7 Professions That Are Bad For Your Heart Health

Recently, the scientists presented their work at the American Heart Association conference found that people in the 7 professions tend to have less healthy habits which affects their heart health adversely. According to a cardiologist, “when people have no autonomy and everything in their work day is constrained, this can have a hard result on their health.Professions Bad for Heart Health

The following 7 professions are bad for your heart health:

  1. Salesperson:SalespersonAbout 68% of the salespeople had poor eating habits and nearly 69% had bad cholesterol.
  2. Police Officers:Police OfficerThough many departments have fitness standards, approximately 90% of the police officers were found obese or overweight. About 77% of them had high cholesterol and 35% had high blood pressure.
  3. Firefighters:FirefightersNearly 90% of the firefighters were found obese or overweight and around 77% of them had high cholesterol and 35% of them had high blood pressure.
  4. Administrative Support Staff:Administrative Support StaffAs per the study, they struggle with their fitness goals and failed to maintain the “ideal” levels of physical activity.
  5. Transportation/ Material Movers:TransportationThey smoke more than any other profession and nearly a quarter of them smoke. Most of the smokers die from the heart diseases than the lung diseases.
  6. Restaurant Workers:Restaurant WorkersIt was found that around 79% of the restaurant workers have poor diets.
  7. Managers, Doctors and Lawyers:Managers and DoctorsAlthough most managers and professionals have a healthy lifestyle, but those in finance and business fields didn’t fare well since they have poor diets. The most healthiest professionals were managers, professionals like doctors and lawyers. They hit the gym regularly and about 75% of them are considered to be moderately active. About one-third of them had an ideal body mass and only about 6% of them smoke.