Obesity and weight loss: Know the facts


Obesity or obese or fatness there are many names of this problem. As there are many names, similarly there are many problems also associated with this issue. Obesity is a phase of human body, where the body has excess weight than the ideal weight of the body that a body should have in proportion to their height.

Obesity is a nationwide problem

Now a day, obesity is considered as the universal problem. In a study it is stated that in the year 2015 approximately 50% of the adult population of the age group between 18-25 years, is being the victim of obesity. There are many reasons behind this, sometime this problem arises due to genetic, but the most important reason is bad eating habits and lifestyle with enough physical activity. This is why this is consider as a nation problem as the world follows a fast pace in technology and getting isolated from the required healthy habits to live a healthy and happy life.

The origins of obesity

Obesity is the problem which is between us since many years but the last 2 decades have the major role in the origin of obesity. As in those 2 decades individual is dealing with the problem of obesity and doesn’t know, how to tackle with this efficiently. But now a day it has been the most interested area of research, which makes it possible to introduce many methods to deal with it. Medical Weight-loss is one the most admired way in reducing excess weight.

Symptoms of obesity

There are various symptoms, but the symptoms that you can see or feel are excess weight gain and having a body mass index or BMI above 30. BMI is the standard method of calculating extra fat in the human body by having an estimate of body fat content which it get after calculation of your weight and its proportionality to your height. The BMI is a scale which is prepared and has some ranges which helps individuals to find out whether they are normal in weight, under-eight, overweight and obese.

Obesity leads to more health risks

Some of the basic health risks are:

  1. Improper digestion
  2. Excess-weight
  3. Less physically active
  4. Feeling dizziness
  5. Easily get tired and feels tired all the time

Some other Health Risks are:

  1. Asthma
  2. Breathing problems, such as sleep apnea
  3. Diabetes
  4. Gout
  5. Gallbladder disease and gallstones
  6. High blood pressure
  7. Heart disease and stroke
  8. Increase risk of diabetes
  9. Osteoarthritis
  10. Some cancers

What is medical weight loss?

Many got confused with the term medical weight-loss, whether it is some kind related to surgery or dietary pills. But in actual it is basically not at all related to any kind of surgery or diet pills used to reduce weight. It is basically a scientific management for weight management program which targets the root cause of excess weight gain or being obese. In this it then follow the program under expert medical practitioners to sustain a health life with a long-term weight loss experience.

Is medical weight loss safe?

This Program is basically designed to reduce the excess fat as per desired by the individual. Now it is totally depend on the individual whether they want to lose 100 pounds or those stubborn 10 pounds. This program is designed for everyone and any one can get benefit this program. This program is divided into 3 different phase acute phase, short-term maintenance phase or wellness phase. You can consult with your physician and can undergo the recommended phase to lose extra weight.

Potential risks

There are no risks have been officially mentioned. The risks are totally depends on the way individual and individual’s body react to the program. Some might feel nausea, some might feel insomnia, but all these risks are at ground level, once you follow the program on regular basic you won’t experience and health risks.

Long-term benefits

  1. Experience long-term weight-loss
  2. Living a healthy Life-style
  3. Increase self confidence
  4. Improve Metabolism
  5. Avoid various health problems related to obesity


Medical Weight loss program is a boon for those individual those are looking for a complete lifestyle change and wants to live a healthy life. This is the best and proven safest way to reduce weight naturally till date.

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