Dental Implants by Dr. Tarun Giroti Helps Building Healthy Smiles


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that offer a permanent base for constant, replacement teeth. Compared to dentures, bridges and crowns, dental implants are a popular and effective long-term solution for people who suffer from missing teeth, failing teeth or chronic dental problems.


Dental implant procedure in India

Dental implants typically have three parts:

1) The implant: A screw that serves as a root in your new teeth. That is what completely attaches for your jaw.

2) The abutment: A permanent, however detachable via your medical doctor, connector that helps and holds a teeth or set of enamel.

3) The crown (or prosthetic tooth): this is the part of the teeth that you may see. It’s generally manufactured from zirconium or porcelain for sturdiness and good lucky.

You may use dental implants to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a complete higher and/or lower set of teeth. In case you want to restore a full arch, you will be an ideal candidate for the all-on-four treatment. Our surgeons will place 4 implants after which connect a complete arch of teeth, giving the system its call.

Quick look at benefits of dental treatment by Dr. Tarun Giroti top dental surgeon in Vasant Vihar Delhi

Dr. Tarun Giroti’s sterling dental clinic is one of the finest and most advanced dental clinics in India. The clinic meets ISO specifications and is ergonomically designed keeping the patients comfort in mind. One of the most unique as well as unique capabilities of the clinic includes of a well-ready attached laboratory. With Dr. Tarun Giroti dentist in Delhi India, all patients are assured of the best services in dental health care in a very non-stressful and comforting ambiance. Dr. Tarun Giroti the best dental implantologist in Delhi India assures the best service in oral health care in a very non-stressful ambiance and thorough attention is paid to hygiene and sanitation. Dr. Tarun Giroti the top endodontist in Delhi has an excellent reputation as the best dental surgeon. He is dedicated to provide the best dental treatments available within the reach of a common man.

Dental implants by Dr. Tarun Giroti top endodontist at sterling dental clinic in Delhi

A healthy smile is an indication of wellness. It reflects self esteem and bounding spirit and vitality. It is also a value of general well being. Dr. Tarun Giroti the top dental surgeon Vasant Vihar Delhi is a versatility known for its varied range of dental treatments. He provides every treatment under dentistry, right from dental emergencies to beautification of your smile.  Dr. Tarun Giroti dental implant surgeon in Delhi specializes in giving that healthy glowing smile. Because of his unmatched quality control and years of experience, he gives lifetime warranty on dental implants. Dr. Tarun Giroti is a specialized and offers the most advanced form of the dental replacement treatment wherein there occurs the minimum number of implants that are providing support to the maximum number of teeth. Dr. Tarun Giroti the top dental surgeon in Vasant Vihar Delhi offers all types of dental surgery at very low cost in India.

Why choose Indian health guru consultants for your treatment in India

Indian health guru consultant’s model puts the patient at centre of care and focus is always on every single patient. Every activity revolves around that patient. Indian health guru consultant is having years of satisfying experience in successfully managing thousands of complex cases from all across the specialties. Indian health guru consultant allows you in making knowledgeable treatment selection. We act as a patient’s advocate. You owe it to yourself to find the finest treatment available for the type of disease you have. Indian health guru consultant helps you in selecting the best and most appropriate doctor and hospital for your treatment in India. We at single factor recognition are the effective and first-class treatment effects. that is why we’ve got 100 % achievement rate of all the sufferers till  date.

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Where’s the best place to get dental implants?


Dental implants is a surgical implant which allows the dentist to plant a metal screw on which the dentist places the artificial teeth upon the screw which has been planted inside the jaw bone; and it will allow to replace the teeth whenever necessary this will give a better life better than  the life you had before implant. The American dental association consider two types:

Thumbs Up

Endosteal implant: This implant is planted directly into the jawbone. After this surgery is done some time is provided to the patient so that the tissues can be healed then after healing a second surgery is done to connect the main implant then finally the artificial tooth is connected on it.

Brisbane dental implant group-your one stop shop for all your dental implant needs

This group offers the best implant and safe implant. Our team provide all the implants all that you want from the starting to the end. This means faster and very convenient for all. Here is the name of the specialised implant team:

  • Dr Michael howard dentist
  • Dr Edward hsumaxilloficalsurgon
  • Dr peter Russell dental technician
  • Greg mann acrylic technician
  • Laneberhardt dental ceramist

This implant has become a revolutionary method for all the treatment. It is the best type of treatment better than bridges and dentures.

What are my dental implant options?

Here are some options for dental implants:

  • Replacing one tooth
  • Replacing multiple teeth
  • Replacing all teeth

From these replacements you can choose as your requirements. In one replacement only one tooth is replaced with artificial for a good and better jaw. Replacing multiple teeth; in this multiple teeth are replaced with artificial teeth. And replacing all teeth means implanting all the teeth with artificial teeth.

Here are some more options for implants and bridges:

  • Tooth supported fixed bridge: This is the common replacement bridge option provided to all patients.
  • Removable partial dentures: This type of implant has some issues like; it will change your eating and speaking style.
  • Resin-bounded bridge: It is also called Maryland- bridge in this a metal or porcelain wings on each side of the bridge.
  • Complete denture: It’s the low cost bridge provided it replaces all the teeth with artificial tooth.

Different implants for different treatments

There are some different treatments for different implants:

White fillings: A complete filling is a white resin that is used for amalgam “silver” to provide a strong and complete filling.

Crowns: When a tooth is cracked or damaged a crown is used to protect and preserve the broken teeth and maintain it.

Bridges: A bridge is a device that fills the fallen, the space of the broken tooth and been removed and it is attached to 2 surrounding abutments.

Tooth extraction: tooth extraction is to remove the tooth from its original place this type of treatment is only use to remove damaged tooth from the jaw.

Root canal treatment: sometimes the nerve of the tooth dies and get infected because of decay, deep filling or trauma. Root canal is a treatment to save and preserve such tooth from being damaged

Porcelain veneers: This porcelain has thin pieces that are placed in front of tooth.

Tooth whitening: Tooth whitening helps to whiten the yellow teeth and make it bright and clean to look white as snow.

Wisdom tool removal: When there is insufficient space for the tooth which is at the back side of the jaw; this type of treatment is used to make some space or to remove the extra teeth to maintain the jaw.

The best place to get dental implants

Here are some names where you can get the best implants you need

  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Czech republic
  • Dubai
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Costa rica
  • Hungary

These are some of the best places for the best dental treatment.

Bottom line

Follow these instructions they are especially for those who have dental problems this can provide you the best instructions and help you to improve your dental problem.


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Why you should cross the border for a Full Mouth Reconstruction by Dr Tarun Giroti in India


Full mouth reconstruction describes the process of rebuilding all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. This process typically involves general or restorative dentists, while it may also incorporate various other dental specialists – such as oral surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists and periodontists.

Patients generally tend to opt for a full mouth reconstruction when teeth have been lost due to decay or trauma, teeth have been fractured or severely worn due to long-term acid erosion or tooth grinding. Occlusion (the bite) might require adjustments when a patient suffers from ongoing jaw, muscle or headaches.

The full mouth reconstruction process:

If you think you need a full mouth reconstruction, your Dr Tarun Giroti can give you a full oral examination to determine the best treatment option that can be used. He will determine the extent of your problem by examining the following areas:

Teeth: The restorative procedure you will undergo is determined by the condition of your teeth.

Periodontal (Gum) Tissues: If your gums are unhealthy you may require intensive treatment from a periodontist to create a solid foundation for your newly reconstructed teeth. These treatments could involve soft tissue or bone grafts to build up your gums and underlying jaw bone.

Temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles and occlusion: A normal, painless bite is important to your overall oral health. Therefore, when planning your restoration you need to consider the occlusal changes which might take place. You may require orthodontics or other treatment – like night guards or bite reprogramming orthotic – before the restorative procedure can be performed.

Esthetics: How your lips frame your smile when you laugh, smile or speak should be considered and studied through visual and photographic analysis, as this plays a big role in full mouth reconstruction. Once Dr Tarun Giroti has completed the examination and obtained enough information obtaining to your case, a treatment plan can be developed to correct the problems in your mouth, as well as begin your full mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Reconstruction by Dr Tarun Giroti in India:

Dr Tarun Giroti has restored full health and function to thousands of patients, rapidly and without pain. It’s not uncommon for people to put off getting dental care, or feel that they have a large number of issues that need to be addressed. That’s why Dr Tarun Giroti does his best to make it extremely comfortable for his patients to be here and get the treatment they need. Dental Restoration is the process of restoring damaged, broken-down or missing teeth to a healthy, functional and beautiful state. If have one or more missing teeth, you have teeth that seriously decayed, cracked or broken, or you have suffered injuries to your mouth and jaw, dental restoration and cosmetic dentist Dr Tarun Giroti can help. With more than 24 years of experience in high-quality dental restoration and cosmetic dentistry, and a full-service dental spa complete with advanced equipment that permits rapid, accurate diagnosis and treatment, Dr Tarun Giroti will transform your smile to full health – in exactly the manner that you need and want and at exactly the pace that is right for you – comfortably and beautifully. Dr Tarun Giroti is an award-winning Indian dental surgeon who has helped thousands of patients with difficult or complex dental restorations. Having personally placed thousands of implants and tooth restorations, he has the experience, skill and artistic eye to restore your smile to full health and beauty. A unique combination of artistry and skill has made Dr Tarun Giroti India’s leading cosmetic dentist. He also offers the Waterlase MD™ Turbo, a high-tech cooling laser which can be used for fixing a gummy smile, drilling cavities, treating periodontal disease and more. This means the elimination of the vibration and heat of a drill so that soft-tissue procedures can be completed painlessly, and without the bleeding and swelling that comes with drilling and surgery.

Indian has a reason to smile! Dr Tarun Giroti’s dental care is open and providing a number of inexpensive spa dentistry procedures to correct and brighten your smile. Dr Tarun Giroti’s patients claim he is the best dentist India has to offer. Your bright smile is waiting for you!

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Low cost, but still good – high-quality Dental implants by Dr Tarun Giroti in India

Dr. Tarun Giroti give a 360 degree view of a full mouth restoration (FMR) in Delhi India

Inlay & onlays treatment by Dr Tarun Giroti in Ind

low cost Dental Implants in India with Dr Tarun Giroti

Reasons why don’t think Twice before getting Dental Bonding & Enamel Shaping with Dr Tarun Giroti in India.

Explore types of Dental Implants by Dr Tarun Giroti in India




How long do Dental Implants last?


Today modern dentistry offers dental implants which are best solution for tooth replacement. Its main advantage is longetivity. Theoretically, the dental implants are can last for a lifetime. From the mid-1960’s, dental implants were being used to replace missing teeth. However, from the past few years, they have been largely used as they are safe and conventional option to get natural-looking teeth.


Need of Dental Implants

Dental implants have following advantages in comparison to crowns, dentures and bridges:

  • They function in similar way as natural teeth so you could have no difficulty while eating or cleaning teeth.
  • Dental implants feel and appear as natural.
  • If adjacent teeth are healthy, they need not be filled as support for missing tooth or teeth. Hence, it reduces need for root fillings.
  • Using dental implants, a strong grip can be given to the removable dentures.
  • With dental implants no special glue is needed to hold false teeth at required place.
  • With dental implants, natural process of the bone renewal is stimulated which helps in a good appearance of face and restored teeth.

Candidate of Dental Implant

Dental implant procedure is appropriate for anyone with one or more missing teeth and wishes to improve their chewing ability and physical appearance. However, it is important that patient should be 18 years or more and their bone tissue have been fully developed.

If you are thinking about dental implants then your mouth should be in a healthy condition with no gum disease or untreated tooth decay or else they will lead to dental implant failure or development of an infection. As per dentists, those having a healthy oral hygiene are candidate of dental implant.

When are dental implants not suitable?

Dental implants are not suitable in following conditions:

  • If a patient has problems of unrestrained diabetes and untreated periodontitis as there is a fear of infection and slow healing.
  • If jaw line isn’t sufficiently thick for accommodation of implants due to which bone grafting becomes impossible.
  • People who smoke because their efficiency of healing becomes lower and they can become candidate for a failed dental implant.
  • Dental implants cannot be done in people with blood clotting problems and some bone diseases, drug abuse, any kind of a deficiency in immune system and systemic illnesses.

How Long Dental Implants Last?

When someone says dental implants can last forever, it is no exaggeration but it is utmost important that a person should be healthy and have great bones. If a patient has a good oral hygiene then his implant will lasts for a lifetime. Today, dental implants are most successful cases of tooth replacement options. Continue with brushing, flossing and using dental water jet to take proper care of your implants. Also regular dental check-ups are necessary.

Though they are permanent restoration but success of it depends on following factors:

  • A professional and highly-qualified Dentist

It is necessary for longevity of your dental implant. Dentist should have clear idea of neuromuscular dentistry and how they can help patients.

  • Superior materials

For decades, basics of dental implant surgery have been same but now dentists use superior materials mainly ceramic or metal or a combination-type of an implant.

  • An improved match

Due to advancement in technology, titanium implants are treated chemically by improving their compatibility with living tissue. Now Computer Assisted Design (CAD) is used for a good replacement and fitting along with other teeth.

  • Are dental implants for you

Dental implants are good option only if you do not have any gum disease, don’t smoke or take heavy medication.

Risk Factors for Dental Implant Failure

If there has been no problem in healing process post dental implant, most probable risk factor is insufficient oral hygiene. This is because of bacteria build-up on surface of implant leading to inflammation of mucous membrane which surrounds implant called mucositis which if left untreated can lead to peri-implantitis, a more dangerous condition. In this case, there is inflammation and bone loss around implant which leads to loosening of implants.

Other risk factors include poorly aligned bite and trauma to the tooth or jaw.


Today, dental implants are best for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Be careful with your oral hygiene habits after procedure to make it successful. In recent years, India is most sought after destination of medical tourists seeking dental implants due to low cost compared to the Western nations.


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How much do dental implants cost?


Nowadays, tooth loss is very much rarer than it was once. As per the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, the number of people with total or partial tooth loos has fallen significantly since the year 1970. This doesn’t mean that people still don’t loss their teeth. One option available to the 178 million people who are missing at least a single tooth is replacing it with the dental implant.

Around 2.3 million dental implants are made each year for permanently replacing the lost teeth. Hence it is essential to know how much do the dental implants cost and are you really getting a good value for your money when you get them?

Dental implants versus other replacement options

The dental implants and dentures are two of the most common options for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. The big difference between the two is the way they fit in your mouth and their cost.

The dentures are not permanently attached to your gums or jawbones. Instead they are meant to be removed at night so that you do not accidently swallow them. They can replace just one tooth or all of your teeth. They tend to cost less than the dental implants. A full set of dentures will cost about $2,500.

The dental implants can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Unlike the dentures, these are permanently fixed in your mouth and held in place by a titanium post. This is covered by a crown which looks like a natural tooth. A single dental implant starts at $3,000. If you need to replace multiple teeth, then the cost will climb up to $11,500 and can reach up to $4,500.

Big picture cost of dental implants

Although you might get sticker shock when you find out the cost of dental implants, it helps you to look at the big picture. While the dental implants will cost more as compared to the dentures, you are less likely to need replacing them. Also the success rate for the dental implants are higher at 95%. Meanwhile, over a period of time the dentures tend to wear down. Usually, they need to be replaced every few years, which will add to their total cost. You might need to pay $2,000 for dentures each year and the need to pay another $2,000 to get a new set within a few years.

Insurance coverage for dental implants

Having a dental insurance may lower the upfront cost of getting the dental implants. Most insurance companies do not provide the coverage, since they don’t view the implants as necessary. Some insurance companies expect you to get a pre-treatment estimate from your dentist before you get the implants. You may go through the estimate in hand and the insurance provider can confirm which services will be covered under it. The insurance company will also provide you with a fair idea of what to expect to pay out of pocket.

Ways to lower the cost of implants

If you do not have the cash on hand to cover the cost of dental implants and your insurance company policy also doesn’t cover them, then you have a few options to get the treatment at reduced cost. One such option is to sign up for a dental discount plan. Typically, the discount plans charge you an annual or a monthly fee. In exchange, you will get a certain percentage off the cost of dental treatments including the dental implants.

Another way is to visit a dental school where a dental student who is supervised by a professor will place the implants and hence you will get lower than average cost dental implant. Using money from a fexible spending account or a health savings account will allow you to pay for dental implants using tax-free dollars. You can save up to 20% depending on your tax bracket.


The dental implants aren’t cheap but usually they are a one and done treatment. It is therefore up to you to decide if you want to pay a higher price up front for the replacement teeth which last for a long time, pay less now and have to replace the dentures in a few years.


Cosmetic Dentistry in India


A beautiful smile is worth treasuring. As per the recent surveys conducted in the US, it has shown that many people believe that a good looking smile can be a game changer in a career. It creates a wonderful first impression and make a person to feel good. Any procedure beautifying the teeth and gums are considered as a cosmetic dentistry. In India, we offer a wide range of dental services to reshape and transform your teeth in order to improve your smile.


Cosmetic dentistry – The need and application

There was a time when dental care purely focused to improve the oral health and had nothing to do with how the teeth and gums appeared. However, the advancement in dental technology allowed the dentists to consider the aesthetic aspect when performing the treatment. Today, a dental professional consider the aesthetics when performing almost every procedure. The lifestyle changes and increase in self consciousness among the population have raised the need for cosmetic procedures to transform your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry and oral health

The cosmetic dentistry in India offers a wide spectrum of solutions for all your dental issues. The dentists recommend procedures in which the overall oral health is improved and not compromised. The procedure can be very simple as restoring a decayed tooth using a tooth-colored filling to the dental veneers which are carefully fabricated to reshape the natural teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry – Treatment methods

Teeth whitening:

Staining from tea, coffee, wine and many other foods will leave your teeth looking dull and dingy. The tooth whitening is a procedure in which the stain is removed from the surface of the tooth. This can be either done in office or with a custom, take home kit. Getting the tooth whitening through a dental office is far safe and more effective. Beware of the over the counter whitening products through they may appear to be a cheaper alternative, However, in the long term they cost more to provide adequate results. Further, many of the over the counter products will lead to hypersensitivity in the teeth.

Cosmetic Bonding:

The cosmetic bonding is similar to dental veneers with the only difference that it may be used in cases where only minor changes are required.

Tooth colored fillings:

The tooth colored fillings is dental materials used for treating a decayed tooth. These fillings are carefully prepared for matching the natural color of the tooth.

Dental veneers:

Dental veneers are an excellent way to reshape and redesign your entire mouth and smile. A veneer is a very thin porcelain shell covering the existing tooth structure. By placing these new veneers on your teeth, you are able to fix the look of issues such as spaces, straining, misaligned teeth, cracked teeth, chipped teeth, etc.

Bridges and Partial Dentures:

Bridges are made of porcelain bonded to the precious metal while in some cases; other non-precious metals are used in the base for strength. There are new bridges made entirely of a special type of strong porcelain.

The partial dentures are a plate with one or more false teeth which may be all plastic or a mixture of metal and plastic on it. Both types may have clips to help them keep the denture in place in your mouth. Depending on where they are, some of the clips may show when you open your mouth or smile.


It is an artificial restoration which fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth to make it strong and give it the shape of a natural tooth. Also known as a cap, it can be made of a variety of different materials such as porcelain, glass, all-ceramic, and gold alloy crowns.

Dental Implants:

It is used to support one or more false teeth and has a titanium screw that replaces the root of a tooth when it fails.

Orthodontic treatment:

It is a way to straighten or move teeth, improve their appearance and how they work.





How to Improve Your Child’s First Dental Visit?


It is generally recommended that your child be seen by a dentist by the age or one or within six months after his or her first tooth comes in. Usually, your child’s first dental visit will be short and involves very little treatment. This visit will give you child an opportunity to meet the dentist in a non-threatening and friendly way.

During the examination, some dentists may ask the parent to sit in the dental chair and hold their child. You may also be asked to wait in the reception area during part of the visit so as to establish the relationship between your child and the dentist. The dentist will check all of your child’s existing teeth for decay, look for any potential problems with jaw, gums and oral tissues and examine your child’s bite. If indicated, the dentist will clean any teeth and asses the need for fluoride. He/she will educate the parents about oral health care basics for children and discuss about the dental developmental issues and answer your questions.

Cure girl at dentist with mother, both learning about dental hygiene

We don’t know a lot of people who like to go to the dentist. Although for us it;s routine, but for your child it could be intimidating. There are many ways you can improve your child’s first dental visit and we are going to show you how!

Don’t make it a big deal

In order to improve your child’s first dental visit, try not to talk about the visit too many times since your child can start becoming suspicious and concerned about it. They could focus on the issue too heavily and become wary when they don’t have to by stressing out thinking it to be something which is really serious. Often, your child will pick up the stressful vibes from the adults and react to it.

Don’t be negative

Past should remain buried- even if you haven’t had any good experience with a dentist as a child, you don’t need to tell yours. Ensure that the person taking care of your child is a professional who make your child feel at ease.

Go when they’re young

The younger your child is, the better the possibility of them of not being afraid. They are more likely to go in without getting stressed or overly worried if you remain calm in front of them. If you want a dentist who works with children, you can use our services to find one.

Do not use bribery

Bribery could make your visit to the dentist seem like a chore as it make your child  seem like something they need to endure for a reward. It may give them negative connotations and in the future you’ll never escape the bribery. Go ahead with a positive attitude and make it a comfortable experience for all.

Use positive language

Try not to use any negative words since association to hurt, pain or discomfort before they even visit the dentist won’t do any good to improve your child’s first dental visit. They’ll become scared and worried. Keep it on a positive note and maybe mention how the dentist will help to keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Playing Dentist!

Sometimes playing with a child can leave more of a positive impact on them. Try to take them to doctors and nurses with their friends if your child likes playing. Try playing dentist with them to teach them the importance of their visit but in a fun way. They will use this imagination during the game and then later during their actual visit.

Don’t fuss

Do not fuss too much if your child get scared as it’s inevitable that some kids no matter what will worry during their first dental visit. However, acknowledging that worry and fussing over them will make them feel like it’s something to fuss about. Therefore calmly and kindly tell them it’s all fine and let the dentist use his training for working with your kid since it is all they need to get used to it.

As parent or a legal guardian accompanying your child for their first dental visit, it is important to ask about the complete health information concerning your kid. We hope this helps you to improve your child’s first dental visit and all go smoothly.