Dental Filling for Cavities


Cavities are among the common problems with people of different age, they decay the tooth or teeth, which are often treated by extracting the cavities using special tools. The space created after extracting the cavities are followed by special filling, which help in restoring the teeth that are damaged due to decay giving the teeth the normal function. The dentists will consider a wide range of elements by choosing the kind of filling material suitable for you. These elements simply include the amount of repair wherein inside the mouth the fillings are required.

How Are Cavities Treated?

First of all, the dentist give a local anesthesia in order to numb at the area, which the tooth is surrounded to get them, filled over the extracted portion over the teeth. Next, your dentist is seen drilling the decayed portion of your teeth using air abrasion instrument or using laser in order to remove the same. The choice of instrument for the same would depend upon the comfort level of the dentist. In the next step, the dentist will then are seen preparing the space with filings with the help of cleaning the cavity of debris and bacteria.

If you find the decay closer to the root, your dentist will first of all seen using liner based of composite resin, glass ionomer or any other material that is used for nerve protection. He then finishes and polishes the same. There are several additional steps, which are needed for tooth colored fillings. Once the dentist removes the decay and cleaned the areas, he or she is seen applying tooth colored material by applying layers. Next, when the process of multilayered is completed, you can find dentists shaping up the composite material and thus giving the desired result. The dentist then finally trims off any extra amount of material followed by polishing and final restoration.

Dental Filling Options

There are several dental filling options and some of them are discussed as under:

  • Amalgam Fillings: These fillings are often resistant to wear and tear and are among the inexpensive options. However, owing to the dark color, these are known as more noticeable than the porcelain and composite restorations, which are not really employed in several visible areas like the front teeth.
  • Composite fillings: These are simply matched with the same color as your teeth and thus employed wherein a natural appearance is intended. These ingredients are simply blended and thus placed directly over the cavity wherein they are found in a hard state. The composites though may not perfect material for big size fillings as these may not wear or chip over time. These can also seen getting stained from tobacco, tea or coffee, while the fillings are often seen tangible in between three to ten years.
  • Glass ionomer fillings: These are used often like a cement for the inlay fillings. This can be employed for filling in front teeth or simply around the necks of teeth and in roots. As filling material, the glass ionomer is generally employed in the people reported with loads of decay in different portion of tooth, which extends below the gum. It is used for filling the baby teeth like a liner for other kinds of fillings. This option can last for five years or more.
  • Resin ionomer fillings: These fillings are made up from glass filler with the help of acrylic resin and acrylic acids. These are employed for a small and non load kind of bearing fillings over the root surfaces over the teeth while these are used for a non load and small size bearing filings over the root or root and the low fractured areas.
  • Custom-made dental restorations: As the name suggest, these types of fillings are the best one can be carried out in mere two or more number of visits, which can be a crown, an inlay or onlay. With the crown covers the whole of the chewing surface.


The dental fillings are among the options, which help in fixing the decay around the teeth with the help of fixing the decay once for all.

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