How to choose the right doctor for your eye problem

Serious eye symptoms

Symptoms of eyes that should be taken care of:

Listen carefully these eye diseases are dangerous and if you are suffering from anyone; then please treat it as fast as you can.

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  • Flashing lights, floaters, or gray shadow in your vision

If you see sudden flashing of lights in your vision, or an increase amount of floaters in your vision, or a gray curtain moving around in your field of vision then you should visit a eye doctor because these are the symptoms of  detachment of retina. Retina sends information in the form of images to the brain but any type of eye disease or physical injury can be the reason for retinal detachment.

  • Any loss of vision particularly if sudden or in one eye

There are some conductions or eye diseases that can cause sudden vision loss. The most common cause of sudden loss of vision is macular degeneration or you can says age related macular degeneration; or AMD this disease affects aged peoples who are 65 or above. It can be gradual sometimes it can be sudden. It causes when fluid or blood which is under retina which helps us to see starts to get affected by our age.

The other type is OD sudden vision loss is glaucoma which has different types of effects when it increases the build up of fluid. And it starts increasing and then fluid develop  pressure that damages the optic nerve.

  • Eye pain

This can be caused by glaucoma, dry eye, eye injury, scratched cornea, or even eye cancer.

  • Eye injury

If there is redness or pain in your eye more than 15 or 20 days than you should evaluate it by a doctor.

  • Persistent discomfort in the eye

If you feel any discomfort while doing daily work such as hammering or doing work under a car even a single particle can affect your eyes so show to a doctor to confirm that no foreign particle is present in your eyes.

  • Red eyes

Tow red eyes is not as much serious as one red eye; if both the eyes are red at the same time than it is a sign of a disease named as pink eyes it doesn’t need that much acre it can heal itself but if only one eye is red it can be an indication of the inflammation such as scleritis, uveitis, etc.

What’s an optician?

Optician are licensed and trained professional who helps us to see better whether you have any type of disorder like; you can’t see near objects or far away objects or having a complex eye health issues.

It is regulated in Canada and governed by strict standard to protect your vision. It provides you a high standard care for your eyes. Only registered opticians are selected to be trained to design fit and dispense eye glasses ocular devices, lower vision and lenses. This main aim; or the only aim is to correct the eye sit of a person. They also design cosmetic shells and artificial eyes.

Registered opticians can recommend eye glasses, frames, lenses, lens coating after considering the power of lenses. Some opticians are specialize in fitting contacts, artificial eyes, and cosmetic shells.

What’s an optometrist?

They are health care specialists trained to examine to detect vision in eyes; abnormal ocular diseases. Optometrist studies in university for three years

And they should participate in clinical training to practice before being started to work skills are needed to be registered. After registration you can continue your feature studies and become a specialised optometrist.

What’s an ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmologist is a specialised in their field they acts commonly acts as a physician and surgeon.

They undergo extensive training:

  • Enter in to a medical school with at least 3 years of excellent at levels
  • 5 years of medical school leading to a degree in medicine
  • 2 years of newly qualified doctor doing medical training called the foundation programme.


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