Dental implants Cost in India

Which hospitals are the best for Dental treatment in India?

There are several clinics and hospitals that are regarded as the best dental implant clinics and hospitals in India. These include the following:

  • Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital
  • Bhalla Dental Clinic & Implant Centre
  • Praxis Dental Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic
  • Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery
  • Balaji Dental Clinic
  • Manipal College of Dental Sciences
  • Dental Implant Laser Cosmetic Centre Dr. Viral Patel
  • Apollo White Dental Care
  • Apollo White Dental Clinic
  • Apollo White Dental Studio
  • Best Laser Dental Clinic
  • Dental College and Hospital
  • Kadali’s Advanced Dental Care

How much do Dental implants cost in India?

When it comes to the cost of dental implants in India, it happens to be very much affordable especially when you compare it with the developed nations including the US and the UK. These come to around 200 percent less than the cost you have in these countries. This is still affordable if you are considering the same as one of the Best dental implant clinics and hospitals in India.


India has become an important destination for dental care services, which are carried out seeking the help of best doctors and dental experts. The best dental implant clinics and hospitals in India and the low cost of quality dental services attract the global patients far and wide.

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Success Rates of Dental Surgery in Goa boost the confidence of many Kenyans


Dental problems are highly prevalent and all of us much have gone through some of the other dental problems at least once in our lives. The main problem with dental issues is the pain that comes with these and can strike people belonging to any age group. The reasons can be poor and unhealthy eating habits, lack of awareness and not giving enough care and thought towards dental health.

Also, many people think of the visit to a dentist to be scary and avoid by taking pain medications. But if not given timely attention, dental problems can lead to a terrible and painful situation. When ignored for a long time, the dental problems can get serious and the patients might have to go through a surgery.

Some of the common types of Dental Surgeries performed are  :

  • Endodontic surgery – Surgery involving the pulp or root of the tooth like Root Canal treatment
  • Periodontics – Surgeries involving treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth
  • Prosthodontics – Dental prosthetics such as crown, bridge, veneers, implant, denture, also known as false teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment – In this implants and the implant-supported prosthesis and it also involves the curing the bones
  • Oral and Maxillofacial surgery – This  area involves treating different diseases, injuries and defects affecting the neck, head, face, jaws as well as the hard and soft tissues of the Oral and Maxillofacial region

Why is India becoming so very popular as a treatment destination? More specifically, Dental Surgery in Goa? This is because of the presence of:

  • Very well established dental hospitals and clinics
  • Highly cost-effective and sensibly priced yet very progressive forms of dental treatment packages
  • The dental practitioners are highly qualified and competent to handle even the most complex dental procedures with ease
  • Be it patients from any corner of the globe, they do not have go through language hindrances as there are language translation services available in India
  • Even the nursing and assistant staff are adequately trained to handle the patients
  • The follow up services ensure that the patients recovery well

Success Rates of Dental Surgery in Goa boost the confidence of many Kenyans

Patient Story

With the help of such outstanding services in India; particularly Dental Surgery in Goa, there are several international patients, who have been cured of many difficult and painful dental problems.

One of these patients is Jaden from Kenya, who needed Dental Implants procedure but she was finding it really difficult to find the related surgical facilities in her own country. Further, the few centers that had this facility had priced the Dental Implant procedures very high. That’s why she started looking for suitable options in other countries and came across very reasonably priced Dental Implants surgery in Goa, India.

“I read about the Dental Implant surgery possible at the one of the best Dental Clinics, being associated with a health care tour planner in India known as Indian Health Guru Consultants. I researched more about them and even read the testimonials by some patients and came to know that these consultants have a very good track record. Without any delay, I sent my query and much to my surprise I got a very quick reply and that too a very detailed one.”

“If anyone Looking For Successful Dental Surgery treatment. Goa is Best and Affordable Place in India For Dental treatment. Indian health Guru will Always help you to give Best Suggestion for best treatment within Your Budget.”

We, at Indian Health Guru Consultants, ensured that the packages offered to Jaden were very cost effective. Further, after the initial consultation, we assisted her is getting the medical visa, flights, arranged her accommodation, pick up and drop from the airport as well as coordinating with the Dental Clinic in Goa. Our representative was there all the time to look after all her requirements during the whole treatment process. After all the formalities were done, the Dental Implant procedure was performed by a very qualified and experienced Dental surgeon, with a very high success rate. Jaden was very happy with the results of the procedures and also because the whole treatment did not feel heavy on her pockets at all.

“The Dental Clinic where this procedure was done was extremely patient-friendly and the staff members too were extremely caring. Also, I did not come across any language difficulties as I was provided language translation services. Overall, Indian Health Guru Consultants covered each and every aspect related to my medical tour, which made this a very rewarding experience. Thus, I can very confidently say that availing Dental Surgery in Goa proved to be a very beneficial decision for me and I got the best services associated with my treatment. I am immensely thankful to Indian Health Guru Consultants; specifically, Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his whole team for the guidance and support provided.

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