Weight Loss Tips for Women In Their 30s!


30s is the age where the phase of our life is on it turning point. It is where we are looking to settle down and urge to have a stable life. Most the individuals as getting marriage and already had their family by this age. The most basic thing which we left during our 30’s is physical activities, which is why we start to gain some weight. Initially we are not considering gaining a few pounds a problem, but when we find that this is not going to stop, then we look of variety of ways to reduce some pounds, This is at somehow easily be done by many individuals, but if you are a women and specially a housewife or homemaker, it is quite a tedious goal to achieve for you. Here are some points that every individual can follow to lose some extra pounds and to maintain a healthy living style specially for the great homemakers:


Get clear on your motivations:

The very basic thing motivation or we can say self-motivation. No matter how many times your closed ones or even strangers can make a fun of your extra weight, until and unless you feel it, you are not going to lose weight. So, this is why you should be clear on your motivation, like which is the most important thing that encourage you to lose weight or for whom on personal level you want to get into shape again. Some people find their motivation in their old outfit, which they like the most and due to extra pounds they are not able to wear that any more, or some wants to spark up their love life which may be due to extra pounds gets cool down and some mothers wants to enjoy their childhood again with their kids, but because of extra weight they are not able to enjoy every moment to their fullest.

Eat five times a day:

You might get confused that we are talking about weight-loss and an we are encouraging eating that too for 5 times a day. Don’t get confused, there is science behind this, once we get up in the morning and we start doing some physical activity, this is the time our metabolism system gets active. Now consider our metabolism system as furnace, it continuously need fuel to get burn, but when we have a long time interval or even skip our meal for 1 time, our metabolism rate gets slower. And if we eat after our metabolism system get slow down, it is difficult for our system to consume the food properly, which results in fat storage. This is reason we suggest to eat 5 times a day during proper interval, which strengthens your metabolism rate and make you look and feel healthy.

Get plenty of protein:

Protein is the best friend of our muscle and biggest foe of the fat. Intake as much as protein possible everyday and it is best to include protein in your daily meals, as it improves the growth of muscle which ultimately reduces extra mass (fat) from your body and give you a more lean and subtle look.

Be aware of 100-calorie snack packs:

Many women intake some snack pack, whenever they have urge of eating. Please remember this is the time where you used to get the fat deposit. You have 5 times a day to eat, and then it is up to you to follow that diet plan. Don’t cheat your diet plan. Whenever you get urge to have a snack, try to consume water, it is the best rejuvenator of the system and helps in remove toxic substance from the body.

Resist the urge to clean your kids’ plates:

This is the habit which is most common in many mothers around us. They eat the food which is left by their kids. They don’t know that these small bites are going to be the major problem one day. As mentioned above you have 5 times in a day to eat, and during these meals, they get everything that their body requires. And even if you have the habit cleans your kid’s plate, avoid doing it.


These are some of the Weight Loss Tips for Women In Their 30s which are mentioned by the experts especially for the homemakers, those are not able to get some extra time out for them to exercise. These are some regular habit to get you back into shape, and help you to look and feel young again and ever.

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