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Overview of Cardiac surgery

The cardiac surgery in India deals with diagnosis and treatment of cardiac or heart ailments and disorders. This can be called as a medical specialty that involves caring of a number of issues that are associated with the cardiac issues and problems found in its arteries. The doctors dealing with the cardiac issues are called as the cardiologists. There are several best cardiac surgeons in India that offer the global patients the best of the healthcare services. Thanks to the highly competitive cardiac hospitals and health systems that make things perfect for the global patients.

Symptoms of Cardiac surgery

There are several ways in which one can imagine that he or she is getting a heart issue. This will prompt you to report to a cardiac surgeon. Some of the symptoms that can lead to cardiac surgery India include the swelling found in hands, feet, and ankles, too much tiring scene after the exercises, the shortness of breath during the physical activities, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, chest pain and fainting.

Advance procedure for Cardiac surgery

When it comes to the Cardiac surgery India, there are several advanced surgical procedures that keep on adding up. Well, there can be a long list of such surgeries, however, we will be checking only the common and effective ones that are carried out by best cardiac surgeons in India. Let’s check them out:

  • Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Repair(Including Endographs)
  • Valve Repair and Replacement
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)
  • Ross Procedure
  • Heart Transplantation
  • Arrhythmia Surgery. Cardioversion. Pacemaker
  • Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR)
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

Get Appointment of the best cardiac surgeons in India to get rid of all your cardiac ailments .png

Recovery after Cardiac surgery

When it comes to the cardiac surgery India then it mostly depends upon the type of surgery one has carried out. Your recovery would simply start once the surgery is complete depending on your medical condition. It will take place both at the hospital and at your home. The minimally invasive surgical procedures carried out by the best cardiac surgeons in India will take less amount of time, while the others would take a bit more time for obvious reasons. However, there are several things to be kept in mind to get a speedy recovery. The 80 percent of your recovery will take place within two months, hence you need to listen to your doctor carefully and follow all his or her instructions carefully and with patience. Make sure you eat the right stuff along with keeping yourself physically active.

Success Rate of Cardiac surgery India

When it comes to the success rate of cardiac surgery India there are several factors that are responsible for making the success work for you. These factors include the choice of the Best cardiac surgeons in India along with the hospital that makes things perfect for you. For instance, the bypass surgery in India would be around 98 percent, while as per studies, the patients with the risk of heart failure can have lesser chance to recover.

Top Hospitals with most experienced surgeons for Cardiac surgery

When it comes to cardiac surgery India then there are several ways in which the doctor can treat the same. There are many hospitals that offer the best of the cardiac surgery in India, which are known to have the best facilities and features that are governed by state of art technologies. Some of the top heart hospitals include Fortis Escorts, Artemis Hospital, Max Healthcare, Narayana Heart Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Global Hospital to name a few.

Why India is the best for Cardiac surgery?

There are several reasons why to consider cardiac surgery in India. The basic reason is that the global patients get high-quality healthcare services at affordable cost. One can find best cardiac surgeons in India treating the patient with great care and professionalism. The hospitals offering a wide range of cardiac care are known to have the best of the facilities and features that give you quality cardiac care with no waiting time. In fact, for global patients, Cardiac Surgery India is a win-win situation which brings them here to Indian hospitals.

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Medical treatment India calls upon too much of Global Patients


When it comes to the medical treatment India, it has been developed a lot in the past few years by the Indian hospitals and medical systems. Thanks to the massive amount of investment being carried out in India and abroad. All thanks to this a number of groups in the healthcare have developed a lot in this domain giving high-quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. This combination is rare to get when it comes to the medical treatment cost India. More and more global patients are heading to India for this very reason only. Luckily, with affordable cost and competitive quality, which is very much similar to the western world particularly the developed nations like the US and the UK, more and more global patients are heading for this. How about exploring more about it as under:

Describe Medical treatment

When it comes to the Medical Treatment India, these are several healthcare procedures, which are carried out seeking the help of competitive drugs and medicines along with the help of surgical procedures that are carried out to regulate and control the treatment methods for the treatment of the disease and work out as a prevention of the disease, more and more global patients are now looking forward to getting the best of the healthcare services. All thanks to the medical treatment cost India, which gives the patients nothing but the best of the healthcare services. And the best part is, the medical treatment cost India you get with it.

Medical treatment India.png

Availability of High-Quality Medical treatment

India has one of the best and most competitive healthcare services, which are available at affordable cost. There can be a wide range of high-quality medical treatment, which are backed with best efforts. Thanks to the presence of highly competitive doctors and surgeons who are highly skilled and make things really work well for the global patients. This is the reason why more and more global patients are heading to India.

Cost Effectiveness for Medical treatment

One of the most interesting aspects of Medical treatment India is the cost-effectiveness. The low Medical Treatment Cost India, which is backed with one of the best quality goes hand in hand. Interestingly, what matters the most is the quality which is offered with the best and most affordable cost. Do you know that the medical treatment is it heart transplant or any other surgery or the competitive cancer surgery and treatment is available in India in the best of the form and that too at the most affordable cost? In fact, you name any medical treatment and you would get the best of the quality healthcare services, which are backed by quality services.

Why Indian health guru is the best destination for medical treatment

If you are looking for medical treatment India then you would need a medical tourism company for fixing things right. Thanks to the groups like Indian Health Guru, more and more global patients are looking for high-quality healthcare services, which are offered with best of the cost.

Why travel to India for Medical treatment

There are many reasons to travel to India for the medical treatment. One big reason is that you get the best of the medical treatment India backed with affordable cost. With passing time, India has developed its niche hard in establishing like the best of the place for a wide range of medical treatment in India. The availability of the best of the doctors and surgeons have made things work for the global patients. Also, the state of art hospitals also makes a great difference.

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Avail the advanced eye surgery India Seeking the Top Surgeon at Best Hospital


The human eye is often considered as a complex mechanism in a number of ways, which is very much similar to a camera. And it is very much similar to the camera records images seen over the film, the eye records are seen as the special layer, which is known as the retina. And as the camera requires the lenses to focus the images over the motion picture, the eye is also seen having the lenses that are meant to focus the images over the retina. The eye is seen with the two lenses – one comes over the cornea and the other is seen over the “lens”. Well if you talk about the Eye surgery India, it is often called as the orogolomistician surgery or even the ocular surgery, which is carried out over the eye or the ailment called the adnexa, which is typically carried out by the ophthalmologist. Thanks to the presence of best eye surgeons in India, the surgeries are carried out with great care and professionalism.

Avail the advanced eye surgery India Seeking the Top Surgeon at Best HospitalDescribe the Advance procedure of Eye surgery Treatment

When it comes to the advanced eye surgery India, there are several types. And one such surgery is called the LASIK Eye surgery, which simply stands for the laser in situ keratomileusis, which involves the use of a laser underneath seen over a corneal flap in order to reshape the cornea (keratomileusis). This very surgical procedure is seen employing a highly modernized laser treatment, which is designed simply to treat the refractive errors, enhance the vision, and then reduce or eliminate the requirement for the glasses or the contact lenses. During the LASIK procedure, which happens to be a specially trained eye surgeon is seen first creating a precise, thin hinged corneal flap seeking the help of a microkeratome. The best eye surgeons in India is then seen pulling back the flap in order to expose the underlying corneal tissue, and then seen with the Excimer laser ablates and the cornea is seen in a unique and pre-specified pattern for each patient. Then the flap is gently repositioned in order to rely on the cornea without sutures.

Is safe Eye surgery Treatment in India

When it comes to the eye surgery India, then it is regarded as the safest and the best healthcare services. The reasons are obvious as it is carried out seeking the help of some of the best eye surgeons in India backed with hospitals that run along with the state of art facilities and features. The presence of highly developed healthcare systems makes a great difference. So, when you are treated seeking the best of the healthcare systems along with highly competitive healthcare services, more and more global patients are seen considering the same.

The budget for Eye surgery India

When it comes to the eye surgery India including the advanced surgeries then the LASIK Eye Surgery is considered as much affordable. The cost of the LASIK surgery in India can cost you around 1000 USD while the same surgery in the US can be carried out at the cost of around 9000 USD. This makes the eye surgery India to be the safest one even it is considered to be at the top hospital.

eye surgery India.png

Best Hospitals and surgeon’s for Lasik eye surgery

If you talk about the best hospitals and surgeons for advanced procedures like advanced surgeries like LASIK surgery, one can find the best doctors and surgeons along with the best hospitals wherein they are engaged. Some of the top doctors dealing with best eye surgery India include DrSudhir Bhatia, Dr. S.Bharti, DrSudiptoPakrasi, DrGul J Nankani, Dr. DharitriSamantaray, Dr. Sonia Nankani, and Dr. Anita Sethi to name a few. They have highly skilled apart from highly qualified and known for their high success rate.


The medical tourism in India seems to be on a constant rise, which includes a wide range of healthcare services, which include the eye surgery India as well. Thanks to the presence of top hospitals and best eye surgeons in India.

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Acoustic neuroma surgery India Cures the ailments skilfully with low morbidity


Before we talk about the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, we need to understand the ailment first. Well, the  Acoustic neuroma, which has multiple names like vestibular schwannoma, Angle tumor or Cerebellopontine angle tumor happens to be a non-cancerous, which is seen getting developed over the main nerve that tends to lead from the inner portion of the ear to brain. The cells are then seen forming the acoustic neuroma which is called as Schwann cells and thus is seen making up the lining over the eighth cranial nerve is seen passing via a small size canal that connects over the inner ear of the brain. This ailment grows slowly and steadily but in some cases can be seen growing fast as well. The only solution this ailment is the surgery carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India.

Describe Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

Acoustic neuroma surgery India

If you talk about the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, it deals with the removing the acoustic neuroma that is seen growing over the nerves that are seen balancing of the ear in a human being. With this surgical procedure carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India, the section of a skull is seen getting removed behind the ear along with getting the access to the nerves and tumor. The acoustic neuromas generally cause issues like hearing loss along with adding up issues like ringing in the ears along with dizziness.

Advance Procedure For Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

When it comes to the advanced Acoustic neuroma surgery India, then gamma knife surgery is considered as the best for getting rid of the issues. This is called as the most preferred stereostatic radiosurgery, which is carried out for treating the brain tumors along with issues like arteriovenous malformations and brain dysfunctions like the trigeminal neuralgia. The surgery is considered as the minimally invasive procedure having a higher success rate. It comes along with 192 beams that are shown with a high focus using the cobalt gamma radiation and thus removes the abnormalities and complications.

Acoustic neuroma surgery India Cures the ailments skilfully with low morbidity

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery Success Rate

When it comes to the success rate of the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, the figures are encouraging. As per reports, earlier the success rate was recorded as 63 percent but with effective treatment options it rose to 90 percent of the patients have showcased the normal or close to the normal facial nerve functions after getting the treatment carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India.

Top Hospitals With Most Experienced Surgeons For Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

If you are considering Acoustic neuroma surgery India then there is a long list of the best hospitals for the treatment. It is completely equipped with the state of the art facilities getting the equipment like imaging, lab equipment and getting the top surgeons here. Some of the top hospitals in India dealing with the top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India include Fortis, MedantaTheMedicity, Artemis, Apollo, Max Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital and Manipal Hospital.

Get free online consultation for Acoustic neuroma surgery connect with Indian health guru

If you are looking for consulting the ailment about yourself then the Indian Health Guru group can be at your service. You can visit us and get the best of the healthcare solutions including the Acoustic neuroma surgery India. This comes along with the top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India.

Choose Indian health guru for best Acoustic neuroma surgery in India

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Thyroidectomy Surgery India proving beneficial for innumerable Medical Tourists


The Thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped that is located at the base of our neck. The function of this gland is to produce hormones that control each and every aspect of our metabolism – right from our heart rate to how soon we are able to burn calories.

Thyroidectomy is a surgery where the surgeons remove all of it or part of the Thyroid gland. A Thyroidectomy is very beneficial for patients suffering from:

  • Thyroid Cancer: This is one of the most common reasons why Thyroidectomy is done. If the patient has Thyroid Cancer, then removing most of it, if not completely, might be a recommended option.
  • Non-cancerous enlargement of the Thyroid (Goiter): Removing all of it or a portion of the Thyroid gland is an option if the patient has a huge Goiter, which is very discomforting and is creating difficulties while breathing or swallowing or, in some cases, if the Goiter has caused Hyperthyroidism.
  • Overactive Thyroid (Hyperthyroidism): Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition where the Thyroid gland produces the hormone called as Thyroxine, in excess. Further, if the patient has a problem with anti-thyroid drugs and doesn’t want to go through Radioactive Iodine therapy, then Thyroidectomy can be an effective option.

Thyroidectomy Surgery India

Advantages of Thyroidectomy surgery

Today, with most of the procedures getting minimally invasive, these surgeries have become very less stressful for the patients. Even Thyroidectomy can be done by implementing a minimally invasive approach, in which there are very small incisions making it much more relieving for the patients. How much of the Thyroid gland is eliminated depends on the extent of the Thyroid disorder?

Thyroidectomy as a procedure is considered to be extremely safe and effective treatment option. It has a very good track record with no mortality and hardly any chances of complications. The recovery to is very quick helping the patients to be on their feet at the earliest.

Cost of Thyroidectomy Surgery India

Patients choosing India as their treatment destination are extremely happy with the way the treatment and surgery packages planned and priced here. The cost-effectiveness of these packages is almost half of what it is in most other leading countries like UK or USA. This helps the medical tourists in saving a lot of money and at the same time avail the uncompromised quality and most progressive kind of treatment amenities viable in India. This also applies to those patients opting for Thyroidectomy surgery India.

Thyroidectomy Surgery India proving beneficial for innumerable Medical Tourists.png

Best Hospitals for Thyroidectomy Surgery India

Today, the Indian hospitals can extremely capably offer the most advanced forms of treatment for each and every health condition. Even for a procedure like Thyroidectomy, there are well-established hospitals at major of cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc, which offer this procedure as a part of their wide range of treatment. These hospitals are very meticulous about the safety and infection control protocols, dedicated follow-ups, individualized attention, highly trained nursing staff, massively knowledgeable and experienced doctors and surgeons and many more such attributes have placed these hospitals at a very reputed position around the globe.

Surgeons for Thyroidectomy surgery India

Be it any treatment methodology or no matter what level of complexities involved, Indian surgeons are extremely blessed in this matter. These surgeons gain training at some of the top medical institutes around the world and have the experience of working with highly established chains of hospitals making these specialists highly favored by the patients. The statistics of their surgical success too is very appreciable. Similarly, for Thyroidectomy surgery India, there are highly learned specialists available to cater to the international patients. These surgeons have the perfect knowledge and experience to decide the best course of treatment needed.


India’s success as a healthcare tourism hub is a well-recognized fact today. Irrespective of how complex the medical condition is, Indian healthcare system has the best answer for it and this is why with each passing year, more and more medical tourists are choosing the Indian hospitals. As a leading healthcare tourism facilities provider in India, Indian Health Guru welcomes the international patients with open arms and with its well-planned services, makes the treatment process an extremely comfortable and hassle-free process.

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Heart failure surgery India Comes with high success rate for a wonderful healthcare experience


Heart failure surgery India is regarded a ray of hope for the global patients particularly the ones who come along with much of the healthcare results. The reason for heart failure could be due to several reasons which keep the heart to work in an improper fashion. There are several reasons behind the failure but the surgery at this stage is the only solution for you to consider. More and more global patients are heading towards the country for the heart failure surgery in India.  This is because they get high-quality cardiac care at extremely affordable cost. Now, let us dig in deep to get more about the heart failure treatment in India in the following paragraphs.

Heart failure surgery

Advantages of Heart failure treatment in India

If you talk about the Heart failure surgery India then is several benefits of the same. Well, the very first benefit one can reap with the healthcare services including the cardiac care is to get the high-quality healthcare services, which are available at much of the affordable cost. The country has a pool of competitive doctors and surgeons who deal effectively with the heart ailments along with similar issues both the trivial and major ones. The other key benefit to enjoy with the heart failure surgery in India is to get treated at the top hospitals and clinics, which are highly competitive in nature and have come a long way in establishing its credibility in the healthcare market with effective cardiac care services in India.

Heart failure surgery India Comes with a high success rate for a wonderful healthcare experience

Best Hospitals for Heart failure surgery India

There is no dearth of the hospitals dealing with the heart failure surgery India when it comes to dealing with the heart ailments. The fact of the matter is these hospitals are known as the best source to get the ailments. The top hospitals dealing with cardiac care in India has the modern infrastructure and offer some of the best in class proficient care to the global patients, which are available at the affordable cost. The cutting-edge technology often Include devices like the modern day CT scan, PET scan, Cardiac MRI, SPECT thallium, Contrast echocardiography, Robotic surgery, and 3D echocardiography,  to name a few. These are regarded as the highly developed and modern technologies that are found in the Indian hospitals. And then you have top surgeons are known to have exceptionally high success rate when it comes to the cardiac surgery not just for the simpler surgeries but even in the most complex heart problems.

Best Heart surgeons in India

If you talk about the Best Heart surgeons in India then there are several other features that make them exceptional in the country. They are highly educated, competent and highly skilled people who are known for their highest success rate. So, when it comes to them dealing with the heart failure surgery India then the country ranks the best and the highest one. Now, we need to talk about some of the top doctors dealing with the cardiac care in India then these include Dr. Naresh Trehan, Dr. Devi Shetty, Dr. KM Cherian, Dr. AGK Gokhale, and Dr. Ganesh Kumar Mani are some of the top doctors that deal with the heart failure surgery in India.

Low-cost heart failure treatment India

If you talk about the heart failure surgery in India then it is often the most affordable option to consider. The cost is so low that one can even add a number of things including the travel and stay cost in India along with others and yet it comes out to be affordable when compared to the developed nations like the US and the UK. This gives enough reasons to the global patients to plan their heart failure treatment in India.


The country India has much to offer to the global patient when it comes to cardiac care. The heart failure surgery India, therefore, can be called as a blessing in disguise.

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Benefits of Medical Tourism


‘Medical tourism’ is a term in which two very significant requirements of the human fraternity have been clubbed beautifully. Over the years, India has positioned herself in a very enviable and strategic stature as a medical tourism hotspot. Each and every aspect of medical tourism is very wonderfully presented to the international patients and therefore with every ongoing year, the number of medical visas availed for India is rising with a great momentum. What can be better if your medical tour can be combined with a vacation to the most beautiful locations of India!


Affordability and Cost Effectiveness

The availability of every kind of treatment and surgery definitely plays a highly significant role but it is also very crucial that there treatment packages are available at cost effective prices so that these are accessible to patients coming from all kinds of economic backgrounds. In this matter, India is way ahead than most other leading nations as the medical tourists receive the best cure along with significant cost savings.

High Quality Healthcare

Along with affordability, it is very important that the quality of healthcare services that is offered is the best. India makes sure that this requirement is fulfilled totally as there is no compromise in the quality of facilities that the international patients receive here. Further, Indian Health Guru Group, a leading health travel company in India, ensures that there are no loopholes in this matter.

Immediate Treatment

Every health disorder comes with a specific time frame within which it should be attended to with the apt medical attention; otherwise the patients may face extreme or more discomforting situations. The medical tourists are very relieved in this matter when in India as they do not have to go through long and tiring waiting periods before they are attended by the medical experts. Right from getting the medical visa to the admission formalities and the initiation of the treatment – everything is planned and done swiftly.

Privacy or Anonymity

There are many patients, who may not be comfortable with the idea of their treatment details or any other information related to them, getting disclosed to others. India is very meticulous in this matter. Indian hospitals as well as medical tourism services provider have stringent policies related to the privacy of the patients, which are adhered to very strictly.

Travel Opportunities

Indian Health Guru being the best healthcare tourism company in India has a massive responsibility to take care. Along with a huge bunch of outstanding features offered by us, we can also plan and arrange a vacation for our patients, once their treatment process is finished. India being one of the most sought after tourist destinations, there are beautiful and exotic locations to explore, which can be an added benefit during the recovery of the patients.

No or Less Insurance Coverage

The patients need not be worried about not receiving the required treatment if they are not covered by insurance or if they have less insurance coverage. We will still cater to you with the same dedication and our facilities are available to one and all.

Availability of Medical Experts

India is enormously blessed in the matter of being home to extremely talented and knowledgeable medical experts belonging to each and every healthcare speciality – be it Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Paediatrics, Transplants or any other area for that matter. These specialists have attained training at some of the top institutes of the world and have several years of experience after working with internationally renowned centers of excellence. They are highly adept and meticulous, have cured countless patients suffering from the most difficult type of ailments.

Availability of Advance Equipments

In India, the medical tourists can be totally assured about getting nothing but the best of healthcare amenities. India has been doing a very laudable job by staying at par with the rapid advancements of the medical sphere. The Indian hospitals strive a lot to keep their infrastructure extremely updated matching global standards. There is regular and successful implementation of the most progressive diagnostic and surgical instruments, which give a huge push to the success rates owing to the high level of accuracy that these instruments bring along with them. Thus, the international patients can be totally relaxed about the treatment outcomes and are be definite about going home completely cured.

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