Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery- Is it Possible?


Bariatric surgery before pregnancy can help you get pregnant if obesity was the reason you had trouble in getting pregnant. It will lower your chance of certain pregnancy problems including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia. It will reduce how much weight you can gain during pregnancy. However, the bariatric surgery may increase your risk of having a cesarean section. You should talk with your doctor if you have concerns about the risk of a C-section.


What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery such as a gastric band or bypass helps individual who are obese and have not been able to lose weight with diet and exercise to lose weight. This surgery makes the stomach smaller and there are some types of weight loss surgery which changes how your stomach is connected with your intestines.

Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery: Is It Advisable?

Pregnancy after the gastric bypass can be safe and healthy if it is managed well by you and your doctor. Research suggests that pregnancy after bariatric surgery might be safe for both the mother and the baby than pregnancy which is complicated due to obesity. Some studies suggest that the weight loss surgery might protect the obese women and their babies from obesity-related problems during pregnancy. Some examples include preeclampsia-high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and signs of damage to another organ system, often the kidneys after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

If you had done a bariatric surgery and considering pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare provider for the preconception planning. You should also consult a registered dietician along with your gastric surgeon for advice on nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy.

Typically, experts recommend postponing pregnancy until your weight stabilizes which may take at least about 12 to 18 months post bariatric surgery whereas some experts recommend waiting longer. A rapid or persistent weight loss might deprive a growing baby of the important nutrients that lead to low birth weight. In order to monitor your baby’s growth, your doctor may recommend a fetal ultrasound during the third trimester. Depending on the type of bariatric surgery and the specific nutritional needs of your body, your doctor might recommend certain nutritional supplements such as vitamin B-12, folic acid, vitamin D, calcium and iron, in addition to a daily prenatal vitamin before and during pregnancy.

But What If Someone Gets Pregnant?

Although the nutritional deficiencies are more likely to occur in certain procedures the malabsorptive procedures have a higher risk of malnutrition than the restrictive procedures. A study in which specific evaluation was done to find out whether some surgeries are safer than others and found that there were no serious differences between the surgeries.

  • Patients following lap band surgery had significantly higher BMI before delivery.
  • Birth weight was significantly higher among the newborns of the patients following the gastric bypass surgery when compared to the restrictive procedures.
  • Following the lap band surgery, patients had higher weight gain during pregnancy when compared to the VBG and the gastric bypass groups.
  • The interval between operation and pregnancy was shorter in the lap band group when compared to the VGB group and was significantly higher in the gastric bypass group.
  • No significant differences in the low birth weight or perinatal or macrosmia mortality were reported between these groups.

A separate study comprising of about 42 pregnancies evaluated the gastric bypass and lap band surgery and drew similar conclusions that no significant difference exists in the obstetric and birth outcomes between women who had gastric bypass and those who have undergo lap band surgery.


According to experts, a woman should wait for around one to two years after the bariatric surgery to get pregnant. This surgery will help people lose a lot of weight quickly and getting pregnant too soon after the surgery could mean that a growing baby might not get the required nutrients.


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Weight Loss Tips for Women In Their 30s!


30s is the age where the phase of our life is on it turning point. It is where we are looking to settle down and urge to have a stable life. Most the individuals as getting marriage and already had their family by this age. The most basic thing which we left during our 30’s is physical activities, which is why we start to gain some weight. Initially we are not considering gaining a few pounds a problem, but when we find that this is not going to stop, then we look of variety of ways to reduce some pounds, This is at somehow easily be done by many individuals, but if you are a women and specially a housewife or homemaker, it is quite a tedious goal to achieve for you. Here are some points that every individual can follow to lose some extra pounds and to maintain a healthy living style specially for the great homemakers:


Get clear on your motivations:

The very basic thing motivation or we can say self-motivation. No matter how many times your closed ones or even strangers can make a fun of your extra weight, until and unless you feel it, you are not going to lose weight. So, this is why you should be clear on your motivation, like which is the most important thing that encourage you to lose weight or for whom on personal level you want to get into shape again. Some people find their motivation in their old outfit, which they like the most and due to extra pounds they are not able to wear that any more, or some wants to spark up their love life which may be due to extra pounds gets cool down and some mothers wants to enjoy their childhood again with their kids, but because of extra weight they are not able to enjoy every moment to their fullest.

Eat five times a day:

You might get confused that we are talking about weight-loss and an we are encouraging eating that too for 5 times a day. Don’t get confused, there is science behind this, once we get up in the morning and we start doing some physical activity, this is the time our metabolism system gets active. Now consider our metabolism system as furnace, it continuously need fuel to get burn, but when we have a long time interval or even skip our meal for 1 time, our metabolism rate gets slower. And if we eat after our metabolism system get slow down, it is difficult for our system to consume the food properly, which results in fat storage. This is reason we suggest to eat 5 times a day during proper interval, which strengthens your metabolism rate and make you look and feel healthy.

Get plenty of protein:

Protein is the best friend of our muscle and biggest foe of the fat. Intake as much as protein possible everyday and it is best to include protein in your daily meals, as it improves the growth of muscle which ultimately reduces extra mass (fat) from your body and give you a more lean and subtle look.

Be aware of 100-calorie snack packs:

Many women intake some snack pack, whenever they have urge of eating. Please remember this is the time where you used to get the fat deposit. You have 5 times a day to eat, and then it is up to you to follow that diet plan. Don’t cheat your diet plan. Whenever you get urge to have a snack, try to consume water, it is the best rejuvenator of the system and helps in remove toxic substance from the body.

Resist the urge to clean your kids’ plates:

This is the habit which is most common in many mothers around us. They eat the food which is left by their kids. They don’t know that these small bites are going to be the major problem one day. As mentioned above you have 5 times in a day to eat, and during these meals, they get everything that their body requires. And even if you have the habit cleans your kid’s plate, avoid doing it.


These are some of the Weight Loss Tips for Women In Their 30s which are mentioned by the experts especially for the homemakers, those are not able to get some extra time out for them to exercise. These are some regular habit to get you back into shape, and help you to look and feel young again and ever.

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Get The Facts About Gastrectomy


The procedure of Gastrectomy also called as an antrectomy is a surgical procedure, which deals with the removal, of a certain portion of your stomach called antrum. This portion of antrum is at the lower third of your stomach, which is found in between the stomach, body and the pyloric canal. This further goes to empty the stuff over the small intestine. Of late, the problem of obesity has been bugging lot many people who opt for various options including the surgical procedure called Gastrectomy. Now, let’s dig in deep in this issue to get the crux of the same.

Why You May Need a Gastrectomy

Obviously to get rid of the obesity, if all the other options fail, one has to consider this procedure, which further helps in fixing the following conditions or risks:

  • Cancer in Stomach
  • Gastric ulcer bleeding
  • Stomach wall perforation
  • Noncancerous Polyps

Gastrectomy simply helps in treating a number of stomach issues, which cannot be achieved with other treatment options. In this way, when your surgeon suggest this process, he or she will also help you in treating issues like benign tumours, bleeding, inflammation, ulcers, and perorations inside the stomach wall.

How to Prepare for Gastrectomy

When it comes to opting for this surgery for fixing your obesity issue, you are supposed to prepare a lot for the same. So, before choosing the Gastrectomy, the patients are supposed to go through a number of tests including the X rays, Computed Tomography (CT) scans, endoscopic biopsies, and microscopic examination, which help in confirming the presence of any ulcer of tumour inside your body. These are important because with obesity comes all these issues, which are important to check before the surgery and thus get a perfect roadmap for the same. Laparoscopy can be carried out in order to diagnose the real issues. Thus all these tests are important parts of the preparation, which will help the doctor to take a perfect road to the surgery of Gastrectomy.

Types of Gastrectomy

When it comes to Gastrectomy, this particular type of surgery for overweight are found with different types, however, you can find three major types of this procedure, which are enlisted as under, let’s check them out as under:

1) Partial Gastrectomy: In this surgical procedure, your surgeon is seen removing the lower half of your stomach. If cancer cells are seen present in the same, your surgeon would then end up removing the closed one lumps nodes. In this surgery, you would find the duodenum closing off, while the remaining portion of your stomach can help in bringing down the things along connecting to the bowel inside your body. The duodenum is known as the first part inside your stomach, which are directed as required in order to get an obesity free life.

2) Complete Gastrectomy: This procedure is also known as Total Gastrectomy, which simply helps in removing the stomach that in turn help in getting an obesity free life. Your surgeon will then help you in connecting your esophagus directly to the small intestine inside your body. Make a note that the esophagus usually is seen connecting your throat with your stomach, which is managed using the procedure giving a care free life without any issue.

3) Sleeve Gastrectomy: The last type of Gastrectomy is Sleeve Gastrectomy, wherein the surgeon removes three quarter of your stomach thus making you free from the obesity issue. Once the surgeon does that he or she simply pulls of the remaining amount of fat followed by stitching the area. With this procedure, you end up creating a smaller and obesity stomach for the patient.

Bottom line

In a long list of surgical procedures for obesity, Gastrectomy can help you in making you free from Gastrectomy. You would be able to retain the result only when you abide by the surgeon’s instruction, which include eating small size meals, avoid the high fibre meals and lastly consume food that are rich in iron, vitamins and calcium.

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How Obesity Can Affect Your Heart?


If you are above the ideal body weight and worried about the health, you are not alone. In the year 2010, there were more than 78 million adults in the US adult population is either obese or overweight. Obesity is related to various health problems such as several forms of heart diseases, arthritis, cancer, lung diseases and gallbladder disease. People with obesity tend to have worse quality of life and diet at younger ages than compared to those having an ideal body weight.


What Is My Ideal Body Weight?

The ideal body weight is calculated based on your height. Your physician will use the BMI to see whether you are obese or overweight. You can calculate your BMI using simple formula: BMI= weight (in kgs) / height2 ( in meters).

An ideal BMI is between 18.5 to 25 while a BMI of 25 to 29.9 will put you in overweight category and 30 or more BMI will put you in the obese category. Among people with obesity, there are subclasses with a BMI of 35 or more being classified as severe obesity and BMI of 40 or greater as extreme obesity. This is significant since not all obesity carries the same health implications. As per studies, the more obese you are the greater your risk for poor health and the longer you remain obese, the greater chance of developing the obesity-related health problems.

How Does Obesity Affect My Heart Health?

Obesity can lead to many disease and also affect the heart health. People with obesity tend to have higher levels of bad cholesterol, higher blood pressure and lower levels of good cholesterol. All these factors are known risk for the heart diseases such as heart attacks and stroke.

Even if you do not have these risk factors, your heart may still suffer. People with severe obesity are four times at more risk to develop heart failure than those with ideal body weight. There is a link between obesity and heart health even after accounting the risk factors which means if you are obese, you are at higher risk for heart failure even if you do not have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

Wait! Heart Failure?

The heart failure is a growing health problem in the US and worldwide with people suffering from shortness of breath and unable to perform their daily activities. They tend to accumulate excessive fluid in their bodies leading the swelling around the ankles.

Heart failure is a serious condition which impairs the quality of life as well as threatens it. Around 50% of people diagnosed with heart failure will die within the next five years. Obesity leads to heart failure in many ways. More body fat leads to higher blood volume that turns your heart to work harder to pump all the extra liquid. Over the years, this will cause harmful changes in the structure and function of the heart eventually leading to heart failure.

Fat tissue in the abdomen produces a number of toxic, inflammatory substances such as cytokines and adipokine which damages the heart muscle. Even obese people without any obvious signs of heart disease may have chronic damage to their heart muscle.

OK, This Is Bad. But What Can I Do? Losing Weight Is So Hard!

Losing weight is so hard, but here are few encouraging facts to do it:

  • Any weight loss is beneficial
  • Be active
  • There are a variety of weight loss resources that are available to you from the nutritional counseling to the group interventions

Obesity is very common in your society and you are not alone. It can lead to many health problems that can impair the quality of life and make you more likely to die at a younger age. It increases the risks of heart failure. Any sustained weight loss is helpful and you can ask your doctor about the various resources available to help.


Does Weight Loss Surgery Reverse Premature Aging Due to Obesity


Most people do not realize, but obesity when not treated right away causes premature aging. It increases the risk of developing life threatening conditions such as a diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. According to various research studies, obesity hastes the aging process due to increase in the free radiacals in fat cells which shorten the telomers.

The telomeres offer protection to the DNA and are a marker of aging. When a cell divides, a portion of the telomere is lost and if this continues then either the cells may stop diving permanently or for lack of better term commit suicide called as apoptosis. Poor diet, smoking, obesity and lack of exercises are all which causes premature aging at a cellular level. Therefore, it is imperative for people who practices such lifestyle choices to stop these behaviours for reversing molecular aging.

Obese people are prematurely old having eroded cells and inflamed fat tissues. The damages caused by obesity can be reversed with weight loss surgery. The gastric bypass operations are primarily used to treat the obese patients to keep off the excess pounds. The benefits of undergoing a weight loss surgery may be far greater than thought previously. Obesity or having lot of fats seems to put the entire body under lots of increased stress. Losing weight with weight loss surgery will help to lose the adipose tissue which will reduce the stress and your body will become younger. This is the most positive news for patients seeking weight loss surgery which shows that the damage caused by obesity such as premature aging can be reversed with weight loss surgery.

Fortunately, weight loss surgery can reverse premature aging due to obesity. Patient should make the necessary lifestyle changes for slowing doen the progression or possibly reverse the obesity diagnosis. You should quit smoking and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It is easier said than done for some obese patients, especially for those having some underlying health conditions.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Vienna in Austria, a weight loss surgery may help to reverse the molecular aging. In this study, about 76 patients with an average age of 40 and a BMI of 44.5 kilograms per square meter had gone through a weight loss surgery. Before the surgery, the blood samples of each patient were taken for examining the effects of surgery which would have on their cells.

Additional blood samples were taken after a year and two year later and the researchers found that an average 38% reduction in the BMI of the patients and also a significant reduction in cytokines that promotes inflammation. As per the results found after two years of surgery, the telomeres of the patients were about 80% longer in both the cells and blood samples. All the patients showed a significant decrease in levels of the inflammation in their cells two years post the weight loss surgery. They had longer telomeres which are the internal clock of each cell that get shorter with age due to cell division or oxidation of the stress which causes them to break. Obesity and excess weight gain has the same effect as eroding telomeres which get very short since they can no longer divide and simply sits in the body as an aged cell. the oxidation of telomere cause them to break and shrink. The research also found that obese women have shorter telomeres than healthy weight women. The telomere length can be increased after two years of weight loss surgery in the immune cells of the blood.

Considering these phenomenal results, they show effect by the shorter telomers which have on a person’s overall health. Often, a weight loss surgery is the last resort for obese patients who need to lose weight and it also helps to reduce the stress from their body thereby reduce the premature aging.

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Obesity and weight loss: Know the facts


Obesity or obese or fatness there are many names of this problem. As there are many names, similarly there are many problems also associated with this issue. Obesity is a phase of human body, where the body has excess weight than the ideal weight of the body that a body should have in proportion to their height.

Obesity is a nationwide problem

Now a day, obesity is considered as the universal problem. In a study it is stated that in the year 2015 approximately 50% of the adult population of the age group between 18-25 years, is being the victim of obesity. There are many reasons behind this, sometime this problem arises due to genetic, but the most important reason is bad eating habits and lifestyle with enough physical activity. This is why this is consider as a nation problem as the world follows a fast pace in technology and getting isolated from the required healthy habits to live a healthy and happy life.

The origins of obesity

Obesity is the problem which is between us since many years but the last 2 decades have the major role in the origin of obesity. As in those 2 decades individual is dealing with the problem of obesity and doesn’t know, how to tackle with this efficiently. But now a day it has been the most interested area of research, which makes it possible to introduce many methods to deal with it. Medical Weight-loss is one the most admired way in reducing excess weight.

Symptoms of obesity

There are various symptoms, but the symptoms that you can see or feel are excess weight gain and having a body mass index or BMI above 30. BMI is the standard method of calculating extra fat in the human body by having an estimate of body fat content which it get after calculation of your weight and its proportionality to your height. The BMI is a scale which is prepared and has some ranges which helps individuals to find out whether they are normal in weight, under-eight, overweight and obese.

Obesity leads to more health risks

Some of the basic health risks are:

  1. Improper digestion
  2. Excess-weight
  3. Less physically active
  4. Feeling dizziness
  5. Easily get tired and feels tired all the time

Some other Health Risks are:

  1. Asthma
  2. Breathing problems, such as sleep apnea
  3. Diabetes
  4. Gout
  5. Gallbladder disease and gallstones
  6. High blood pressure
  7. Heart disease and stroke
  8. Increase risk of diabetes
  9. Osteoarthritis
  10. Some cancers

What is medical weight loss?

Many got confused with the term medical weight-loss, whether it is some kind related to surgery or dietary pills. But in actual it is basically not at all related to any kind of surgery or diet pills used to reduce weight. It is basically a scientific management for weight management program which targets the root cause of excess weight gain or being obese. In this it then follow the program under expert medical practitioners to sustain a health life with a long-term weight loss experience.

Is medical weight loss safe?

This Program is basically designed to reduce the excess fat as per desired by the individual. Now it is totally depend on the individual whether they want to lose 100 pounds or those stubborn 10 pounds. This program is designed for everyone and any one can get benefit this program. This program is divided into 3 different phase acute phase, short-term maintenance phase or wellness phase. You can consult with your physician and can undergo the recommended phase to lose extra weight.

Potential risks

There are no risks have been officially mentioned. The risks are totally depends on the way individual and individual’s body react to the program. Some might feel nausea, some might feel insomnia, but all these risks are at ground level, once you follow the program on regular basic you won’t experience and health risks.

Long-term benefits

  1. Experience long-term weight-loss
  2. Living a healthy Life-style
  3. Increase self confidence
  4. Improve Metabolism
  5. Avoid various health problems related to obesity


Medical Weight loss program is a boon for those individual those are looking for a complete lifestyle change and wants to live a healthy life. This is the best and proven safest way to reduce weight naturally till date.

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Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Losing weight is now become the most desired trait of every individual, who finds themselves on the wrong side of the BMI scale. Some individuals want to be healthy and some wants to avoid the problems that they can face due to excess weight problem. There are various methods which can be use to lose some extra pounds, but the most demanding are the ways to lose weight naturally. So, how can you lose some extra pounds naturally?


Add Protein to Your Diet

Every Individual carves for delicious and spicy food, but most of the time we forget that most of these food products are high in fat and even has a high proportion of cholesterol which directly affect our metabolism system, which in turn cause                loss of digestive system function and ultimately result into extra weight gain. This is the reason that makes adding protein to your diet tops the list of natural way to lose weight. Proteins helps in building muscles instead of mass (fat), which improves our metabolism thus enhance the digestive system and helps in consume the food properly instead of resulting in storage of carbohydrates and fat.

Eat Whole, Single-Ingredient Foods

It is suggested and even recommended by experts to eat whole grains and single-ingredient food. The reason behind this is that whole grains are very rich in fiber that assists our system to consume the energy from the food completely and even help in having proper bowel movements. And the Single ingredients is important because they are very easy to consume and are the best source of the required vitamins and minerals, as they are not comprises of more ingredients which makes them complex and hard for our system to digest it completely.

Limit Your Intake of Added Sugar

This is the first don’t that you have to remember all the time. Sugar is a complex ingredient and it also slows down the metabolism rate, which is why it is first ingredient to say no, when you are on your path to lose weight. Sugar is necessary also, but the amount of sugar your body needs, it can consume it from other food products, there is no need of additional intake of sugar.

Supplement with Glucomannan

There is a chance that you might not get the entire required vitamin, minerals and other healthy supplement from your food. This is why it is suggested to have some supplement to fulfill your daily body requirement to perform a proper function. But this time you have to make sure that you should consider the dietary supplement must consist of Glucomannan, this helps in improved metabolism rate and can help you in managing your appetite.

Avoid Liquid Calories

Most of individuals think that avoid solid diet and follow a liquid diet can help them to lose weight fast. But this is definitely not the case, there is science that even if you want to lose weight, you have to maintain a diet plan, it has some liquid diets but it also has some solid foods also. You have to avoid excess liquid calories. As if you take more liquid then during your bowel movement most of the minerals and nutrients you are going to lose with the liquid movement and it creates dizziness and uneasiness.

Limit Your Intake of Refined Carbs

You should have intake complex carbs, don’t get confused with complex carbs and complex ingredient food. Refined carbs are very difficult to consume and to extract energy from it. With the usage of complex carbs, your muscles can store some energy for extra exertion, even when if you are hungry for hours. It helps you to maintain your appetite.

Replace Some Fat with Coconut Oil

You can sometimes use coconut oil to cook food, instead of high cholesterol oil or Ghee. Coconut oil allows the food product to absorb let amount of oil, which make the food a bit healthy. Though the taste of food becomes different, but this is what makes a person foodie, when the individual is ready to try every kind of food, which hampers it digestive system and reason in weight-gain. But this use of coconut will make you healthy.

Take Probiotics

Always remember to take probiotics, to make your system active enough to start digestion of food. Probiotics also makes your system stronger to perform the function properly. Curd is the best and natural form of probiotic. Add probiotic in your diet for better weight-loss results.

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