Laparoscopic Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery: Patient Testimonials

Hello, I am lizzie from united states of America came India for my laparoscopic bariatric surgery. I would like to share my successful story of medical tourism, and give a big thanks to Indian health guru consultants for making my visit such a wonderful one.

natural-weightIt has been six months to my weight loss surgery, the things are different now! Six months losing 90 pounds through a small bariatric surgery gave me my life back and also to my family. I am now more active and can easily perform daily activities without getting stuck, which was a problem in past due to my heavy body. I have got a lean structure and all thanks to Dr. Sharma in Delhi, India. Six months – the changes I see are more confident, good health and higher appreciation for wonderful and blissful life.

I will now tell you how I came to India for my weight loss surgery. The major reason is surgical expense. The expense and hospital charges in USA are ten times higher than I got to pay in India. I know the facilities over in my home town, and have seen the services in India. It was a great decision to take as I received exemplary services from doctors and his well trained nursing staff. Without any compromise, the premium package was provided by a pioneer company offering medical tour packages in India that is India health guru Consultants. They were my guardian at each single step in India.

The process started when I got quotation for the Laparoscopic bariatric surgery in USA. The amount was much higher, so I returned with a sad face to home, where my friend recommended me medical tourism. We both began our search in various countries and we got to know about Indian health guru consultants offering complete package and even assisting with free opinions from the best surgeons associated with them. Next step was to fill a form and send them a query, which I did without wasting time. I got a call from one of their executive regarding surgery and my reports. They sent me three options with quotations and I choose one with Dr. Sharma. The reason is, he explained each surgery with advantages and disadvantages and gave me most suitable option for my body. The procedure I selected was laparoscopic that means minimal invasive procedure making it quick and shorter recovery time. He was pretty much humble and understood my emotional condition too which made me comfortable.

They arranged me an online consultation with dr. too. I was convinced with facilities the team was providing and no doubt I received the best. Now my visa and all other arrangements in India were handles by the team. One of the advantages was that there was no waiting line for me to get surgeons appointment. The hospital was fully fledged with latest equipments and new protocols for the treatment method. Dr. Sharma is experienced in performing laparoscopic surgery.

With best standards of treatment I have completed surgical process at very low price which was exactly suiting my budget. Nursing services were exemplary maintaining cleanliness.

With the team, everything went smoothly and I got successful weight loss surgery. Yes, you have to properly take care what surgeon and your doctor recommends you. This includes diet and exercise program.

I feel I made correct choice to take assistance of medical tourism company as I had no idea about the surgeon and other things. I got best at very reasonable price with complete satisfaction. I say a big thank you to whole team of Dr. Sharma and also Indian Health-guru Consultants giving me the energy and happiness in my life back. Good luck!

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