Where to get the cardiac surgery in India?


The cardiac surgery is a heart operation performed by the cardiac surgeons. Usually, it is done to treat the complications of the ischemic heart disease, treat the valvular heart diseases, correct the congenital heart disease caused by the various endocarditis. Cardiac Surgery in India is done by the renowned and experienced surgeons having high success rates and interest in performing various procedures.

Cardiac surgery is the surgical treatment performed for the heart ailments that cannot be treated with medicine or the minimally invasive procedures. CABG was first performed in the year 1962 and by the mid 1990, about 10,000 surgeries have been performed in India and today it is estimated that 70,000 surgeries have been done in India. Thanks to the advancement in the technologies, the skillful efficiency of the surgeons and the low cost cardiac surgery, many international patients seek there surgery and treatments in India.

Which hospital is the best for cardiac Surgery?

Cardiac care has now become a specialty in India offering good health infrastructure, highly qualified and skilled surgeons at the top hospitals. These hospitals have the latest innovations in medical care along with the unmatched expertise of the leading cardiologists and the cardiothoracic surgeons. The cardiac surgeons have the distinction to provide the most comprehensive cardiac care that involves basic facilities in preventive cardiology to the most sophisticated curative technology that is world class and has volumes which match the global benchmarks.

List of Top 5 Hospitals that are best for the Cardiac Surgery:

  1. Fortis Healthcare Hospital Fortis
    Fortis Healthcare Hospital in India offers one of the world’s largest Cardiac programmes. The surgeons here perform cutting edge surgeries at various specialties and they offer high quality medical facilities to ensure there is genuine medical value in health travel to India. India has become the globe’s first choice destination for healthcare services-especially the cardiac surgery. The clinical expertise, rapidly expanding infrastructure and international standard implementation in India offers the healthcare needs to the global patients at the most reasonable cost. The cardiac surgery in India is considered as one of the most affordable in the world and the internationally trained and educated medical professionals is a significant factor in the growth of foreign patients preferring India to undergo their cardiac surgery.
  2. Asian Heart Institute Asian
    It operates as a world class heart hospital that incorporates the latest technological advances and ethical practices to offer quality heart care at affordable prices. Over 9,000 cardiac surgeries have been performed in last 8 years. So far, more than 20,000 angiographies and over 5,000 interventional procedures including the complex coronary as well as non-coronary intervention has been performed.
  3. Apollo Hospital Appolo
    It is recognized as the “Architect of Healthcare” in India which brings healthcare of international standards within the reach of each individual. Over 49,000 cardiac surgeries have been performed with a success rate of 98.5% success rate. More than 2,00,000 angiograms, 16,200 angioplasties and about 3,500 mitral balloon valvuloplasties have been performed.
  4. Narayana Health Narayana-Health
    Modestly started with 300 beds in Bangalore, this hospital went on to become a Health City and in a decade’s time grew exponentially with multiple location presence to a recording 5700 beds. Currently, the hospital caters to 80,000 patients per month and performs about 3500 surgeries. It is one of the world’s largest heart hospitals that performed a large number of successful paediatric heart surgeries. It conducts about 40 heart surgeries every day. It is the first heart hospital in Asia to implant an artificial heart.
  5. Max Healthcare Hospital Max health
    It is a multi-specialty hospital which is designed to offer the highest levels of professional expertise and world class medical care in all major medical disciplines. The state of the art facilities are designed according to the international norms and include 225 critical care beds, 20operation theaters, 4 MRI’s and CT’s and 3 cathlabs.

Bottom line

Indian Health Guru Consultants have association with the top cardiac hospitals in India. We ensure to offer the superior quality healthcare services and low cost treatments compared to the other developed nations. Our tie up with the best cardiac surgeon in the country provides the reasonable medical treatments and cardiac surgery with comprehensive care and compassion to the patients.



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