Your Mouth Could be Warning You That You Have Celiac Disease


If Celiac disease or CD is on a constant rise then it can become a major public health problem. As per a leading healthcare group called Mayo Clinic, one out of 141 Americans in the US have been diagnosed with this issue of CD and additionally two more million people in the US go undiagnosed for the same. As per the same study, the prevalence of undiagnosed CD can increase anytime making things bad to worse. Hence it is imperative for the patients having this disease to opt for a reliable treatment option before it becomes a celiac disease for your body. How about checking in more about the same in the following sentences:

What is Celiac Disease (CD) and why is it difficult to diagnose?

Chronic autoimmune disorder often referred as CD is known to damage the small intestine owing to the consumption of gluten (the protein found in wheat, oats, rye and barley). Though the CD can be called as a condition, which hampers both the adults and kids likewise, but the symptoms can at times manifest in a different fashion as per the age groups. With more than 300 symptoms like the abdominal pain, depression and irritation, the CD has difficult to diagnose. A number of people with this disease do not present with any kind of malabsorptive symptoms, and hence it can delay in diagnosis of the same, which is a common phenomenon.

In fact, more than 83 percent of people with this disease remain undiagnosed also at time with the other conditions claims the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. And in case, if it remains untreated, people are likely developing serious kind of complications including autoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases, osteoporosis, lymphomas, GI cancers and other diseases. For all these reasons, the undiagnosed CD is linked with around four fold increased risk of death. And with no cure, the CD can be only treated with the option of removing the gluten from the diet, which is really important to diagnose this ailment.

How CD can affect the patient?

With CD hampering the mouth and teeth of the patient can alert the dental surgeons and other healthcare professionals. It can damage the enamel of the teeth, bands, creating grooves or pits that remain symmetrically found over the molars and incisors that can give issues like teeth discoloration and yellow spots or can cause the teeth in order to have a mottled appearance. In a number of cases, this disease may even end up deforming the shape of your teeth. These changes can be seen in the age of seven among the kids that can remain as permanent teeth.

The recurrent aphthous, canker sores, ulcers can appear over a number of rounds to avoid, punched out appearing and painful oral ulcers can be noticed.  All these ulcers are more often seen in these patients facing the issue of CD and could even add other issues. As per a recent survey being carried out in the US and Canada in the people suffering with CD, 16% of children and 26 percent of adults are seen with having recurrent oral ulcers. All these ulcers can be owing to malabsorption of certain nutrients likethe folic acid and vitamin B12, in the patients with untreated CD disease.


For many people suffering from CD, it is better to visit a stroenterologist can be called as the first step towards finding out this illness. Once you find this issue better visit a dentist for chalking out the further course of action. Rather than sitting down with the ailment of CD, it is always better to rely on the same. A right action on time can avert the other issues that can corrupt your body from inside.


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