Thyroidectomy Surgery India proving beneficial for innumerable Medical Tourists


The Thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped that is located at the base of our neck. The function of this gland is to produce hormones that control each and every aspect of our metabolism – right from our heart rate to how soon we are able to burn calories.

Thyroidectomy is a surgery where the surgeons remove all of it or part of the Thyroid gland. A Thyroidectomy is very beneficial for patients suffering from:

  • Thyroid Cancer: This is one of the most common reasons why Thyroidectomy is done. If the patient has Thyroid Cancer, then removing most of it, if not completely, might be a recommended option.
  • Non-cancerous enlargement of the Thyroid (Goiter): Removing all of it or a portion of the Thyroid gland is an option if the patient has a huge Goiter, which is very discomforting and is creating difficulties while breathing or swallowing or, in some cases, if the Goiter has caused Hyperthyroidism.
  • Overactive Thyroid (Hyperthyroidism): Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition where the Thyroid gland produces the hormone called as Thyroxine, in excess. Further, if the patient has a problem with anti-thyroid drugs and doesn’t want to go through Radioactive Iodine therapy, then Thyroidectomy can be an effective option.

Thyroidectomy Surgery India

Advantages of Thyroidectomy surgery

Today, with most of the procedures getting minimally invasive, these surgeries have become very less stressful for the patients. Even Thyroidectomy can be done by implementing a minimally invasive approach, in which there are very small incisions making it much more relieving for the patients. How much of the Thyroid gland is eliminated depends on the extent of the Thyroid disorder?

Thyroidectomy as a procedure is considered to be extremely safe and effective treatment option. It has a very good track record with no mortality and hardly any chances of complications. The recovery to is very quick helping the patients to be on their feet at the earliest.

Cost of Thyroidectomy Surgery India

Patients choosing India as their treatment destination are extremely happy with the way the treatment and surgery packages planned and priced here. The cost-effectiveness of these packages is almost half of what it is in most other leading countries like UK or USA. This helps the medical tourists in saving a lot of money and at the same time avail the uncompromised quality and most progressive kind of treatment amenities viable in India. This also applies to those patients opting for Thyroidectomy surgery India.

Thyroidectomy Surgery India proving beneficial for innumerable Medical Tourists.png

Best Hospitals for Thyroidectomy Surgery India

Today, the Indian hospitals can extremely capably offer the most advanced forms of treatment for each and every health condition. Even for a procedure like Thyroidectomy, there are well-established hospitals at major of cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc, which offer this procedure as a part of their wide range of treatment. These hospitals are very meticulous about the safety and infection control protocols, dedicated follow-ups, individualized attention, highly trained nursing staff, massively knowledgeable and experienced doctors and surgeons and many more such attributes have placed these hospitals at a very reputed position around the globe.

Surgeons for Thyroidectomy surgery India

Be it any treatment methodology or no matter what level of complexities involved, Indian surgeons are extremely blessed in this matter. These surgeons gain training at some of the top medical institutes around the world and have the experience of working with highly established chains of hospitals making these specialists highly favored by the patients. The statistics of their surgical success too is very appreciable. Similarly, for Thyroidectomy surgery India, there are highly learned specialists available to cater to the international patients. These surgeons have the perfect knowledge and experience to decide the best course of treatment needed.


India’s success as a healthcare tourism hub is a well-recognized fact today. Irrespective of how complex the medical condition is, Indian healthcare system has the best answer for it and this is why with each passing year, more and more medical tourists are choosing the Indian hospitals. As a leading healthcare tourism facilities provider in India, Indian Health Guru welcomes the international patients with open arms and with its well-planned services, makes the treatment process an extremely comfortable and hassle-free process.

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