Advance Cardiovascular Surgery in Chennai Saving Time and Lives


Cardiac surgery is one of the youngest surgical branches, these days many new and vital reviews about advances in cardiac surgery have been stated. The modern-day surgical operation has developed to such an extent that the body of knowledge and technical skills required have led to surgeons specializing in particular regions, commonly an anatomical place of the body or sometimes in a selected technique or kind of patient.

What is Cardiac Surgery?

Cardiac surgery describes any surgery that is done on the heart, which includes open heart surgery and minimally-invasive methods. Heart surgery is carried out to correct issues with the heart. Coronary artery bypass grafting is considered one the most commonly performed heart surgery during the procedure, a healthy artery or vein from the body is connected, or grafted, to a blocked coronary artery.

Advance Cardiovascular Surgery in Chennai Saving Time and Lives

Cardiac Surgery Pros and Cons

Cardiac surgery incorporates many benefits, including with a few specifically for patients who’ve severe cardiovascular disease. The operation can save your life in case you are having a heart attack or are at high danger of having one. Cardiac surgery can provide you with your life back.

Patients may be at higher risk if they may be over 70 years old, are female or have already had heart surgery. Patients who have other critical conditions, along with diabetes, peripheral vascular ailment, kidney disease or lung disease, can also be at higher threat.

Success Rate of Cardiac Surgery in Chennai

The success rate of cardiac surgery in Chennai 99.6%, Heart surgeries are serious but relatively safe. Cardiac surgeons in Chennai perform thousands of heart bypass operations each year and lots of those who have got the surgery get relief from their symptoms with no need long-term medication.

Best International Cardiac Surgery Packages in Chennai

As for international patients, everything is new as soon as they land in Chennai for cardiac surgery. In such instances, it is vital to have a guide that can assist in planning your clinical journey. Getting in touch with the Indian health guru consultant is a smart decision. They offer cardiac surgery packages in Chennai best suited for international patients which include arranging everything from affordable treatment to travel to lodging along with choosing the best cardiac surgeon in India, assistance in money exchange topics, arranging language interpreters, and many others.

Best Cardiac Surgery Hospitals in Chennai

Best-qualified medical practitioners, cutting-edge infrastructure and technologically superior systems have made the best cardiac surgery hospitals Chennai well worth to get treatment for. Every hospital holds its specific specialization. The few best cardiac surgery hospitals Chennai to name are Apollo Specialty Hospital, MIOT International Hospital, Gleneagles Global Health City, Fortis Malar Hospital, and Frontier Lifeline Hospital. These hospitals in India have a ‘help desk’ especially for international patients ensuring a smooth medical journey for them.

List of Top 10 Cardiologists in Chennai

International patients see professionalism as Top Cardiac Surgeons in Chennai as they carry a precise reputation. They’ve excessive experience and knowledge under their umbrella. In an effort to help you with the most accurate treatment, here’s a list of top 10 cardiologists in Chennai who are skilled, experienced and highly trustworthy doctors/cardiac surgeons of India.

  1. Sandeep Attawar
  2. Girinath M R
  3. Robert Mao
  4. Janardhana Reddy
  5. Srinath Vijayasekharan
  6. Premanand Ponoth
  7. Neville Soloman
  8. Mustafa Janeel
  9. Govini Balasubramanian
  10. S Muthukumaran

Get Free Consult with Indian Health Guru Consultants

Indian Health Guru Consultant is among prominent companies in India that have a tie-up with top hospitals. The company’s mission is to offer a one-stop way to provide free consult advice from for cardiac care & alternative treatments in India with the effective and positive outcomes and the complete journey served with utmost hospitality.


Benefits of Kidney Stone Surgery Options in India: Affordable Packages and Assistance

What is Kidney Stone Surgery?

Kidney stone surgery is a medical procedure in which kidney stones are removed surgically with the help of an advanced operating tool and a small telescopic instrument which is carefully inserted through a small incision in your back. 

Usually, Kidney stones are formed due to dissolved minerals on the inner lining of the kidneys which consist of calcium oxalate and several other compounds. The kidney stone may be small in size and pass unnoticed through the urinary tract with ease, but sometimes it may cause immense pain while leaving the body.

When you need a Kidney Stone Surgery?

The symptoms of kidney stone may not be spotted until it reaches into the ureter, which is connecting tube between kidney and bladder. But when it starts to cause pain, it becomes extremely important to consult a kidney specialist. Following are the few symptoms associated with a kidney stone that a patient may experience:

  • A patient experiences severe pain below the ribs in the side and back.
  • A patient may complain about pain in the lower abdomen and groin.
  • A patient may observe pain while urinating
  • Very common symptoms that have been found in several patients change in color of urine to pink, red or brown.
  • A patient may suffer Nausea or even vomit sometimes
  • A patient may feel the urge to urinate several times in a day

Benefits of Kidney Stone Surgery Options in India Affordable Packages and Assistance

Why medical Tourists Choose Kidney Stone Surgery in India?

India is consistently evolving as the topmost destination for medical treatment around the world and trending as the most favorable group for healthcare. With the substantial rise in surgery success rates and reduction in operating cost more and more International medical tourists are highly preferring Indian hospitals for the Best kidney stone surgery India. 

Team of highly experienced doctors who have been practicing medical procedures from years and 24 x7 working staffs is passionately functioning to make your treatment process more comfortable and satisfactory.

It is observed that an enormous amount of medical tourists traveling for health treatments in India are coming from Europe, India, Japan, and Indonesia but the current records have shown that now Americans are also preferring India medical system due to cost affordability and world-class treatments.

The superfast airport connectivity with almost all the world countries and efficient ground transportation system do your bit to reach medical facilities with ease.

Get the most Economical Kidney Stone Surgery in India 

The economical surgery rates and supreme quality treatment makes the country the most convenient option for any surgical process. The top hospitals for kidney stone surgery in India serve better hospitality and equipped with the latest technology instruments and expert surgeons that ensure the superior quality of treatment. Where countries like the USA and Europe charge a huge chunk of money- India provides the same standard of treatment at a comparatively very lower cost.

Indian Health Guru: Best Service provider for kidney Stone surgery Options in India

Indian Health Guru Consultant is dedicated to taking care of your health by offering the best healthcare services. Our consultants are well informed with all the information regarding Kidney stone surgery in India and glad to guide you through the process. We have collaboration with most reputed specialist hospitals and best surgeons for kidney stone surgery in India, where the success rate of the surgery is exponential.

Eleanor Lee Has Come a Long Way Having Lifesaving Open-Heart Surgery in India for VSD

Eleanor Lee Has Come a Long Way Having Lifesaving Open-Heart Surgery in India for VSD

At birth, Eleanor Lee appeared to be a healthy baby girl, but things changed drastically at her two-week doctor’s visit. Eleanor’s pediatrician in Canberra immediately referred his tiny patient to a pediatric cardiologist. Further testing concluded that she had a ventricular septal defect (VSD) – a large hole between the lower chambers of her heart. Eleanor has prescribed seven doses of three different medications each day, along with a high-calorie nutrition formula to help her gain weight. Doctors hoped that the whole (VSD) may shrink in size on its own, but Eleanor’s case the hole was too large.

Born 8 pounds and 9 ounces, Baby Eleanor over the months gained weight and maintained a healthy skin color. “The doctors back home recommended that we wait for around six months for the VSD to close, however after six months and no signs of improvement, Baby Eleanor’s primary cardiologist suggested we find treatment in India,” recalls Hannah, Eleanor’s mother. After discussions with the cardiologist and heart surgeon, Hannah, agreed that heart surgery was necessary to save Eleanor’s life.

It quickly became evident that Eleanor would need heart surgery to repair the hole and her heart’s rhythm. “We wanted the best treatment for my daughter and weren’t worried about the costs”, said Hannah, “we got in touch with Indian health guru consultant to help us find the best treatment.”  At this point, her diagnosis was excessively risky, and she would need on the spot specialized care. Their case manager came through for them by providing the family with the right treatment options for baby Eleanor at the ideal time. After a quick deliberation, Hannah decided to get baby Eleanor treated at one of the best pediatric cardiology hospitals in India a decision that may have potentially given Eleanor the best chance at life.

Lee’s arrived in India and was taken to the chosen hospital on arrival. “I thought I would lose her. I felt so helpless due to the fact there was not anything I should do however depend upon the knowledge of the medical doctors and simply trust them,” Hannah said. “They gave me all the hope I needed.” Fortunately, baby Eleanor was in the good hands of best cardiac surgeons in India would see to it that baby Eleanor received the best medical intervention possible being determined to see her through.

The words “open heart surgical operation” could make anyone fearful, particularly the parents of this kind of small patient. On the day of the operation, Hannah hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. “I was expecting one month of hell,” Hannah said. “It wasn’t that at all. We were so well received at the hospital and all the staff was kind and gentle with us. Just before the operation, the cardiac surgeon came to me and assured me that everything was going to be alright.”

Best Hospitals for ventricular septal defect surgery in India are home to one of India’s largest pediatric cardiovascular programs. The hospitals here cares for hundreds of children for a number of conditions ranging from mild to severe and performs countless surgeries, like the one that repaired Eleanor’s heart. Hannah was overwhelmingly surprised by not only the speed of recovery but also the amount of compassion and attentiveness they received. “They provided outstanding care,” Hannah said. “The medical staff was constantly by our bedside for if we needed anything.” The whole team of Indian health guru consultant has made significant contributions in my medical trip to India. In fact without them, I don’t think my daughter’s treatment would have been so fruitful.

Eleanor and her mother finally returned to Canberra and just a week after being home, baby Eleanor was already seeing considerable signs to improvement. Baby has a full life ahead of her. There are no restrictions on her activities. It’s unlikely she will need surgery again, but if she does, the Indian health guru consultant team will be here for her.

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Eye Surgery in Mumbai Helping You See Clearly


Over the last 25 years, surgical strategies, tools, and techniques for vision correction have developed rapidly. Vision correction surgical operation, additionally known as refractive and laser eye surgery, refers to any surgical procedure used to fix vision problems. Recent years have seen large advances in this field. Refractive and laser eye surgical procedure helps many sufferers to see well than another time of their lives. Most types of vision correction surgery reshape your cornea, the clear the front a part of your eye. That lets light travel thru it and focus nicely on the back of your eye, or retina. Different procedures replace your eye’s natural lens.

Eye Surgery Packages in Mumbai

Eye surgery in Mumbai is not only as safe and reliable as the US, with often western-trained eye surgeons; it’s also much cheaper than the west. With several best eye surgery hospitals in India to choose from, eye surgery in Mumbai is something large numbers of people are choosing to opt for due to the quality of the medical care, quality of the doctors and the costs which can be considerably cheaper than in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia and so on. There has never been a better time to bring your world back into focus because hospitals in Mumbai are offering the safe and most successful procedure performed today. Best Hospitals for eye surgery in Mumbai is offering exclusive eye surgery packages at affordable prices, available today! Take the step to enhance your vision and live with confidence.

Eye Surgery in Mumbai Helping You See Clearly

What is the success rate of Eye surgery in Mumbai?

Having your eye surgery in Mumbai is now becoming quite common and relatively safe with the success rate for eye surgery in Mumbai is very high, according to studies, 95% of nearsighted patients achieve 20/40 vision after recovery. One or two out of ten patients will require a secondary surgery, for enhancement. However, the need for a secondary procedure is lower for people with smaller amounts of preoperative refractive error. Vision correction surgery is now safe, incredibly affordable and convenient in the city like Mumbai.

Best Eye Surgeons in Mumbai

Eyes are the mirrors to our souls; they are the most powerful tools for conveying messages, sometimes even better than words! We need to take good care of them and best eye surgeons in Mumbai are aware of this need and have likewise been upgrading their facilities to include the latest technologies and conduct the most delicate of operations to save your eyesight. The professional team of doctors and surgeons in Mumbai maintain a holistic approach in delivering the best form of patient care based on quality care, ethics and professionalism. They offer their eye surgery services at very affordable prices; They aid their patients with affection, patience, and dedication to help in their eye care procedure. Every day thousands of patients from across the globe visit Mumbai to get treated for different eye disease. They offer proper medication and support to their patient that is why people have a great experience when they visit Mumbai surgeons.

Best Hospitals for Eye surgery in Mumbai

Mumbai is fast emerging as a global superpower, that’s bereft of all the benefits of globalization. Today, several hospitals in Mumbai are known for their high standards and latest procedures in minimal incision surgeries. Quality care for eye conditions like cornea, cataract, squint, and glaucoma are not difficult to find. Here is the list of best hospitals for eye surgery in Mumbai to treat all your vision defects. Top 10 hospitals for eye surgery in Mumbai are:

  1. Fortis Hiranandani Hospital
  2. Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute
  3. S L Raheja
  4. Nanavati Hospital
  5. Fortis Hospital, Mulund
  6. Jaslok Hospital
  7. Global Hospital
  8. New Age Wockhardt Hospital
  9. Saifee Hospital, Mulund
  10. Bombay Hospital

Every person deserves the right to the best vision irrespective of their ability to pay the cost. Eye hospitals in Mumbai help all people see the best they can.

If you are an international patient and would like an appointment, visit Indian Health Guru or call us on +91-9371136499. Our friendly staff will assist you in arranging your appointment and any paperwork.

Dental Surgery: Why You Should Go for the Surgery

Dental Surgery Overview

Anybody can suffer from some kind of dental problem. It is important to notice the dental problem earlier and take some actions. The dentist will help you by giving the best suggestion and recommending solutions.  Dental surgery includes types of operation related to teeth and gums. This can be extraction (pulling a decayed tooth) any gum procedure, root canals, or even redefining the shape that is known as cosmetic dental surgery.

Over the past years, the advancement in the field of dental surgery is on height. Most of the dental procedures are minimally invasive with the benefit of faster recovery and also without any pain.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Dental Surgery?

It is very important to have a sound well being to undergo any kind of surgical process. Dental surgery is one of the treatments giving permanent treatment for oral health which is not up to the mark.

Now to decide whether you are a good candidate and you really need surgery, you will have to notice these points.

  • If you are having a few chips on teethes or bad shape of a tooth, you have the option to get porcelain veneers. This will help in the alignment of teeth and will help teeth look in proper shape.
  • If one of your teeth is severely cracked or halfway broke, tooth crown will definitely help you in retaining teeth.
  • If you are dealing with the pain I decayed tooth, the root canal is done.
  • If you have irregular teeth and in the jaw which could fit denture structure properly. This makes trouble in eating orbiting with front teeth, and sometimes also makes disturbances in speaking. Improvement in dentures can be done in this case.
  • When the jaw bone is lacking.

These are the cases where the candidate can decide he/she requires dental surgery to smile more confidently and achieve healing oral health care.


Dental Surgeries

  1. Impacted teeth removal: in some cases teeth don’t develop out of the gums like should, either in light of the fact that they are misaligned, swarmed against another tooth, or both. In some cases, they may be connected with a sore or an ulcer. To verify the affected tooth doesn’t bring about moving of your other teeth and to uproot any related sickness tissue, it will be evacuated with a system called a tooth extraction.
  2. Root canal treatment: Root canal treatment is performed by a normal dental specialist. The procedure is conveyed under mellow sedation or anesthesia. In this procedure, the root canal and the mash of the tooth are uprooted. The column is then loaded with gutta-percha and a top is set on the tooth. At that point, a changeless top is set on the tooth later on which will be a permanent solution for toothache.
  3. Improving dentures structures: this includes the restructuring that is correcting the form of the jaw which is not exactly fitting. This is performed by an oral surgeon involves bone grafts where jawbone support is lacking or deficient.
  4. Other surgeries to treat a condition like Unequal jaw growth, Facial injury, Dental implants, Facial infections.

Is Dental surgery Effective?

Yes, dental surgeries have thousands of patients improving their oral health, eliminating pain and discomfort caused by decayed tooth, infection or some other reason.

Why Choosing Dental surgery is necessary?

Dental surgery will give you healthy and good oral health. Choosing dental surgery will give you the confidence to smile brightly with new dentures, implants or crowns which are carried out for covering deformity. This will enhance the look as well as eliminates discomfort with ease.

Why Choose Indian Hospital for Your Dental Surgery

Indian dental clinics will give you qualitative and quantitative treatment. Best dentists and dental hospitals equipped with the latest technical instruments are producing results with supremacy in services. A dental tourist in India gets an affordable treatment plan combined with tourism including other expense of hotels, sightseeing and many more. Giving the highest level of a facility at a moderate price is the specialty of Indian hospital without compromising the quality standard and giving complete satisfaction to the patients.

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Low-Cost Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery with the best cardiologists in India


Our heart consists of ventricular septum that enables oxygen rich blood pass from the left ventricle to the right ventricle and acts as a dividing wall. Ventricular Septal Defect is a common condition of the heart in which, the ventricular Septum has an opening. It is a congenital disease, which means that it exists in a person right from the birth. Although a complex disease, Ventricular Septal Defect can be treated very easily. If the defect is not serious one can adopt a conventional treatment and find cure. However, if the opening is severe or there is an absence of the septum itself, then the doctors might recommend a VSD surgery for the same.

Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery is performed to repair the opening in the ventricular Septum and reduce the symptoms of the disease in order to provide relief to the patient. It is known to be the standard care for this disease as children suffering from such condition can result into increased pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs which can be a cause of less oxygen level in their body. A surgery is suggested by the doctors even for children who are not experiencing any symptoms as the disease can cause chronic problems to their lungs in the future. Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery can also be performed in adults whose defect was not diagnosed in early age.

Low Cost Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery with the best cardiologists in India

Which is the best hospital for Ventricular Septal Defect surgery in India?

The Top Cardiac Surgery hospitals in India are situated in some of the most developed cities of this country and have teams of the most reputed cardiologists and cardiac surgeons of India. These medical centres have the best infrastructures and are equipped with state of art facility that ensures quality and advanced treatment for the patients.
Following are some of the Best Hospitals for Ventricular Septal Defect surgery in India:

• Apollo Hospital
• Artemis Hospital
• Fortis Hospital
• Max Hospital
• Columbia Asia Hospital

Who are the best surgeons for ventricular septal defect surgery in India?

The Best Surgeons for ventricular septal defect surgery in India are well known for their precision and proficiency both nationally and internationally. These surgeons have gained education and training from the top medical institutes of the world and have several years of experience in performing advanced cardiac surgeries. Following is the list of the top cardiac surgeons of India:

• Dr. Anjan Siotia
• Dr. Rohit Mody
• Dr. Rajesh Sharma
• Dr. Amey Amonkar
• Dr. Naresh Trehan

What is the cost of Ventricular Septal Defect surgery in India?

India has gained a position amongst the top healthcare providers of the world, not just because it offers treatment of international standards but because it offers the same at a truly reasonable cost. The other countries of the world that provide advanced treatment avail it at sky rocketing prices which are not affordable to their domestic people. The cost of the treatment in India is 40%-50% lower than the cost of the same treatment offered in developed countries like UK and USA.

What are the risks of Ventricular Septal Defect surgery for a child?

Similar to any other treatment or surgery, Ventricular Septal Defect surgery can also have some risks depending upon the health of the individual who is undergoing the surgery. Following are some of the risks that one should be aware for Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery:

• Surgical Infection
• Stroke due to thrombosis ( blood clot)
• Blockage of the heart
• Anaesthetic Complications
• Arrhythmia

How long does it takes to recover

Ventricular Septal Defect has become very common today due to which the healthcare industry has introduced many advancements for its treatment. As a result of these advancements, a patient who has undergone VSD surgery doesn’t take long to recover from the procedure. After the surgery, the child is expected to spend a week at the hospital but is able to move around the next day of the surgery. Children, who undergo a surgery, can resume their normal activities without any restrictions but the parents have to make sure that the ward is taken to the cardiologist for regular check-ups after the surgery.

Why choose us for Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery

India has taken long strides for taking its name to the list of top most healthcare providers of the world and so has Indian Health Guru, which is one of the leading medical tourism firms of this country. Indian Health Guru attracts a large number of international patients to its bay as it has connections with one of the leading medical centres and surgeons of India that are known for their proficiency both domestically and internationally. With their consultants and experts, you don’t just get an opportunity to get an instant appointment with the Best cardiologists for Ventricular Septal Surgery in India but also get full time assistance to help you with everything related to your treatment, right from your Visa and hotel reservations to your return back home.

The excellent services involving complete assistance to the patients seeking affordable Ventricular Septal Surgery in India makes Indian Health Guru in India so special. To get fast track reply Click And send your query to or call at +91-9371136499.

Get Your Heart Valves Replaced in India at an Affordable Cost


Heart valve surgical treatment and procedure are performed to repair or replace a valve in the heart that isn’t working well due to valvular heart disorder. Heart valve surgery is open- heart surgical procedure via the breastbone, into the chest. It’s a major operation which could last hours or longer and recovery often takes several weeks. There are newer, less invasive procedures suitable for some types of valvular heart disease, but they are only done at certain hospitals.

Surgical options for valve replacement include:

  • Mechanical valve — a long-lasting valve made of durable materials  Tissue valve
  • Ross procedure — “Borrowing” your healthy valve and shifting it into the position of the damaged valve aortic valve
  • TAVI/TAVR procedure — Transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

Get Your Heart Valves Replaced in India at an Affordable Cost

Recent surgery options


The process selected will rely upon the valve that needs replacement, the severity of signs and symptoms and the risk of surgical operation. A few approaches may require long-time period medicinal drug to protect against blood clots.

During the surgical heart valve replacement procedure

During the process, the doctor opens your chest to get on your heart and the diseased valve. The method varies from affected person to affected person, lasting a minimum of two hours and often longer. The health care professional any tissue and calcium deposits which are interfering with the normal feature of the valve. Your damaged valve can be absolutely eliminated. Then, the new valve will be sewn into the space in which your own valve was once. After the surgeon makes certain your valve is working properly, blood flow could be restored in your heart and the incisions could be closed. Your surgical operation is carried out while the function of your heart is taken over by using a heart-lung device called cardiopulmonary bypass or CPB.

Get the best in cardiac care at India cardiac hospitals

Indian hospitals are known as the destination points for cardiac care. The cardiac care in India is exemplary because, the hospitals are JCI, and NABH certified, the costs of the procedures are affordable and comparatively low, there is the well-qualified team of doctors, with the excellent infrastructure. All the common cardiology procedure are available in India, inclusive of angioplasty, stent placement, bypass surgical procedure, and valve replacements. One of the primary reasons why Indian hospitals are considered as a hub for cardiac care is affordability.

India the perfect destination for affordable heart care by best heart valve surgeons in India

India is a specialist destination for heart valve replacement procedures. Some of the best world-renowned top heart valve replacement surgeons provide the best care in India. Heart valve replacement surgery in India is excellent & has gained immense international repute. Best heart valve replacements in India are available at a fraction of the cost international patients would have to pay elsewhere. Advanced cardiac surgery procedures are available in state-of-the-art medical facilities using world-class sophisticated technology. Low-cost valve replacement in India is performed by extremely competent doctors who have contributed to the global recognition of this country as leading healthcare industry. After championing heart valve replacement surgery in the past, Indian cardiac surgeons have effortlessly moved on to minimally invasive techniques & robotic surgery to resolve a variety of cardiothoracic problems. Valve replacement surgery advantages India is cost in India is comparatively much lower than anywhere else across the world.

Plan your heart valve replacement surgery with Indian health guru consultants– Here’s why

Indian health guru consultants understand a patient is already going through a lot, so, we try our level best to arrange doctor appointments in the best hospital for heart valve replacement surgery, accommodation, pick and drop facility, etc. to simplify things for the patients. We maintain professionalism and work on transparent policies to keep the customers satisfied. We speed up your overall process and help you get the treatment done as fast as possible. We are associated with the top surgeon, cardiologist, doctors, and hospitals, which have state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to treat the patient properly.

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