Cosmetic Surgery in India vs. USA

Closeup portrait of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgroundIn today’s world when remaining gorgeous is as important as staying smart, the advent of a number of cosmetic surgeries is gaining momentum among the people.  India has been coming on the top overseas option for global patients. This has therefore made the cosmetic surgery in India a popular destination for a number of global patients all across the world. India is currently hovering in the fifth and fourth position thus coming in the top five global destinations for medical tourism. The cosmetic surgery in developed nations like the US happens to be an expensive affair. Thanks to the number of taxes and other things that together make the cost of healthcare services in the United States to be a massive one. A simple cost comparison of different cosmetic surgery procedures with the ones found in India with US can tell you the real story of the same.  If you check the cost of a nose surgery it can cost you around 950 USD while the same surgery in US can cost you around 5000 USD. Similarly the breast surgery in India can cost you around 1200 USD while in US it can cost you around 7500 USD. However, this can go lower in terms of cost when you have the best Medical Tourism in India in picture.

More Americans Are Taking Advantage of Medical Tourism

More and more medical tourists from countries like US are traveling for Cosmetic Surgery in India. The reasons are obvious they cannot afford the sky rocketing price in their country which are not even supported properly at times by the insurance companies. As you dig in deep you can find the numbers becoming too difficult to quantify. As per the survey reports of Deloitte Consulting Services  of 2012, more than 750,000 of US citizens are seen travelling to abroad in a year and it has increased in the recent past as well as you have a growing amount of people from the United States that plan their medical tour for various cosmetic procedures seeking the help of top and The best Medical Tourism in India. They end up saving lots of cost in terms of money they invest in a number of sectors including hospitals and doctors fees and other things. In fact even if they add up the travel cost, the cost of hotel and other things including the medical treatment cost and other things the total money calculated at the end gives you a smaller figure than the ones they found in US alone.

Why Are US Health Care Costs so High?

If you compared Cosmetic surgery in India with US the difference comes huge. Well, there are many factors that lead to the sky rocketing of the cost. The factors come in the form of higher premiums, taxes, and other out of pocket expenses that make the deal in the US for cosmetic procedure higher than the developed nations. The administrative cost in hospitals in the US is high, then you have the drug cost that shoot up as well, which contribute to the sky rocketing cost in healthcare sector. Thirdly the branding and wages of the workers including the doctors and surgeons working in different hospitals have hefty salaries. Together with these entire elements one can really find things bad for the healthcare sector. So when you have no government body taking care of the healthcare services cost then the cost in the US would certainly zoom that’s the reality.


Cosmetic surgery in India proves out to be a boon for many global patients looking out for affordable and high quality healthcare services abroad, this certainly attract global patients from US as well who travel a long distance covering thousands of miles seeking the help of The best Medical Tourism in India.




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