Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Avoid

Maintaining oral health is as important as your physical and other health. It helps in keeping your mouth healthy and thus visiting a dentist on a frequent level is really important. Hence it becomes simpler for the health expert to cure the dental patients in one hand while on the other patients can go through lesser suffering before you get the quicker recovery. Unfortunately, only a small population understands the significance of the oral health and most of the people only visit a dentist when they actually need it. Also, there are people who are only interested in their cosmetic dental requirements rather than the overall health such trend can also be lethal in many ways. Now, how about checking this trend in detail and understand its repercussions on our oral health in general.


Harmful dental cosmetic treatments that you should avoid

Of late a number of people visiting dental experts only come for cosmetic dentistry treatment that is more likely to develop certain irreversible damage over the teeth and gum of the people. Even the experts feel that these patients do more damage with their cosmetic procedure to their oral health than any other people on this planet. Hence there certain cosmetic treatments which are to be avoided to have the right oral health and avail a number of other health benefits as well. Some of these are discussed below.

Tooth reshaping

A majority of people visiting dental experts go for reshaping their teeth for bringing out some tangible changes in terms of outward appearance. However, with reshaped molars you are tending to see certain wear and tear of your teeth. Also, with the issue of tooth reshaping process can also remove the dentin that leaves behind the oral pearls more fragile to the issues like tooth decay.

Oral Jewellery

The other cosmetic dentistry that can be damaging is the use of oral jewellery in tooth simply to flaunt the wealth and affluence in the society. These cosmetic procedures are often found among the rich and affluent people usually the celebrities found in musical world who replace their natural teeth with some shiny diamonds in order to add some sparks to their smiles. By replacing the natural teeth with some other metal like gold is most likely to have severe implications on your mouth that can have repercussions on a longer run. For getting the touch up effect, people end up hampering the natural teeth to a great extent.

Excessive bleaching

Removing a number of unwanted stains and disorders from your teeth can only brighten up your smiles can be regarded as a good idea to consider. However, you need to ensure that you take care while avoiding excessing amount of bleach for adding up more amount of sparkle over your teeth. The teeth whitening kits, which are often readily available in the market, are more damaging to your teeth for forming of erosion over the enamel. This can only leave the molars very much vulnerable to the teeth decay. Rather depending merely on the whitening kit, one must maintain a good and healthy diet; slash down the consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, wine and other similar things for retaining the natural shine of your teeth. Don’t get misled by the teeth whitening kit ads appearing in different forms of media but the fact of the matter is molars vulnerable with the teeth decay.


Most of the solutions pertaining to cosmetic dentistry simply offer you irreversible in nature. That is once the changes that are made over your gums and teeth and these changes cannot be undone. Hence before undergoing any such kind of therapy you need to seriously check both the pros and cons that result in delivering and proceeding very much cautiously.





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