Uterine Cancer spread after Hysterectomy?

As per the Cancer Journals from US, a majority of Urin cancer cases are seen arising in the womb or uterus with a lining starting over the uterus. This is often known as endometrial cancer. This is among the most common kind of symptoms, which fall under the abnormal vaginal bleeding. This is known as the endometrial cancer, which falls under the most common types of symptoms of the abnormal vaginal bleeding. In most of the cases, you can find this condition being developed among the women of age group of 50 to 60. However, if this cancer is diagnosed in the early stage, the patient has enough chance to get the cure. Well, now, let’s dig in deep and understand how Urin Cancer is able to spread after the procedures like Hysterectomy.


What is Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

The procedure of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy is nothing but minimally invasive surgery option, which helps in removing the uterus. Using a small size incision over the belly button a small size camera is inserted. The surgeon then catches up the image from the camera over the TV screen and thus it carries out the operative procedure. In some of the cases, the ovaries of the woman patient are also removed. The women have the option of either keeping their cervix over a right place and then remove the complete cervix or uterus using the laparoscopic hysterectomy. This procedure has its own benefits, which comes in the form of getting faster recovery and it is among the safer options to go with. Removing the uterus with greater ease with this procedure, the women do not need to worry about the menstruation surgery.

What Are Power Morcellators?

This procedure is often adopted by the gynaecologists while they perform procedures like hysterectomy. These instruments are also known as electric morcellators, which helps in carrying out too much of the cutting using the robotic or laparoscopic surgeries. The morcellators are often a small device having rotating blades, which help in breaking the large size tissue masses over the small fragments. The broken down tissues are then vacuumed from the body. This method is used by the surgeon for making a number of small size incisions in order to reduce the fibroids and surrounding tissues. This therefore gives this procedure an edge over the other options along with having fewer complications. However, many confuse about this procedure with vaginal morcellation. The term morcellation simply means doing a number of small size pieces. And in power morcellation is seen using electric tool with blades to make small size incisions in order to remove the tissues over the abdomen area.

How Morcellator Causes Uterine Cancer Spread?

As per the FDA and medical experts, 1 out of 350 woman having morcellator is seen having diagnosed with sarcoma, which the doctors are not able to find out before the surgery. The undiagnosed uterine can be lethal kind of cancer with poor life expectancy and several treatment options. However, there is no solid way for oncologists for diagnosing the uterine cancer before employing morcellator devices for grinding the uterus. Owing of this, the FDA are often seen strongly recommended for avoiding while using several devices for the hysterectomy procedures. The FDA has now issued a black box warning to all the doctors for using these devices. With the use of power morcellators, the undiagnosed leiomyosarcoma and other forms of cancer inside the pelvis and abdomen in the grinding procedure simply lead to quick cancer upstaging, which simply reduce the risk of having long term sustenance. As this risk is unleashed a number of doctors are seen having the power of using morcellators over previous years.

Final Verdict

Urin cancer is among the common forms of cancer found among women. This can spread with the use of morcellators with the procedures like hysterectomy. This is the reason why FDA has totally banned the use of these tools for the surgical procedure of urin cancer.


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