How to choose the right doctor for your eye problem

Serious eye symptoms

Symptoms of eyes that should be taken care of:

Listen carefully these eye diseases are dangerous and if you are suffering from anyone; then please treat it as fast as you can.

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  • Flashing lights, floaters, or gray shadow in your vision

If you see sudden flashing of lights in your vision, or an increase amount of floaters in your vision, or a gray curtain moving around in your field of vision then you should visit a eye doctor because these are the symptoms of  detachment of retina. Retina sends information in the form of images to the brain but any type of eye disease or physical injury can be the reason for retinal detachment.

  • Any loss of vision particularly if sudden or in one eye

There are some conductions or eye diseases that can cause sudden vision loss. The most common cause of sudden loss of vision is macular degeneration or you can says age related macular degeneration; or AMD this disease affects aged peoples who are 65 or above. It can be gradual sometimes it can be sudden. It causes when fluid or blood which is under retina which helps us to see starts to get affected by our age.

The other type is OD sudden vision loss is glaucoma which has different types of effects when it increases the build up of fluid. And it starts increasing and then fluid develop  pressure that damages the optic nerve.

  • Eye pain

This can be caused by glaucoma, dry eye, eye injury, scratched cornea, or even eye cancer.

  • Eye injury

If there is redness or pain in your eye more than 15 or 20 days than you should evaluate it by a doctor.

  • Persistent discomfort in the eye

If you feel any discomfort while doing daily work such as hammering or doing work under a car even a single particle can affect your eyes so show to a doctor to confirm that no foreign particle is present in your eyes.

  • Red eyes

Tow red eyes is not as much serious as one red eye; if both the eyes are red at the same time than it is a sign of a disease named as pink eyes it doesn’t need that much acre it can heal itself but if only one eye is red it can be an indication of the inflammation such as scleritis, uveitis, etc.

What’s an optician?

Optician are licensed and trained professional who helps us to see better whether you have any type of disorder like; you can’t see near objects or far away objects or having a complex eye health issues.

It is regulated in Canada and governed by strict standard to protect your vision. It provides you a high standard care for your eyes. Only registered opticians are selected to be trained to design fit and dispense eye glasses ocular devices, lower vision and lenses. This main aim; or the only aim is to correct the eye sit of a person. They also design cosmetic shells and artificial eyes.

Registered opticians can recommend eye glasses, frames, lenses, lens coating after considering the power of lenses. Some opticians are specialize in fitting contacts, artificial eyes, and cosmetic shells.

What’s an optometrist?

They are health care specialists trained to examine to detect vision in eyes; abnormal ocular diseases. Optometrist studies in university for three years

And they should participate in clinical training to practice before being started to work skills are needed to be registered. After registration you can continue your feature studies and become a specialised optometrist.

What’s an ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmologist is a specialised in their field they acts commonly acts as a physician and surgeon.

They undergo extensive training:

  • Enter in to a medical school with at least 3 years of excellent at levels
  • 5 years of medical school leading to a degree in medicine
  • 2 years of newly qualified doctor doing medical training called the foundation programme.


What Eye Problems Look Like?

Eye Surgeons and Hospitals in India




Top 10 eye care hospitals in India


There are lot of eye problems which are common for most people and this includes the glaucoma, dry eyes, cataract, tearing, low vision, corneal disorders, retinal disorders, eye lid problems, conjunctivitis, temporal problems, etc. Usually these problems occur in different age group and need immediate attention to avoid the complications such as blindness. Are you looking for the best eye care hospitals in India? Here we enlist the top 10 eye care hospitals in India.

List down the top 10 eye care hospitals in India

In this article, we provide the information about the top 10 eye care hospitals in India with respect to the services and areas and the phone numbers.

  1. Fortis Hospital, Delhi

The ophthalmology department at Fortis Hospital, Delhi has the expertise to treat all the kinds of eye related problems ranging from the routine eye examination to other conditions of the eye and the surrounding structures. Our team is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipments to treat cataracts, glaucoma, aesthetics, corneal and external diseases, paediatric ophthalmic diseases and disorders.

Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

Ophthalmology Centre at Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon aims to provide the most comprehensive eye care to the international patients. The state of the art facilities include both the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that ensure to provide the world class treatment for the cataract and other ophthalmic diseases.

Max Hospital, New Delhi

The speciality OPDs for eye care is conducted at Max Hospital to look after the patient’s preventive and primary healthcare requirements. We offer LASIK, eye ultrasound, glaucoma diagnostic surgery, paediatric ophthalmology and the comprehensive eye examination to the patients.

Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

The eye department at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai is comprehensive and well-equipped with a blend of young, highly qualified and experience surgeons. We treat our patients with utmost care.

Hiranandani Hospitals, Mumbai

At centre for advanced and sophisticated eye care of Hiranandani Hospital, we provide the state of the art and most modern ophthalmic services for various eye conditions. We strive to maintain the international standards in the medical and surgical ophthalmic care.

Columbia Asia Hospitals, Delhi

The Department of Ophthalmology at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Delhi provides the outpatient, inpatient and ocular emergency services by a team of consultants who are skilled, highly qualified and treat a wide range of the eye disorders. Most surgical procedures of the eye are done as day care surgeries.

Global Hospitals, Mumbai

The department of ophthalmology at Global Hospitals, Mumbai provide you with first class eye care and the surgical services for patients suffering from the eye disorders.

LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

LV Prasad Eye Institute is a comprehensive eye health facility offersing patient care, rehabilitation services, sight enhancement and high-impact rural eye health programs.


AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi
AIIMS Hospital India

Dr. R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences located at AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi. Under the expert doctors and the staff members, our departments offers emergency services too.

Shroff Eye Hospital, New Delhi

The first eye hospital in India to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (USA) in the year 2006, Shroff Eye Hospital has stood for excellent in eye care.

Bottom line

All above mentioned eye care hospitals in India are trusted by millions of people, hence you can go with any of them while deciding to undergo the eye surgery and treatments. After going through this article, I hope now you have come to know about the 10 best eye care hospitals in India which is best for your eye health. Indian Healthguru Consultants is a leader in assisting the global patients seeking their eye treatments at the top eye care hospitals in India. Call now at +91-9371136499 or send your query to to know the cost estimation for eye treatments and surgeries at the top eye care hospitals in India.


Coffee and Your Heart: Stimulant or Stressor?


There were many misinformation and some misconceptions about coffee intake. Many have thinking that drinking coffee affects heart; which is wrong. Having unhealthy diet can cause many diseases; where in such case coffee with a small snack would enlighten your mind. This is what practiced when you are loaded with a lot of work; you try to get easy food which would get over at once in minute and you may resume your work. This kind of a lifestyle will give you heart disease or many more other diseases. It is better to have healthy lifestyle in the early age so that you do not have to suffer in the old age. Whereas coffee is concern mild to moderate consumption of coffee causes no harm to our body. On the other hand coffee can show some good effects on our body. You can read the benefits of coffee below.


Evidence of Coffee’s Heart Benefits:

According to research people who intake two to five cups of coffee daily die less prematurely from any disease or its causes. It is also seen that people who regularly intake coffee die less from heart disease and also stroke; and if you intake five cups of coffee every day does not affect risk of death.
These are some of the positive research about coffee intake.

What Is It About Coffee That Affects Your Heart?

Coffee has the contents of hundreds of unique phytochemicals these natural chemical help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation seen in your body which shows signs of heart failure such as; atherosclerosis and many other heart conditions; the anti-inflammatory properties of coffee can benefit in long-term prevention from cardiovascular disease.
If you already have the disease then coffee therapy may not work it may worst the condition. So if your doctor has asked you to avoid coffee then you must not stick to your habit; rather you should you should follow doctor’s advice.

Caffeine and Your Blood Pressure;

Caffeinated coffee risk in short-term spike in blood pressure; this is seen in people who do not intake coffee regularly; intake of coffee stimulates the blood vessels and this is the reason people relates with blood pressure and coffee together.
According to research people who intake three to four cups of coffee every day are more like to have stroke and heart attack. Reviews and feedback shows that coffee drinkers do not develop hypertension and those who have blood pressure would not develop cardiovascular disease. This is how coffee intake has benefit than intake of caffeine.

Caffeine and Your Heart Rhythm:

According to research drinking coffee lessen up the risk of irregular heartbeat; this includes the common type which is atrial fibrillation. Many physicians still advise their patients to limit the intake of coffee to control their heart arrhythmias. But according to the latest studies drinking coffee does not affect heart or cause any heart disease. On the other hand if you are obese then you should lose weight and if you intake alcohol then you should stop it or lessen it up, you should follow healthy diet and practice regular exercise. This good habit can help you to stay away from heart problems. This has no connection with intake of coffee; the entire day we keep on having something or the other which gives us an acid reaction. Coffee at times helps in proper digestion as well; other energy drinks has high contents of caffeine with herbal extracts and also dangerous ingredients. In some patients intake of these types of drinks can worsen arrhythmias.

Final Verdict:

Intake of four to five cups of coffee every day can lower the risks of heart disease; major heart disease like; heart failure and many other. Regular intake of coffee develops a tolerance in your body; this is for the regular drinker; whereas caffeinated coffee can risk a short term spike to you blood pressure level. There may be chances for you to have heart palpitations, or anxiety after having coffee; in this case you should avoid drinking coffee. Earlier it was in woke having coffee with smoking buds and many other combinations. This is how an unpleasant reaction takes place in the body which causes heart disease and blood pressure problem. Even people with heart disease do not have to give up their one or two mugs of coffee which they intake in the entire day. According to the recent studies intake of coffee has no harm to the heart. This is the best research for all our coffee lovers.




Explained: Hospital Food For Your Medical Travel


Food and other aspects of foodservice delivery are significant elements of the patient’s overall perception of the hospital experience especially in case of the medical travel. You should never compromise or settle instead you should prefer the best suited option as per your individual needs. The healthcare system in India emphasizes to prevent the disease and promote healthy lifestyle by focusing on caring for the patient well instead of just treating them when they are sick.


Culture & Dietary Adherence

Usually a person’s food choices, perceptions and preferences about the diet and health, adherence to the dietary recommendations are all influenced by ethinicty and culture. Now prohibiting or restricting the usual foods accustomed to or prefer eating leads to non-adherence to the doctor’s instructions. Complications may arise when patients adamantly stick to their usual diet and refuses to forgo their food habits despite the demands of their medical condition.

Each culture seeks preferred foods often ignoring the food sources at hand. As for instance, the English don’t eat horse and dog, Americans averse disposition to offal, Mohammedan’s refusal of pork, Hindus taboo beef, Foribidden foods of Jews, etc. Though there are still individuals who still follow their cultural beliefs and stick to the comfort food, but these days the younger generations seek experience food and cultural diversity.

Food Standards And Regulations In The Healthcare Industry

It is the responsibility of the hospitals to maintain a clean and hygienic environment while preparing and serving the food. The Foos Safety Standards set out the specific requirements for the food service facilities including the hospitals that ensure foods don’t become unsafe or unsuitable for patients.

These include the following:

  • The specific food handling controls such as receipt, processing, storage, display, packaging, transport, recall, disposal.
  • Other needs pertaining to knowledge, skills, health and hygiene of food handlers and their supervisors, sanitation, cleaning and maintenance of the food premises and the equipment within

The hospital food should complement patient’s care and enhance their stay, help the staff and visitors follow a healthier lifestyle and support our economy while protecting our environment. This can also be achieved by environmentally sustainable, serving the familiar comfort food, organic farming practices with healthier entrees.

Green Credentials & Organics In The Hospitals

The solutions which foster the public health and environmental sustainability that will lead towards a healthy future. With regards to the food services, the “Green Credentials” include the following:

  • Affordable and healthier food options for patients
  • Incorporate the healthier food options at the hospital food facilities
  • Rooftop garden growing the vegetables that are used to serve the food
  • Health promotion programs for educating and promoting healthier lifestyle choices among the visitors, staff and the patients
  • Waste reduction program including purchasing the compostable paperware

Food-borne Illnesses

Preventable diseases include the food poisoning due to Gastroenteritis, Staph/Salmonella, etc. Usually it takes 12-72 hours for the symptoms of the food borne illnesses that appears after eating the contaminated food. Children, pregnant women, chronic illness patients and elderly are individuals at high risk. Often these diseases are likely to contact an infection from the food borne pathogens, having a longer-lasting illness and be hospitalized.

Dietary Care While Recuperating

Dietetics improves and maintains good health and plays a vital role for healing and recovery phase of a patient. Common instructions for dietary care to follow while recuperating are:

  • Take a multivitamin supplement
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol while healing
  • Avoid any foods that require more than three chews to swallow for the first 1-2 weeks post surgery

Heart Surgery

Loss of appetite and weight loss are common but have small meals throughout the day. Stay hydrated, avoid fried foods, have plenty of fibre and flesh fruits, adhere to a special diet if recommended.

Medical Tourism & Food Services

These days the private hospitals in no way resemble the cold, sterile environment of a hospital and instead look like the hotels. The leading medical tourism is in India due to offering highest quality medical services at reasonable prices.


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Dental Implants Special Packages in India


Indian HealthGuru Consultants are experts in the field of health tourism offering dental implants special packages in India to the international patients. Often the patients from the USA, UK, Canada, and Middle East countries have got dental implants in India successfully. We have been assisting the UK, USA, Canada and Middle East countries to get appointments for their dental implants in India from the best dental surgeons at the top dental clinics.

Brush at bedtime and don't forget to floss

Why international patients travel to India for dental treatment?

The international patients travel to India for dental treatments due to various reasons. The cost of dental implants in the USA is highly expensive. The hospitals in the UK are short-staffed and underequipped. There are long waiting times in Canada to get the dental implants. The shortage of medical professionals in the Middle East countries are the few reasons why the international patients travel to India for dental treatment.

Dental Treatments provided through Indian HealthGuru

The following are the dental treatments provided through Indian HealthGuru:

  • Dental implants for single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or all missing teeth
  • General dentistry such as crown and bridges, onlays and inlays, root canal, dentures, etc.
  • Cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain venners and teeth whitening
  • Minimally invasive dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Minimally invasive dentistry

Dental procedures include

  • Laser Dentistry
  • Porcelain Veneers or Porcelain Laminates
  • Implantology
  • Pocket Depth Reduction
  • Enamel Shaping
  • Dental Jewellery
  • Enamel Microabrasion
  • Dental cleaning
  • Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Understanding Bruxism
  • Crown Lengthening & Gingioplasty
  • Zoom Teeth Whitening
  • Composite bonding
  • Tooth Removal
  • Bleaching
  • Sealants
  • PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors)
  • Smile Design/ Cosmetic Dentistry

Affordable packages for global patients

 The affordable dental implant packages in India for the global patients from the USA, UK, Canada, Middle East, etc. are given in the table below:


Procedures USA ($) India ($)
Tooth Colored Composite Fillings 100 to 200 15 to 20
Cleaning & Polishing 150 to 350 15 to 50
Root Canal 400 to 700 50 to 90
Braces (Orthodontic) 3500 to 6000 500 to 1000

 What makes Indian HealthGuru in India so special???

Indian HealthGuru provides qualitative and quantitative dental implants from the expert Indian dentists at the top dental clinics and hospitals in India. They are renowned to produce best results with quality services. The special packages for dental implants in India include affordable and combined deal on the dental procedures and tourism in India. This ensures to provide the you with renewed pearly smile which will boost your confidence level.

Our association with the dental clinics in India are well equipped with the latest instruments and world class infrastructure. The equipments are ultra modern and of the international standards. We have an ultra modern dental infrastructure wherein all the facilities which are available to cater to each smile or a better denture. All these are backed upby the extraordinary talents and as a result, it has become one of the most sought after doctors in the field. These dental clinics in India offer good quality dental implants at reasonable prices.

Indian HealthGuru offers the following services:

  • Special tailor made packages for dental implants in India
  • Arranging your dental treatment at the world class dental clinics and hospitals in India
  • Assistance with medical visa to India
  • Organizing your flight, travel, transport and accommodation in India
  • Liaising with the dentists and dental surgeons
  • Coordinating dental procedures on your behalf at the state of the art facilities and technologies
  • No waiting times to get excellent quality services
  • Arranging the recuperation holidays

Call now at +91-9371136499 or send your query to to get a fast track reply for dental implants special packages in India.


Dr Tarun Giroti in Delhi India offers Dental treatment you Desire and Deserve


 Mouth with oral inconsistencies is a typical way which spread a significant number of physical issues. Our body and mouth can influence each other and the other way around. A long, illness free life is really credited to keeping up a superior oral care. Our oral health may influence to or may get affected by various disease and abnormalities that incorporate.


International patients too looking at India for dental procedures

Low Cost dental surgeries are a vital factor that draws patients from around the globe to India. A smile design procedure in India would cost just about US$1,000-2,000 compared with the U.S. where it is between US$8,000-10,000 while a basic root canal in India costs anything between US$100-200 compared with US$1,000 in the U.S. and this without a trade off on quality. The nation witnesses huge number of global patients particularly from the U.S., Middleast, Africa, China, and SAARC nations who lean toward India for dental treatment while they come to explore here as tourist. An ever increasing number of individuals are choosing India for dental treatment in India, because of reputation of Indian doctors, reasonable cost of dental treatment, simplicity of travel and no language barrier.  This has given an extraordinary lift to dental tourism in India.

Dental Care at Dr. Tarun Giroti Sterling Dental Clinic Delhi India

A good Dental care means regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, going for frequent dental check-ups, and consuming a healthy diet. Practicing these habits will prevent your gums from getting damaged, control bad breath, and increase the life of your teeth.

The common ailments that require dental care are abscesses, caries or cavities, cancer of the mouth, bad breath, loosening of tooth, leukoplakia or white patches, and gingivitis or gum diseases. At Dr. Tarun Giroti Sterling Dental Clinic in Delhi India, dental care with Implantology, Invisible Braces, Laser Dentistry (painless soft tissue treatment), Paediatric Dentistry, and a painless root canal. All types of Dental Surgery at is offered by Dr.Tarun Giroti Sterling Dental Clinic in Delhi India at Very Low Cost

At Dr. Tarun Giroti Sterling Dental Clinic in Delhi India offers technologies like RVG Chair (Chair Side X-Ray), Digital Orthopantagram and Dental Implants, it caters to patients’ preventive and primary healthcare requirements. All types of Dental Surgery at Very Low Cost

Dr Tarn Giroti Top Recommended Surgeon for Dental Surgery India

Dr. Tarun Giroti has been practicing as Dental Surgeon in Delhi for more than 19 years. He has a dental clinic Sterling Dental Clinic in Delhi India with the latest instruments, which is one of the best in India. He is also a Panel Dental Surgeon at Indian Health Guru Consultant. In the clinic, ultimate care is taken to assure proper sterilization.  Dr tarun Giroti has trained extensively in immediate Implantology, basal implants, bone grafting, sinus lift, and ridge expansion in Europe. Dr. Giroti is a practitioner of multiple dental implant systems, including the BOI implants. He also specializes in immediate Implantology, smile designing, and full mouth rehabilitation.  He offers truly the excellent dental implants surgery in India! For the fine and abiding enterprise that he has shown in being able to set up an emerging dental clinic where all the facilities are available for catering to each smile or a better denture, besides providing all the crucial and other services.

Reasons why you should choose Indian Health Guru Consultants in India

At Indian Health Guru Consultant we strive to achieve the highest standard of consumer service and to take the very best care of you. Your complete travel and dental solution plan is planned by us. Indian Health Guru Consultants in India manage your travel and dental experience, from transport, hotels and sightseeing to the best cosmetic dentists in India. Our in house dental lab helps us to deliver affordable and quality restorations in minimal time and even latest technology and materials are used.

To get the best cost estimate for the treatment in India, please share your medical reports at

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Cataract Surgery Packages in India


If you are looking for an expert in health tourism here your hunt gets over; Indian health guru consultants is the best health tourism comply in India. With their heard work they have helped many international patients to take a breadth of relief from their major disease. They help their patients from day one when they take the enquiry and help them to get appointment in the top hospital of India at affordable package; which includes medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc. When it comes to health care they are the best to rely on.


Why international patients travel to India for Cataract Surgery Treatment?

India is known for its best medical care; many international patients have been best treated for their major eye problem. India has the best medical panel; which is a group of top eye care specialist who would deal with your eye problem. These medical specialists are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad. They are well experienced in handling eye conditions. Every patient desire to get well soon of their medical condition especially when it comes to eyes no one wants to be careless. As Indian hospitals are the best in techniques and are also updated with all the latest equipment one can easily rely on them for their cataract surgery. Many patients are best treated every year for their eye problem in India. This is because of the best care they get from the doctors and nurses in India; after their care and treatment they return home back with all their happiness, joy and also long term good health.

Cataract Surgery Treatments provided through Indian HealthGuru India

Indian health guru the best medical service provider will help you to reach the top doctors and surgeons in India who would help you to get the best treatment which will help you to have healthy eyes. Yes, you may not get back your original eyes but the treatment will help you have a disease free eye which will be without any problem. Cataract surgery through Indian health guru consultants is the best option because it can help you to reach the top surgeons who are well trained and have seen and treated many such eye problems. Indian health guru consultants will assist you with every best way they can to treat your condition.

Cataract Surgery packages for global patients:

Cataract surgery packages in India are very affordable as compared to other countriesand without any long wait the surgery can be planned. The surgeons in India are very experienced and help you with the best treatment procedure that can help you to get back your proper vision and healthy eye site. The treatment procedure includes the test, eye checkup which helps to know the type of treatment that should be used to treat the particular type of cataract. This is how the cataract surgery treatment is done under the best supervision and top surgeons and doctors. One would never regret to be treated under such professional hands. This is how you can get to have the best cataract treatment at affordable cost in India.

What makes Indian HealthGuru India so special?

Indian health guru consultants is the best medical tourism company in India. They have helped many patients to live a disease free life. They are associated with the best hospitals and surgeons in India who are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad. The consultants will help you to get the best affordable package for any of your eye conditions and will help you to get the best treatment at affordable cost. The package would include all the primary needs that a patient would look for when they step down to India for their medical  treatment. It is very easy to approach Indian hospital with the help of Indian health guru consultants.

For more details visit our website or fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below given details.

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