Too much holiday pressure can lead to heart damage in women

bijuleni-christmas2bin2btutusThe holidays are opportunities to remain carefree and in a relaxed mode. However, today one can find something like holiday stress that can boost up the chance of adding up the risk of heart disease and several other conditions especially when you talk about the health of women. The holidays can invite a number of unwanted unwelcome guests along with meeting up their long list of demands including cooking, parties, shopping, wrapping, baking, entertaining things and cleaning. Needless to say that all these things simply add the stress and women are the receiving ends hence they are the ones to face these, the first. As per the latest survey reports of the American Psychology Association (APA), more than 20 percent of the US population are seen experiencing extreme amount of stress, hence if you add holiday anxiety to this mix, it would certainly going to hamper your health at large. Though a number of people are seen choosing the idea of grin and bear it during the holidays, there are many women who end up becoming the victim of the holiday stress. Well, but don’t worry, the women can get rid of the holiday pressure with user friendly efforts. Let’s check the out:

Tips to avoid and manage holiday stress

As per psychologists, the women are the prime target of holiday stress, which further pose a number of issues including giving them heart problems. As per reports of the APA, a team of psychologists and health experts have piled up a list of certain tips and tricks, which can help in keeping the holiday stress at bay. Thus with no holiday stress, no heart ailment can be risked for the women who have been at the receiving end during the days of relaxation and carefree time. Let’s check tips as under:


  • Create a proper holiday you want: When it comes making holiday plans, make a clear kind of decisions about the same and find out how you really want to invest your time, money and efforts for the same.
  • Always stick to the schedules: Make sure you put your children to bed and find time unlike previous days. In other words, always stick to your schedules.
  • Get creative for giving: Some people are seen drawing names, some of the people are seen giving gifts, you are supposed to into debt in order to enjoy a perfect holiday season.
  • Avert all family feuds: If something seems to be bothering you, better try addressing this issue with a family member after you enjoy the holidays.
  • Rely on compassion: Avoid focussing over the way you expect the people to be rather than accept the same, which will release the tension of yours that can help in enjoying your holidays.
  • Maintain your health the best: Taking care of your health is really important, which come along with eating things right and having
    exercises on time and having a sound sleep during the night.
  • Consider numerous witty and mindful methods: There are couple of ways like meditation and techniques or yoga, which will help in relieving the stress the best.


o-woman-relaxing-facebookAlways remember that holidays are the source of having a relaxed and carefree time rather putting you in any kind of stress. Well, families and friends do change and similar was the case with traditions. Hence it is obvious to see how holidays today have changed a lot in the recent days. Though it may be okay to find out a couple of tradition intact in this fast and busy life but being open to such new traditions can help in averting the issues like stress. So next time you are going for a holiday, make sure you keep in mind these tips to avert the problems like stress once for all and keep themselves free from the damages like heart ailments among women.

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