Social and economic dimensions of medical tourism sector in India


Medical tourism helps those patients who wish to leave their home country to access non-emergency health care services in India. A growth in this practice resulted in significant amount of attention that is being given to it from policy-makers, researchers and the media. Medical tourism acts like a bridge between the international patients and top Indian hospitals.


A special seminar was conducted at Periyar University where the past, present and the future position of medical tourism market was discussed. These discussions included the challenges that medical tourism has to face during its growth in the country. In a two-day seminar medical experts discussed all about the social and economic dimensions of medical tourism sector in India.

Medical tourism in India:

The best medical service at affordable cost with quality, immediate action and advanced medical care attracts people across the world to India. A crowd of medical tourist more than 117,000 in number are welcome by India and offer the best healthcare facilities to them. The number keeps on increasing every month, every year and also the quality of service keep on increasing in terms of new techniques and equipments. India has the best medical panel, caring staff, which makes India the best destination for medical tourism. Indian hospitals are known for its best service, quality medical facilities and best infrastructure.

 Effects of state-of-the-art procedures on medical tourism in India:

Some of the benefits of state-of-the art procedures on medical tourism in India are as follows:

  • India offers state-of-the-art procedures to medical tourists and this helps to promote the country as a great medical tourism destination.
  • Combining medical tourism and alternative therapies together can help people to deal with the side effects of procedures like chemotherapy.
  • This has increased the number of medical tourists in the country. People can get a change to get the benefits of both medical procedures and state-of-the-art procedures at the same time.
  • Hospitals and medical care centers of the country offer alternative medical facilities to people, which help patients to recover faster.



Medical tourism in India is in demand because of its best service at affordable cost. The state-of-the-art procedures make India a favorable destination to avail a medical service. Many developing countries promote medical tourism but the best service makes medical tourism in India the best service provider. India has made a big leap building up medical facilities and treatments in both government and private sectors. These changes are not enough; the country has to create greater awareness to promote medical tourism in a better way.

Medical tourism sounds different but has saved many international patients life. The patients get quick response for their treatment and with the help of consultants they assist every patient the best way they can. The medical tourism is more in woke not only because of the service that is provided in India; but also looking at the affordable cost patients get more attracted to get assisted by the medical tourism consultants. With the help of the best medical panel who are very cooperative too; the patients get better assistance for their medical treatment. The medical tourism help the patients round the glob to get the best affordable package for their medical treatment. India delivers the best medical service at affordable cost. Medical tourism have given reason to Indian hospitals to pull up their socks and work hard to bring up new treatment procedures to successfully meet every patients medical needs. Medical tourism has taken a firm root because of their ground level hard work behind every patient.

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Choose the Right Medical Tourism Company in India – Here’s What to Look For


India is a medical travel destination for patients seeking world class treatment at competitive rates. There are many medical tourism companies in India that can help patients to plan and arrange health tour at an affordable price. India major for attraction for foreign patients who seeks medical treatments. When it comes to surgeries and treatments, people often have queries around the best hospitals, and cost of treatment and best surgeons almost everyone goes to the internet to validate or find about it. Medical tourism in India is for anyone looking for affordable medical services and the necessary infrastructure at hospitals that best address their concern.


Planning your Trip with a Medical Tourism Company

Every patient has a right to seek the highest level of quality medical treatment at the most affordable cost. Medical tourism companies in India help foreign patients to seek treatment at some of the best hospitals in India, which are located across the country. Some medical tourism companies even provide free consultation, so it can be useful for patient to check out the websites of some such medical tourism service in India.

Travelling Distance

The distance of travel destination from one country to another can be the deciding factor if someone who dislikes long-distance travel. The medical tourists have different reasons for travelling such a long distance: America it’s a huge cost savings and in countries like UK waiting periods is very long. This brings patients to India where they can get faster treatment. People from Africa also look for better treatment and low cost in India. Another benefit of medical tourism is getting a chance to travel to another country.

Cost of Surgery

Medical Tourism Company in India is well-connected with top hospitals and provides cost estimates from the hospitals, to allow patients to plan their budget accordingly. For patients interested in getting treatment in India cost is the key factor involved. Surgery and treatment can be very expensive in places like US and UK, and in Indian medical tourism the same procedure can be found at a fraction of the cost. .


The cost accommodation will affect the overall cost of the trip. In India facilitator arrange affordable, decent accommodation  with the package. If the patient is having a surgery or a procedure in India that requires staying in hospital for several days, so then they may need an accommodation only for  a  few days.

 Without a Medical Tourism Company

 Medical tourism is on the rise around the world. Agencies are being set up in India to promote less expensive health care costs to foreign patients from countries where health care costs are through the roof. A medical facilitator helps to curb the language barrier which patients face while travelling to India. Travelling to India without a medical tourism company can put patients into problems like over-expenditure due to improper planning, which can be easily overlooked while planning to own.

How can the Medical Tourism Company Help?  

Medical Tourism Company in India provides world class facilities with hospitals and specialized health centers. Patients should always consider a medical tourism company, who can make introductions, manage appointments and handle their travel plans; they play an important part throughout the treatment process. A Medical tourism company saves patients time and presents with the best options to choose from. Choosing a medical tourism company also gives the peace of mind by helping in putting together the best possible treatment package.  A medical facilitator arranges all the required medical records. Medical Tourism Company in India provides pick up at airport and fix an appointment with the surgeon and arrange for all the pre operatives test required.

Choosing the Right Medical Tourism Company

The bottom line is to choose a medical tourism company that makes you feel most comfortable. Every medical tourism company in India has a different policy regarding the length of stay. Services vary from company to company

Below are important points to consider when deciding on a Medical Tourism Company:

 If a medical tourism company can’t respond to the patient within 48 hours, then it’s a waste of time

  •  Make sure the doctors associated with the company are board certified.
  • Medical tourism company will know the best clinics for the treatment at the best price, and can make recommendations.



All about medical tourism market in India

Due to the recent changes in Indian Rupee, it has become little bit difficult for people to avail the benefits of the advanced medical procedures  at the best hospitals across the country. However, there are some medical service providers offering highest quality medical tourism packages at the most affordable prices for both the national and the international patients sekeing their medical treatments and surgeries in India. All this has become possible with the government help as the Indian government is supporting the medical tourism sector in the country.


India has emerged as a preferred healthcare and wellness destination for patients from across the world. In order to showcase India participating in big way at this year’s International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference, the premier inbound and outbound medical travel is being organized. The Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) which has been set up by the Department of Commerce under India’s Ministry of Commerce is participating on behalf of the Government of India at the event showcasing the theme “India Heals”. It has been promoting India as an ideal healthcare and wellness destination with the presence of the medical tourism market in India.

It is also hoped that the presence at IMTEC 2016 gives the country the opportunity to leverage the long standing relationship with the Middle East and the USA. This will lead to enhancing the ties and explore the potential opportunities in the field of the medical tourism market in India.

Medical tourism in India

India has many clinics, hospitals and nursing homes offering a wide range of the medical services and procedures to their guests from abroad. The municipal owned clinics in India offer the highest quality medical treatments at economical prices which suits the budget of the global patients. The medical tourists can get good medical procedures done in the municipal clinics and this can go for the private clinics and hospitals to get excellent outcome from the surgeries done without spending much.

Medical tourism in India offers various procedures such as urology, gynecology, Traumatology, orthopaedics, maxilla facial surgeries, eye surgery, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgeries, dental procedures and general surgeries. Patients can get the benefits of different medical procedures in India that will help improve their quality of life.

Effects of rising medical costs

The rising healthcare costs and long waits for quality medical care are pushing millions of patients each year to search for the best medical tourism destinations abroad. This has lead to an increase in the number of medical tourists to India. The doctors and medical professionals in India are able to treat almost all types of ailments. Availability of latest healthcare technology attracts patients from across the globe to seek affordable treatment in India.

Effects of economic crises on medical tourism

Indian economic troubles have affected the economic growth of the country as well as the healthcare and medical tourism sector. The international patients still seek their medical treatments done at affordable prices in India. Medical tourism market in India is estimated to be over $1 billion per year. Though the medical prices are economical in the country since the medicines, medical equipments and other facilities are well within the budget of our patients. This is the reason why patients prefer India for their medical treatments from the world class hospitals and best surgeons in India.


The changes in the currency of India are affecting the growth of medical tourism market in the country. However, the availability of affordable medical treatments and surgeries in the country has encouraged patients from abroad to choose India as their medical tourism destination.

Things to gain and lose by supplementing Health Care Systems with Medical Tourism


Medical tourism has increasingly become a lucrative option for patients from abroad who want to travel overseas to receive their medical treatments in a bid to enjoy the affordable costs, better healthcare standards, less waiting time an exotic holiday to boot. Many talk about the manifold benefits of the medical tourism and view it as a life saver for many critically ill patients who are hushes by the skyrocketing healthcare costs and the exceeding long waiting periods. However, some are sceptical about this industry and its practicses and hence urges the patients to do their groundwork before you opt for medical tourism. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of medical tourism and the effects of the same on the existing healthcare system.

The Pros

The pros of medical tourism are as follows:

Faster Treatment

When compared to the developed countries such as the US, UK where the waiting lines for getting a specific medical procedure can stretch on for years on end, the waiting time for the same procedures in developing countries such as India is minimal. Hence, medical tourism allows the patients to gain acess to the timely medical care.

Low Costs

A standards medical procedure in a country like India will cost just a fraction of what would cost for the same procedure in the US. In this way, patients can end up saving money while choosing to get their medical treatment overseas.

High Quality Standards

The majority of medical tourism destinations including that in India have internationally accredited medical facilities with the latest medical equipment and technology. They also have well qualified doctors, nurses and other medical personnel which ensures that the patient is in safe hands.


Medical tourism packages comes with a holiday clubbed with your medical treatment. In this way, patients from abroad enjoy a peaceful holiday in a foreign destination during their treatment and can ensure a smooth recovery period.

The Cons

Medical tourism does not come without its share of cons which could well doubt with its effectiveness to supplement a nation’s already existing healthcare system and they include the following:


There is no way for a medical tourist to known detail of the destination and healthcare facility he/she will be visiting unless via internet which is unfortunately packed with misleadinf information. It is very easy for the patient to get misled by accepting treatment from a substandard facility with proper support and care.

Money laundering agencies

There are a number of medical tourism companied that have cropped up over years which promises to help medical tourists gain access to treatments in several destinations. Not all of these are licensed and genuine hence it is easy for patients to get cheated of their head earned money.

Unreliable outcomes

Some procedure have not been patent but still offered in several countries. Fertility procedure are always risky and may cause harmful side effects if not done properly. Individuals choosing these procedure need to do as volunteers for research based studies and the outcomes can be highly unreliable and cause permanent health issues. Governments looking to reduce costs could very well adopt the medical tourism as a standard supplement to the established healthcare system. However, you should always weigh the pros and cons carefully before adopting it as a common practice.


Medical tourism is one the rise with many Governments advocating it as a more lucrative supplement to the existing healthcare system. You should carefully analyze the pros and cons of this industry before promoting it on a grand scale.



How to overcome high medical care costs through Medical tourism in India


The medical tourism industry has gained popularity in each and every corner of the globe. It is providing health, monetary and social benefits to people across the world. However, on the negative side it is affecting the healthcare system of countries such as the US.


Health care in India

The healthcare in India has evolved over the last decade and covers the key areas such as Public Health, Healthcare Delivery, Wellness, Healthcare Startups, Healthcare Insurance and Healthcare Technology. The healthcare system in Indian is known for its quality medical services. The highly skilled, qualified medical professionals are able to treat almost all types of ailments. We can improve the care standards in India by focusing on the preventive health in order to improve the care outcomes.

People from across the world want to get their treatments at the top class hospitals which are equipped with the latest technologies and medical facilities. India offers various treatments and medical procedures such as joint replacement procedures, cosmetic surgeries, cardiac treatments, organ transplant procedures, eye care and dentistry procedures.

Effects of high medical care costs in the USA

Each year, a majority of Americans cross borders to avail the quality and most affordable medical treatments in the medical tourism destinations across India, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The key reason behind this is the high medical care costs in the USA. Patients have to stand in huge lines to get the desired medical attention. However, while choosing the medical tourism destinations like India they get immediate medical treatments. And this has affected the healthcare sector in the USA in the following ways:

Expensive medical care

The highly expensive medical costs in the USA have attracted the attention of people to medical tourism in India. Patients can get the inexpensive and quality medical treatment at their desired medical tourism destination.

Increasing death rate

It becomes difficult for the low income groups in the developed countries such as the US to get desired medical care for their medical condition. This has led to a relative increase in the death rate in the USA.

Medical tourism becoming popular in India

As the medical treatments in the US are becoming expensive, patients get attracted towards the medical tourism in India. Most Americans do not want to go under the knife at their native country and this has majorly affected the healthcare sector of the country.

Americans are trying to overcome high medical care costs through medical tourism in India

The government of the country is making effective policies in order to over the high medical care costs in the US. All these policies are geared for helping people to get their desired medical treatments at the most affordable costs.

Various cities in India have the world class infrastructure, best hospitals and clinics with modern equipments and the latest technology. They also have highly qualified, skilled doctors, surgeons, nurses and staff who are dedicated, caring and compassionate. India ensures to offer quality medical tourism facilities to the international patients seeking the most affordable cost medical treatments and surgeries in India. Interstate medical tourism is also considered as a part of the medical tourism sector. So, people do not have to cross the international borders to get the quality medical treatment in India.


The increasing healthcare costs in the USA are the key reasons why patients at their native country seek the medical tourism in India. This is the reason for increasing popularity of medical tourism in India since we offer highest quality medical care within the budget of our patients travelling here.